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After 'Great' Late-Night Meeting, Top NRA Lobbyist Assures Nation Trump-Pence 'Don't Want Gun Control'


After 'Great' Late-Night Meeting, Top NRA Lobbyist Assures Nation Trump-Pence 'Don't Want Gun Control'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just over 24 hours after seeming to embrace stricter gun control measures and stressing the importance of taking on the National Rifle Association (NRA) during a televised bipartisan meeting at the White House, President Donald Trump quickly jumped back to the NRA's side Thursday after an impromptu late-night meeting behind closed doors with the organization's top lobbyist.


Come on, give the guy a break, he just needed to be reminded of who he sold his soul to and for how much. It happens every time he meets anyone. I’ll bet his first question is “how much did you spend”. He seems to spin from donor to donor like a revolving door.


lol I have to admit, after hearing Trump was standing up to the NRA I was actually starting to admire him a little bit on this issue. Glad to see things are back to normal!


Lots of pooh-poohing and more fucking prayers, but as before nothing of substance will be done. USA, USA, USA!!!


They say that being stabbed with a knife is very bad, but pulling the knife out causes the real bleeding. Trump has done both (figuratively) inside of 24 hours.


Trump has bounced back and forth like this on other issues and the skeptical responses to his supposed support for gun control, yesterday, by leaders in both parties reflected this. The only surprise, here, is that he bounced back in just one day.

I suspect this tendency of Trump to make surprise statements is all a part of his narcissism. He loves the attention it generates. He truly is such an adolescent.


Doesn’t he ever get tired of sucking others,


Judging from Trump’s “wishy washy” (quoting Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya) character, do you think Trump remembers anything he said or did yesterday, let alone a week ago ?

Theocrat Pence definitely doesn’t want gun control…for Christians. They will need all the arms they can get to win the crusade that accelerates when Pence becomes POTUS.

Pence does want gun control for all non-believers.


It’s not like any of the proposals supposedly “on the table” after Parkland (changing age limits, banning bump-stocks, etc.) would actually have addressed the broader carnage of gun violence in the US. Nor will the “conscientious” responses of the likes of Dick’s Sporting Goods, et al, or the distancing of corporations from the NRA.

The guns are out there in the hundreds of millions. They change hands frequently–legally and illegally. Inevitably, they get fired–deliberately or accidentally. Homicides, suicides, fratricides, patricides. Stand your ground like the heroes and anti-heroes in the movies, then claim you feared for your life. Harden our schools, harden our public spaces, harden our borders, harden our hearts. Love your children–they are our future–but be willing to have their teachers blow away the bad ones because, after all, teachers will be able to do what psychiatrists cannot: predict who will commit mass murder.

Oh, wait! I’m just a law-abiding gun enthusiast. I’m just a hunter. I’m a good guy with a gun. The good guys will win when all the good guys are packin’ and alert, twenty-four-seven. The good guys will “run in” to save the day, even if they don’t have a gun. You! Millions of good guys with millions of guns! You know who you are! We’re counting on you! Why aren’t you winning already???

Okay, sorry for the lame, stream of consciousness rant but, please! Dear America: It’s the guns, stupid. And that’s one horse long gone from the barn.


What a relief! Everything is back to normal now…for a moment there I thought…well…


No apology necessary from where I stand …simply an extended definition of consequences and causes of deadly sclerosis


Good thing money doesn’t corrupt the democratic process. Trump would probably change his mind for a lot less than 30 million.


Of course it’s not just the guns, but implementing some sort of gun control would at least signal some inclination to address guns, the easiest part, with the real issue being the mental health of the nation.


Let’s all say a big “Screw You!” to establishment hack and Demo Dinosaur, Dianne Feinstein, for being so fucking stupid as to fall for Trump’s bullshit in the Oval Office just the other day.
He’s been in office for over a year and California’s “senior Senator” hasn’t yet realized that Trumpo the Klown panders to the latest person he talks with (especially if they compliment him) and then will usually stab them in the back when they are gone. Let’s also remember that it was Feinstein who said of Trump’s “election” that he would “grow in the office” with time. Yeah, Dianne? When do you think that will kick in because, to me, he seems worse than ever. He is the same petulant, insecure, deeply ignorant, narcissistic egomaniac that he was when he first shamed the Oval Office with his putrid presence.
This is just one more reason why the people of California MUST vote this woman out of office in November. She is 84 and would be 91 when she finally left office after another term. California has made some real progress after being in the clutches of the Rethugs for so many years. They’ve eliminated the huge debt that was amassed under Ahhhhnuld and his pals in the legislature and, once again, they are presenting a different kind of politics in comparison to the regressive bullshit that has taken over so many other states.
Dianne Feinstein has not been a part of this transformation and she has already publicly stated that she does not believe that the state should create some kind of Medicare for All system. The overwhelming majority of California’s doctors and especially nurses believe that it should be.
It’s time for “DiFi” to retire so she can live full-time with her billionaire husband in their mansion in San Francisco and hobnob with the other mucky mucks who she is closely aligned with. I don’t live in California anymore and yet I would be delighted to see her lose in November. She is part of the Old Guard and California deserves better.


That would be nice.


And sepsis. Don’t forget sepsis.


You are being entirely too charitable if you think that the Trump of yesterday morning and the Trump of this morning was anything but a choreographed charade. Trump did not change his mind upon being “reminded” of anything.


Yes, sepsis - and a very virulent sepsis at that. But maybe metastatic neoplasia may be the better term. They are driving their fascist program forward with the nimbleness of a gymnast, so I see no sclerosis…


I just read the other day that there are approximately 360 million guns in the U.S. That’s more guns than people! To make it even more tragic the supposed basis for so much of this gun lust is the deeply flawed 2nd Amendment which was created in the 18th century. The “Founding Fathers” had no idea that someday an 18 year old American could walk into a gun store and buy a weapon of mass destruction as has happened so many times in this country.
I will repeat what I have said - former Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Warren Berger (a Republican) called the 2nd a “fraud”. I will take his word for that over the opinion of an asshole like Wayne LaPierre and his ilk any day.
How pathetic is it that we cannot even follow the lead of a country like Australia and pass a comprehensive gun control law as they did in 1996, with the support of their Conservative Prime Minister. Since then they have had no massacres like the one in Tasmania that created the drive to initiate the legislation. Meanwhile, we suffer one massacre after another and the Usual Suspects hem and haw and tell us that it “isn’t time to talk about gun control because we are still so emotional”. We also have to listen to trash like apologist Bill O’Reilly who stated after the Las Vegas Massacre that what happened was “the price we pay for our freedoms”. Just appalling.


Why is it “disgusting” when gun manufactures meet with any pols to discuss guns?
Our politicians and the MIC meet every day to discuss how to brutally restrain other smaller, weaker peoples that “threaten” the US???
If we don’t change attitudes at the top, we won’t be changing any attitudes down at the common folk level.