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After Gaza Slaughter, Buttigieg Praised Israeli Security Responses as ‘Moving’ and Faulted Democrats for Easy Judgment

After Gaza Slaughter, Buttigieg Praised Israeli Security Responses as ‘Moving’ and Faulted Democrats for Easy Judgment

Philip Weiss

Last May, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg went to Israel with the American Jewish Committee and two weeks later discussed his trip with that organization. At the time Israel was killing Palestinian protesters at the Gaza fence– 60 on one day within days of Buttigieg’s visit, gettin




My opinion of him has now dropped significantly. Another paid off politician–very disappointing.


Just when one thinks that the barrel of arsehole Politicians should be near to empty , someone refills the thing.


He’s an “Empire” guy and thus has disqualified himself from my support.


Next! Let’s hope so.

Buttigieg is another “Chrisitian” leader who feels a strong kinship with the state of Israel. This is a likely sample of his views on foreign policy. He’s already stated that he believes in American “values” and sees the U.S. as the leader of the world. He’s basically pushing a kinder, gentler American Excpetionalism, but American Exceptialism all the same. He’s also a veteran and a Lieutenant in the Naval Reserve, so it’s doubtful he’ll push hard to reduce military spending or stand up to the Pentagon. As with so many now running under a progressive label, his progressivism doesn’t appear to extend to foreign policy.

Next! is right.


Any “Centrist” running as a Democrat in the 2020 campaign, will be an automatic loser.


His was an excused absence. AIPAC didn’t need him to show up physically because it knew he was with them already.


His radical religious ideals are showing.

Lets remember Indiana elects religious fanatics like Mike Pence.

Apparently he has a connection to Israel through his Bible studies.

Extremely disappointing that he blames the Palestinian victims for their problems, instead of the brutal Israeli occupation they live under.


I knew he had warts.


This was 2018. Has his opinion changed since then? Is the pot of tar still simmering?


Quote: “I think the security and intelligence cooperation [between the U.S. and Israel] is obviously vital, certainly something that is as important for American interests as much as Israeli interests.”

The idea that Israel’s existence is important to US security is pure propaganda. For the US, Israel is a destructive parasite that seeks to control its host, and obviously does a pretty good job of it. We hear all the time that (we should serve Israel’s interests because) Israel’s interests are out interests. Actually, I think the truth is if Israel did not exist, the US could carry on just fine – the reverse, not so much.

It’s true that Israel gives us some security information, like the information that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and attacking it would have great ramifications throughout the region, that Iran had a nuclear weapons program and requires regime change, that Bashar al Assad needed to go, etc. With security information like that, whose interests are being served?


Oh boy. Just when I was starting to like him. This tells a lot about his (lack of) spine. And…adds on to his ‘I go to church’ narrative.


That alone doesn’t upset me - I am a Tulsi Gabbard supporter and she has made clear she wants reduced military spending.

2018 is not ancient history. The pot of tar is still damn hot.

I was never excited by this guy anyway based on his health care stance - I hope he’s going nowhere nationally (I’m sure he’s a fine mayor).


This sucks. I liked what I heard from him in an interview, but nothing came up on foreign policy. I think Elizabeth Warren is just as untrustworthy as him in regards to supporting the Palestinian cause. Therefore, I’ll keep my eyes on the most forward-thinking and just person, Bernie! Too bad Denis Kucinich is nowhere to be seen. His foreign policy thinking was quite progressive.


true, we shouldn’t overlook this aspect. He’s a nationalistic, military insider.


Need some feathers?

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Buttigieg is a butt head & butt hole. He believes in blaming the victim, the Palestinians & accuses cable TV & Donald Trump of not defending Israel. Donald Trump kisses Netanyahu’s butt even more than Obama did. Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem & says Israel should keep the Golan Heights which it annexed from Syria. CNN & Fox News show Israelis crying because members of their families have been killed in Gaza, the W Bank & E Jerusalem. The networks don’t say it happens because Israel forces Palestinians off their land on which they have lived for centuries to make room for settlers. Much of the media say the peace talks between Yasser Arafat & Ehud Barak Obama failed because of Arafat, it was not because of Arafat, it was because Barak refused to give up E Jerusalem, the Palestinian section of Jerusalem.

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“Gaza Slaughter”?

The last time there was an attack on the border fence, when tens of thousands of people tried to break down the barrier that keeps Israel safe from Hamas terrorists, ~190 people died. Of that 190, about 170 were Hamas or Islamic Jihad members. So, if terrorists are dying, that’s not a “Slaughter”. But, don’t believe me, believe Hamas:


“Mayor Pete” has removed himself from serious consideration. He is either pandering or easily duped by foreign propaganda. I cant help but wonder what his role was in Navy “intelligence.”