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After Front Row Seat to Obama Years, Biden Called 'Remarkably Naive' for Saying He Expects GOP 'Epiphany' After 2020


After Front Row Seat to Obama Years, Biden Called 'Remarkably Naive' for Saying He Expects GOP 'Epiphany' After 2020

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A comment from 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden bout the Republican Party on Tuesday generated intense criticism of the former vice president and had some observers wondering if Biden fully understands the present political moment.

The comment in question was first reported on in a tweet by Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur.

"In New Hampshire, Joe Biden predicts that once President Trump is out of office, Republicans will have 'an epiphany' and work with Democrats toward consensus," said Kapur.


“I don’t think Joe Biden is actually this dumb,” Feinberg said. “Seems more likely he just actively wants Republican policies.”

Exactly! When he said that the repugs would start working with the Democrats, what he really meant was he would start facilitating the repug program.


I have no idea what Religion he’s talking about with a GOP epiphany, so he must be high on something. Smokin’ Joe? Oops, that was the Boxer dude… sorry.


Yet more delusional “centrist” claptrap from the self-proclaimed “most progressive” candidate in the 2020 Dem prez race…pathetic, but keeping with Biden’s history and record of neo-liberal right-wing actions.and votes…

Biden has been a stooge for the status quo for his entire career, and quisling for the republican “middle” and trump regime salted earth policies now, as well as a position on Climate Change that will doom us to its consequences, and the extinction of countless species and habitats…he is NOT the one, but a DINO Clinton/Obama establishment business-as-usual functionary…the Hillary of 2020…

As Jimmy Dore laid-out, some flagrant betrayals by Biden are:
1981 - attacked and failed to protect Anita Hill
1984 - wrote the Crime Bill that victimized so many poor and people of color
1995 - wrote the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act that became the Patriot Act
1996 - Voted against gay marriage equality and and civil rights
1999 - Voted to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act leading to the economic meltdown and victimization-of and theft from millions - except banker parasites…
2001 - Voted for the Patriot Act and all its treasonous consequences.
2001 - Voted for the Iraq War and all the continuing disastrous consequences and hundreds of thousands of deaths…
2005 - Voted to end bankruptcy protections for students enabling more usury by the loan industry parasites.

Biden 2020 ? Look for his candidacy to collapse from his own record of craven cowardice and collusion!


Slow Joe is ignoring the progressives and courting the Republican ‘cross-over’ vote ala The Schumer Logic from 2016 - remember?

Chuck Schumer told you:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

He and the Dem "leadership’ are still hoping they can turn the Democrat party into the New Republican Party. Makes it easier to take bribes


Every progressive should henceforth refer to him as “Clueless Joe.” Most people wouldn’t get the joke – oh, wait – never mind. Even search engines fail to make the connection to a certain baseball player from the early years, though other people have already stolen my idea.

But even without THAT joke the moniker is all too apt, and in the spirit of the times. And his campaign is certainly a joke–a very bad joke.


So as not to be disappointed, I expect the worst to always win the election.

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Trump calls him “Sleepy Joe”.

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Well, he certainly has been sleepwalking through the past thirty years, and he usually seems to be semi-conscious.


There’s a saying (I’d like to think it was Yogi Berra but can’t find a source):

Your perspective depends on your point of view.

This is the box that Biden is trapped in. When you live on the “right” side of the spectrum and you envision yourself as being “centrist”, you delude yourself into believing your are “progressive”. So it is for Biden, whose perspective is defined by his right-wing point of view.


BTW Joe,

Cheney is a Criminal and should be in the Hague for Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes.
He’s NOT a “decent man” unless you consider Hitler, Pol Pot, GW Bush and Trump “decent” people.


Apparently this is an established fact, not just for Cheney but for W and the rest of his co-conspirators:

Bush Convicted of War Crimes in Absentia

Based on a cursory review of Google results, it appears there are other examples as well…


Sleepy Joe is under anesthesia if he “Expects a GOP ‘Epiphany’ After 2020” — what the GOP is going to get in 2020 from Bernie, Warren, Beto, Gabbard, et al. is going to be an effin ‘Colonoscopy’ followed by a terminal Heart Attack!!!


Republicans are too proud to come around.

They fucked up so royally in 2016 by installing the worst possible human being to ever be considered for the presidency, that to admit any responsibility for doing so, would destroy their infinitesimally small self esteem.

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You beat me to it. My thoughts exactly.


Biden is correct!

It’s a matter of perspective. Allow me to explain:

Back in the Obama-Biden Administration, the President’s negotiating strategy was known as “capitulate first”, and Republicans, ever so greedy, responded by moving the goalposts. As Obama and Biden ran toward the receding goalposts, some people mistakenly saw partisan wrangling. Things are different today. A Biden Administration would still use the same “capitulate first” strategy, but because the Republicans have achieved all of their goals, they no longer need to move the goalposts. The Republicans will simply accept the capitulation. Accepting the Democrats’ surrender with no further demands is what Biden calls a Republican “epiphany”.

(h/t to texasaggie and RockyMountainView for posting similar comments!)


This is what happens when one skips their treatments for delusion. You begin to imagine things. Like I would vote for this moron.


“Sleepy Joe is under anesthesia if he “Expects a GOP ‘Epiphany’ After 2020” — what the GOP is going to get in 2020 from Bernie, Warren, Beto, Gabbard, et al. is going to be an effin ‘Colonoscopy’ followed by a terminal Heart Attack!!!”

Beto? Please make yourself aware of Beto’s history of pro-republican support. Underneath his liberal frat boy nice guy persona lies a rock solid free-market anything goes greedy capitalist.

He publicly supported and advocated for a right wingnut GOP Texas congressional candidate over the progressive Democrat in the race. The right wingnut won the race by a very small margin. It is Beto’s support that very likely tipped the vote toward the right winger.

Beyond that he pledged to take no fossil fuel money during his Senate campaign but the record revels that in fact he did. As a congressman, he consistently voted with the fossil fuel industry. The sincerity of his supposed conversion to green is suspect.

Even if he has seen the light regarding the global warming catastrophe unfolding before our very eyes, his consistent congressional record is pure Wall Street corporatism. He is the worst of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.


But, Emphyrio! He is the MOST PROGRESSIVE candidate in the race!

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He has more in common with the Grand Old Plague than he does with the Democrats.