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After Greenlighting CIA Drone Ops, Trump to Expand Unchecked War Powers

After Greenlighting CIA Drone Ops, Trump to Expand Unchecked War Powers

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Under former President Barack Obama, covert operations flourished with the widely-adopted use of killer drones, though some internal policies sought to keep those potentially boundless war powers in check.

Might as well add ‘Murderer in Chief’ to his resume.


New Speak for today: By exceeding what Obama defined as “acceptable civilian casualties” we’re going down a “slippery slope.”

Trump. " Lowering the standard to what defines acceptable civilian casualties."

Anyone that can make a statement like that belongs in an insane asylum! We are talking about innocent children being murdered and calling it “acceptable”!

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A license to kill?

Suspected of belonging?

Collateral suspected of belonging.

Standing next to someone suspected of belonging?

And gee Trump was just a regular billionaire before. Now he has that license to kill and wants unknown others to be able to murder, kill, assassinate etc. without having to mention that they have done so.

Would you give an arrogant, unstable, dishonest megalomaniac the ability to murder people simply on his say so?

Oops… too late!

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CIA/Gestapo has been running our government since even before it was actually enacted.
It now has pretty much total control over US government.

The CIA promotes propaganda campaigns all around the World, including a current attempt to blacklist news sites, independent of the MSM, who are willing to openly criticize it and report on its misdeeds (including Common Dreams).

This propaganda initiative is now being supported by the likes of the Harvard University Library - sites which criticize the CIA and its crimes openly are labeled as “conspiracy” and therefore as “fake” (reporting CIA role crimes that the MSM does not acknowledge is one of the key definitional factors in the modern notion of “conspiracy” - e.g. JFK, Operation Mockingbird, sabotage of '68 Vietnam peace talks, Operation Condor, SOA terror, Reagan’s October Surprise, Iran/Contra, Gladio/Bologna massacre, CIA support for Bin Laden/jihadis, Lockerbie, WTC '93, 9/11, War On Terror, al Qaeda, ISIS, etc. In all of those cases, huge amounts of objective evidence for a CIA role exist and labeled “conspiracy” by a CIA influenced MSM press that is influenced not to acknowledge this (link I can’t post from WashingtonsBlog goes here).

I keep a list of Indy News sites I follow - (link I can’t post, by see my “IndyNews” list @misc_CIA_victim )and almost all of them (including CommonDreams) that routinely criticize the CIA are labeled as “fake news” by this methodology, now being endorsed by the Harvard Library (link I can’t post)

Please consider dropping them a note as well as the OpenSources.co labeler site to protest.

Apparently like you have" an axe to grind, bone to pick…"

The emperor is wallowing in the pigsty of power he has fallen into. Bombs Away!

Makin’ amerka grate agin’…yup.