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After 'Former GOP Oligarch' Bloomberg Airs Ad Criticizing Online Vulgarity, Progressives Point to Former Mayor's Long Record of Bigotry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/17/after-former-gop-oligarch-bloomberg-airs-ad-criticizing-online-vulgarity


I support Bernie Sanders but I’m not involved in his campaign. Now,maybe I haven’t seen this Bloomberg ad because I want nothing to do with Facebook or maybe I don’t live in the right state. I can only tell you that this construct “Bernie Bros” is sometimes ordinary people saying what they think.


Although I no longer live there we had a saying back in Texas for people like Bloomberg: “He ain’t right.”


Yes. He ain’t right.

But he’s right wing, and that’s why the DNC-GOP junta loves him.


This Guy is an embarrassment to anyone except Republicans and Corporate Democrats.

Why the hell is this man running for the Presidency on the Democratic Ticket?

Bloomberg, the obvious Bigot, should be running with David Duke as his VP on the Klu Klux Klan Ticket.

I cannot think of anything more Disqualifying for the Presidency then the endorsement and implementation of the Shameful, Unconstitutional Gestapo Tactics of the Stop & Frisk Fiasco.

Mr. Bloomberg ordered his Police Force to Throw more than 5 million Black & Brown Young Men Up Against a Wall to Pat them down in Public, there only Crime was being Black or Brown.

This is the most Disgraceful Behavior Imaginable.

Instead of trying to Improve Conditions in Poor Neighborhoods with decent Housing and Jobs, Bloomberg’s solution to Crime was to treat everyone as Criminals and Lock them up if they had a couple of Joints in their pocket.

These callous heartless tactics gave thousands of kids a Police Record and made their chances of survival in the Ghetto even more difficult.

Personally, this Progressive could Never Vote for this type of Democrat, a man who wholeheartedly supported the Invasion of Iraq and Voted for George W. Bush.

This man has the Resume of a Far Right Wing Republican, we cannot allow a Trump Clone be our next President.




I’m sure all the ladies are just lining up to vote for this sick epstein loving dog-nose grabbing oligarch.


More pearl-clutching and whataboutism from the DINOs😂


The DNC is committed to destroying Sanders. They have many allies, AIPAC is one, Bloomberg has signed on as their knight in shining armor. Bernie has repeated that he will campaign for any one of the people on the debate stage. While I cringe when he repeats that promise, he has not said that about Bloomberg. What will Sanders do if Bloomberg takes him out? What will Nina Turner do? What will Brianna Gray, Chuck Rocha, Krystal Ball etc do?
What will we do?


Commenters here are just about 100% appalled by Bloomberg.

But the d-party rank-and-file are easily duped and they just want to beat Trump.
If a Repub Lite oligarch can beat Trump, they’ll forgive almost anything he’s done “in the past.”

Want proof? Look at the number of Christian conservatives who now condone pussy grabbing.


I am not very sure that Briahna Joy Gray was very wise with the tweet.
Let some one else apply the heat.
Bloomberg gaining support according to polls
Can acquire more by handing out cinnamon rolls.

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“Hypocrisy in the Oligarchy.”

Imagine that.


It’s possible that Sanders’ repeating of his commitment to support the victorious candidate is a way of pressuring the others to agree and step up and say “I will too!” which could work in Bernie’s favor… *if he wins. ** They would then need to flip flop and openly stab him in the back.
Just my speculation, but, if true shows that the Sanders campaign is far ahead of where they were 4 years ago.


Let’s remember Bloomberg’s main objective is to make sure that he Never Pays His Fair Share of Taxes.

He is certainly no FDR Democrat and does not care about FDR Ideals, he is more in line with being a Strom Thurman Republican, keeping those Black & Brown folks in their place.

I know that CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and the Print Media have forgotten his name, so let me remind them that Whats His Name is going to be the Next President of the USA:



Bloomberg: just another maniacal billionaire who wants to be king.


Here’s a quote for the corporate media: "BUT HE ISN’T A REAL DAMNOCRAP!!!"


You likely saw the preview of Sunday’s NYT lead story on Bloomberg here at CD, appearing here under the headline: “Grotesque Corruption…” In the final third of the full story, Bloomberg declares that he will support all the down ballot Democrat congressional races, providing he’s the nominee. If he is not the nominee, he will support Democratic races where the impact will defeat Trump. No mention of his supporting the Democratic nominee.

Consider what this means for the 2022 midterms under a President Bloomberg. He will continue supporting 2022 Democrats who agree with his agenda. He–like Trump–will oppose Democrats who don’t support his agenda by endowing his selected opponents in the 2022 Democratic primaries.

You can expect him to target women, Muslim, Latinx, and black candidates, perhaps not out of hand, but certainly after pledging their “loyalty” to the Bloomberg agenda.

Goodbye, Alexandria, Ilhan, Ayanna, Pramilla, Ro, Jamie, Ted and JK3.

Of the people, by the people, and for the people. NOT Bloomberg. NEVER Bloomberg.


I read on Caucus99 that Bloomberg wants HER to be his VP after a positive poll testing showed him this would be a winning ticket.

Wow, can this get any worse?


I’ll say it now. There is no way I would vote for this fucking racist right winger. Would I vote for another corporate Democrat to keep Trump out of office if the DNC yet again games the ticket to keep Sanders from the nomination (the candidate most likely to beat Trump). Likely yes I would do so because Trump is so fucking dangerous. Bloomberg is as right wing as they come.

Unreal what the DNC is doing here catapulting a Bloomberg candidacy.

Shows just how in bed Corporate State Democrats are with the GOP.


Bloomberg is a clucking nightmare.


Proof positive that the one thing money can’t buy a whining protofascist asshole is respect.