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After Frustrating Primary, Millions of Ballots in California Remain Uncounted


After Frustrating Primary, Millions of Ballots in California Remain Uncounted

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

More than 2.5 million ballots from California's June 7 primary are still uncounted, sparking questions about the results of the presidential contest in which Hillary Clinton emerged the winner and leaving the fate of local races in the air as poll workers continue to grapple with reports of voter difficulties.


The Carter Center really needs to make a statement about the Democratic party's election process. Free & Fair?


In the main picture from the article, notice the arrow in the "Ballot Drop Off".

Did they purposely copy that from Hillary's election logo?
Maybe a not so subliminal hint on how to vote?


Ballots? What ballots? We don't need no stinking ballots.


We all know the Clintons and Trumps have been at each others' social events in the past. Perhaps the general election will be like a professional wrestling match in which they yell at each other, but then go out to dinner together in the evening. With our "democracy," one never knows what to expect next.


Yes - but WHO is counting those votes and announcing their totals, huh? Do we still have any trust left? I don't.


Just as much corruption happened in AZ and in NYC.


I live in Arizona and contest that statement! :slight_smile:


We Americans should vote much more frequently on a whole range of issues. Not just every year, or two, or four, but monthly. By mail-in ballot or perhaps online.

Not only would we more closely approach a functional democracy, but all the irregularities in the system would come to light more frequently and advocates could force it to be fixed.


I still like it better than the situation in North Dakota where lass then 400 voters determined who would get 18 pledged delegates.


Hi redravensounds,

Thank you for your first comment about trustvote (dot) org.
I read their site's long, detailed info about fighting against election fraud and election stealing.
At the end of the web-page, I followed their reference to Democracy Counts -- at http://democracycounts.github.io

Democracy Counts is verifying the June 7th primary votes in California (which I believe involved a huge FRAUD!).
I made a PayPal donation to Democracy Counts to help finance their verification of the votes in California.
And I subscribed to their updates newsletter to learn the results of their verification (and other efforts).

I'm passionately hoping that ALL of the Clinton, DNC, & corporate media FRAUD will be PROSECUTED --
and that Bernie will win in California, will win the Democratic nomination, and will win the U.S. Presidency.

And HILLARY SHOULD GO TO JAIL for election fraud felonies, email crimes & national security violations, and Clinton Foundation influence-selling & dirty deal-making!


That's what Direct Democracy is: The reps propose measures/actions, but it's the citizens who vote on them. The referendum process is a variation on this. And yes, it would be a lot more democratic(small d, big principle)!



Exhibit A: Functioning as this thread's MANDATORY blame Voters imbecile.


And I will bet that you like even better that less than 400 super-delegates (aka Corrupt Democratic Party Hacks) will determine who the Democratic Nominee will be be.

Face it, the entire democratic process has been compromised by crooked politicians whose only goal has been to crown Queen Hillary in spite of the fact that if fair and honest elections had been held, Bernie would have won by a landslide.

How is it that two of the most hated politicians in history will be the candidates for the two major political parties in November?


The California primary manipulations, ballot tampering, counting delay, and other frauds are a capital crime! They are a treason effecting a de facto coup by supporters/agents of the Dem Party DNC establishment and politicians, against the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters, Dems and Independents! - just as effective and real a coup as any of the many our capitalist rulers have effected in Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Iran, or any or the many others!
The fraudulent CA primary (and the others) must be exposed and we expect the MSM to serve the people - the voters of America, NOT the selected Dem fraud in the freakin pants-suit!

A counting "error" of 2500 votes may be described as such, but 2.5 MILLION votes either not counted and the primary 'called" for Clinton isn't an 'error", it is a violation of everything a democratic election/primary is supposed to stand for! The "calling a winner" of the primary when millions of votes were absent from the count and the count falsely described as 100% is de facto conspiracy and electoral fraud - a clear crime of vast proportions!
That the MSM swine were complicit to the crime is another aspect that we cannot tolerate! The primary must be re-done, a do-over! - its not the voters fault but the people who corrupted the process!

Even more reason to stick by Bernie and Occupy Philly!

No Justice, NO Peace!


Paper ballots please!


I remember a time long ago when news agencies got their hands slapped for announcing the winner of an election before the polls closed on the west coast. Now apparently they think it is okay to announce the winner before the polls open. After what occurred this week, I decided that I can no longer participate in a system that I do not believe in. If this primary season proves anything it is that voting does not matter. We are not allowed to choose our leaders, they are chosen for us. Voting is nothing but an illusion, set up by the powers-that-be to make us feel as though we have a say in how our government is run.


We have a choice between the evil one and the other evil one.


While millions of ballots go uncounted......


A "primary," most important point to make!

(Pun intended, because I need some comic relief for my pain over the California primary.)