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After 'Great' Late-Night Meeting, Top NRA Lobbyist Assures Nation Trump-Pence 'Don't Want Gun Control'

Good post Ed…

Absolutely! Yes, we need gun control, but until we have military, gun control that has… and is slaughtering millions of innocent people, all over the world for American hegemony; bogus reasons and egregious war profits, I cannot see any substantial change for the common folk. The US fish is rotten and the fish rots from the head down.


I do not blame Trump for being such a travesty, so much as the people that put him in office and the only answer I can come up with is that we are living in a country full of political, idiots!

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Are we to blame “only” those who voted for Trump, or include the other 66 million who voted for the equally broken Democrat?

Why are the majority of Americans addicted to supporting EMPIRE?

Why are the majority of Americans addicted to supporting INCOME INEQUALITY?

Why are the majority of Americans addicted to supporting CORPORATE CONTROLLED POLITICIANS?

Why are the majority of Americans intellectually unable to see these addictions that have and will continue to rob their children of their futures?


All good questions.

:slight_smile: yes I was too charitable, it also was a very poor joke written badly.

I know! In those video clips of the big meeting, I thought, “My god, who is this man? He’s sounding human.” I wondered what got to him and actually wondered if some of the teens got to him. I texted my son who replied that I should just wait to see who got to Dump last…

No, my dear. He’s a malignant narcissist, in desperate search for approval from what’s called his narcissistic supply. Remember the round table Cabinet meeting where each psycophant publicly kissed his…his…er, kissed his ring? He needs that more than his big beautiful chocolate cake slices…

Dude! Watch it with all the vocabulary, will ya? You’re making the NSA take time out from spying to look up the words you used!

So Trump IS afraid of the NRA, right after he bragged that legislators feared them but he didn’t. What a wishy-washy jackass!

a threat? what will they do? take back the 30 million? the man is a billionaire

Not unlike the K St terrorists …

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Hell, after they gave Trump more than $30 million in 2016, he’d better deliver for them!

Want a chance at a true democracy?

  • Prohibit ALL campaign contributions from ALL groups, organizations, and businesses, and limit remaining contributions to no more than $1,000 from individual citizens over 18 years of age ONLY. This would eliminate the need to overturn the anti-democracy 2010 Citizens United SCOTUS decision.

  • Overturn the anti-democracy 1976 Buckley v. Valeo SCOTUS decision which equated money with speech, because those with more money have had more speech and influence.

  • Get rid of ALL voting machines and return to paper ballots hand-counted in public.

  • Make all media give reasonable air time to ALL qualified candidates as a condition of their FEC license renewal.

  • Mandate that campaign debates include ALL qualified candidates, regardless of party.

  • Limit presidential campaigns to 90 days, Congressional campaigns to 60 days, and all others to 30 days.

  • Make ALL citizens registered voters automatically when they are 18 years of age.

  • Make national Election Days four days, from Saturday through Tuesday, so working people can vote. Local elections could be two days, a Sunday and a Monday. The goal would be to get as many registered voters as possible to vote.

  • Make gerrymandering not only illegal, but punishable by 10 years in jail.

  • Make the number of Congressional Senators numerically proportionate to a state’s population. Having states such as Wyoming (2017 population 573,720) have the same power and influence representation in the Senate as California (2017 population 39,776,830) is absurd and anti-democratic.

  • Make Supreme Court and all other judges subject to popular elections. Having them appointed for life is monarchical, not democratic, especially due to partisan/ideological appointments.

  • Make it easier to recall elected officials at ALL levels. The anti-democratic impeachment and 25th Amendment processes are nearly impossible to work (by design). Being stuck with someone such as Trump for four years is suicidal. Parliamentary democracies such as the U.K. do not have to wait years for a failing government to be replaced, so why should the U.S.? Is it because the U.S. is “exceptionally” foolish?

We are really screwed when this has become normal.
Watching trump at the meeting with congress critters about guns, I also thought maybe trump is only 99% a jerk, but it looks like the NRA took care of that.