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After GOP Repeatedly Blocked Vote on $2,000 Checks, 41 Democrats Joined McConnell to Advance $740 Billion Pentagon Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/31/after-gop-repeatedly-blocked-vote-2000-checks-41-democrats-joined-mcconnell-advance


What crap. 2000 bucks equates to about 5 bucks for a fuckin millionaire.


once again the Democrats have betrayed the American people to the nasty, cruel , and anti-American Republicans–after watching this happen year after year for the last 40 years my disgust is monument for the Democrats and their constant pandering to the right wing—of course I realize that the Democrats are also right wing at heart and simply the other side of the same corrupt to the core policies from corrupted to the core political parties that have long since been captured by their true masters --the corporations and the money they have used to buy our country

remember—if they take/have taken a single dollar from the corporations, their owners, or the super wealthy–they are NOT working for us–so quit voting for them


Where in the Constitution does it say we can only have two political choices?


it doesn’t and this is why I have long advocated third parties


To think this is only about Covid would be a fatal mistake.
No- we are seeing the rapid collapse of the United States. The rich will perish along with the poor. Just ask the ones on the Titanic.

First the planetary ecological life support system is destroyed, which then destroys the global economic and financial systems, which leads to great social systems collapse leading to political system collapse…leading to a new normal.


Nothing shows the utter depravity of this system more than this. Senators essentially are not accountable with lifetime positions and as such are uncaring aristocrats.


No Surprise Here… What is very foretelling is how the government system has been completely overtaken by controlling powers: The Elites, The Global Corporations, The Military… This Government is no longer of the people for the people of this country… This Government is no longer valid and relevant for the people of this land. There is really no other choice… and yet we will see more false flag Trumps come to power, a dark ordeal we face.


Me too.

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They are begging for a revolt!

What is their agenda? They not only do not want to pay taxes but the rest of us must be made to carry the burden to feed their war industry and their Wall St. portfolios not to mention the murder of countless people and the devastation of our eco-systems. Furthermore, they are seeing to it that we do without a safety net, housing, healthcare…


A constant turnover in the Senate would sure help matters.


Your labor, or your life!


Well said indeed!

When I saw Chuck with the two bags I chuckled. Perhaps he is passing out paddle balls to everyone like in Blazing Saddles.
While Rome burns.

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shocked just shocked that democrats dont care about working people … and then have the unmitigated gall to wonder why rank and file union members (what’s left of them) vote republican … SHOCKED i tell you


I can’t help but notice that none of our Third Way Nixon Republican friends have joined this thread yet. I wonder why? Perhaps it’s because for the least two days most of us realists have been waiting for the other democratic shoe to drop. Well, as this story tells us, it came down hard last night, landing squarely on the heads of the progressive and independent voters that marched to the polls just seven weeks ago and elected Joe Biden.
Sanders once again tried to lead the old war donkeys of the Democratic Party back over to the pond on the left. Well, those donkeys wouldn’t budge, choosing instead to continue drinking from the fetid pond on the right.
Once again, thanks to democrats, America’s biggest business sector, the military industrial complex, will get all the money they want, while America’s poor and newly poor shall not even enjoy hind titty.
Happy fucking new year.


Actually, the picture accompanying this article was very telling indeed. It was as though his bags were already packed, knowing that he was headed back home today. It’s like, he knew what was going to happen.
I guess we all should have known…


Reagan’s dream has come true. He dreamed of a government that was so bloated, so corrupt, so inefficient, that the people would eventually lose all confidence in it.
Done and done.


this isn’t a “surrender”. This is who the party is. I kinda wish people woudl stop calling these corporate handmaidens “DINOs”. They’re not. They are the Democrats. The DINOs are the rank and file who disagree with virtually everything their elite leadership does but still follow orders faithfully.


Yes!.. This picture of Chuck seems wrong…Chuck should be happy, not so glum… The One-party state wins again…$750 Billion… with a “B” for weapons that kill people and destroy things are in the name of the US population and their Tax Dollars… what a crime…we have such a Crime Famiiy running things…