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After GOP Votes to #ReleaseTheMemo, ACLU Says Dems Have 'Duty' to Make FISA Intel Public

After GOP Votes to #ReleaseTheMemo, ACLU Says Dems Have 'Duty' to Make FISA Intel Public

Jake Johnson, staff writer

For what critics are denouncing as blatantly partisan reasons that have nothing to do with concerns about mass surveillance and everything to do with protecting President Donald Trump from an active investigation, House Republicans voted on Monday to release a secret memo that purports to show the FBI abused its power in spying on a Trump campaign adviser

Q: How can you tell who the shameless frauds are?
A: They have either a D or an R after their names.


The American Dream ™is actually an equation which starts with an ‘X’ - the aggregate value of lives that through genocide and slavery total a delusional ‘privilege’ you are then challenged to ‘profit from’ by continuing to ‘employ’ variations of the original equation. The task is to stay one step ahead of “rights” (the term used in the equation for ‘public’ magical thinking of a human life subjected to the extraction criteria - think labor, mortgage scams, education loans, and the current shark tanks fielded as ‘life’) in order to maintain the mirror world behind which criminal impunity does the dirty.

shatter the mirrors!


Nunes, as part of the Trump transition team, was also deep into the Russian activities.

Now he’s doing things to protect himself.


The trump regime and duopoly exist and thrive on propaganda, diversion of citizens thru corrupted complicit media, craven deceit ,and overt lies that has become the pinnacle of achievement in today’s political charade and obscenity! Our politics, Congress and “government” has become the laughing stock of the conscious world…unfrelling believable!


Let’s have ALL the information, not just what Nunes (little Trump protecter) says.


I don’t get it. Under Provision 702 of FISA, any and all contact between domestic and foreign entities is open to warrant-less searches. If the Trump campaign was talking to Russians or Norwegians, the NSA has every right to snoop. In fact, a bi-partisan vote a week or so back renewed the 702 Provision.

So how was there any unlawful spying? The US national security apparatus has carte blanche…to protect us from terrorists and stop the money-laundering that funds them, right?


Exactly correct. It is the whole FISA warrantless wiretapping that we need to abolish. But we will not even come even close to considering that point in this fight.


Back in the good old days, you know, two years ago, Liberals didn’t trust the national security apparatus and the right wing did.

Oh, how times have changed. For the record, I view the national security apparatus as a pack of liars.


Well duh! :lying_face::stuck_out_tongue:


No, pretty much it’s just R these days.

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Perhaps, but they’re liars who want to preserve the USA rather than the Russians who want to destroy it. I’m one of the Liberals who didn’t trust the NSA but, at this point, they have more verity than the Russians and the GOP.

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Want to hear what and see what bent truth sounds and looks like? Tune into FOX NEWS, itself an oxymoron.

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I don’t really trust them, but also think that maybe they are all we have left.

So Hillary’s emails–were they leaked or hacked by Russians?
We should ignore what they say, even though it’s all accurate?

James Comey–is he on your side or against you?

Jill Stein–her testimony is sure to get her indicted as a Russian agent, right?

Social media–we should shut it down because Russians troll there, no doubt?

And Bernie Bros–they’re all tools of Putin, not to mention sexists and racists, correct?


Then why is our #shithole fake prez not dressed in orange and wearing handcuffs – he’s the biggest money-laundering terrorist I’ve seen!


Did you even read the article?

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Not even close. With all the flaws that the Democrats have they don’t wrap themselves in the American flag while standing on the bible and defecate on both. I loved Ike voted for Nixon twice and will probably vote for Susan Collins again, but some of these alt right cuckoos need a trip to the woodshed, like Nunes. These people have put our democracy up for auction. The Republican party is filthy with big spenders and million dollar memberships. I know I’ve been there. At least the Democrats try at being honest. Do they always make it? NOPE, but they try.

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LOL! I won’t bother coming up with a list of the horrible policies the Democrats have supported for decades now, the impact of those policies, or their massive corruption. The Democrats talk in platitudes, and play crappy defense. They have no alternatives to go on the offensive with, and if they did and they were alternatives that benefited working people and not their top donors, they’d be cut off from those propping them up. So, things get progressively worse and there is currently no alternative to turn to within the system.


There is a minority within the democratic party that stands up for the people’s interests. That minority does not exist in the Republican party. Overall, the democratic party doesn’t really meet the test of what we need to lead this country. I think we have to look at each politician by themselves and what they stand for - not their party label.