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After Guilty Verdicts Declared, Senator Warns Trump Any Attempt to Pardon Manafort 'Would Be Gross Abuse of Power' Former Campaign Chair Paul Manafort?

After Guilty Verdicts Declared, Senator Warns Trump Any Attempt to Pardon Manafort 'Would Be Gross Abuse of Power' Former Campaign Chair Paul Manafort?

Jon Queally, staff writer

After a jury returned guilty verdicts against Paul Manafort on eight counts stemming from the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday afternoon, the immediate question for many was whether the president will take the provocative step of pardoning his former campaign chairman.

According to NBC News, the federal jury in Virginia found Manafort guilty on "eight counts involving bank and tax fraud" though "no verdicts could be reached on the 10 other charges he faced."

OMG. How much more of this do we have to take before we become extinct?


Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of having Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan as President.


The trusted groundskeeper just dumped a load of horseshit on his employer’s porch. Another trusted employee, a plumber, just started undoing a waste line in the employer’s kitchen. Trump is running around saying. “There’s so much shit around here, there must be a pony somewhere!” Sorry for the scatology, but this whole affair is going to result in a perverse parade of convictions, followed by pardons, and now that truth isn’t truth, justice won’t be justice. And the Republic will no longer be a Republic, once ALEC gets a constitutional Convention rolling while the distractions keep coming.


Con-gress is the opposite of Progress.


How did GW BUSH get away with pardoning Scooter Libby, because he outted CIA lady d Valerie Plame… did it not matter to Congress because he outted a woman? Does anyone have a list of who the presidents from Clinton on have pardoned ? It would be intriguing to know who did issue a pardon , and what the person was accused of—and why they were pardoned

Our insane, corporate fraud will be allowed to resign and walk to a chopper on the South Lawn flipping off America until Psycho Cracker disappears into the skyscrapers like a rat into a hole. They just go back to the firm. The succession of lying, murdering, Republican oil thieves includes Pence the zealot, Speaker Ryan and then Senator McConnell. Flying monkeys of the Wicked Witch of the West. Fly Fly away. Less than 100 days to the Midterm. Elections matter. Vote.


So Trump asked for and got 700 billion for the military–but its okay for the rich like Manafort to cheat on taxes------These people like Manafort and corporations like Apple benefit the most from a strong military----yet somehow they think they should not pay for all this crap.

If Trump pardons any of these people connected to him it should be grounds for impeachment.

Can anyone imagine if this was a democrat in the White House with all the convictions going on–both sides would be calling for a resignation .


As awful as Pence is, I don’t think he is up to the demagoguery of the Liar-in-Chief we have now.

When Dubya and Dick the Satanic Oil man got elected they did three things we know. We know they planned the overthrowing of Iraq to steal the second largest oil reserve on the planet so to ensure all the war profits forever in the New World Order they hid the tax break in the Homeland Security Act of 2003 just before Republicans chemically bombed defenseless Iraq with white phosphorous and daisy cutter. Second, they hid a tax break for the one percent in the war appropriations bill and three, they planned their role in 9-11 to ensure American support for the illegal invasion, all tied with a bow and presented to the public in a scripted betrayal unsurpassed in American history. All the Bush cabal have disappeared. One thing and let me say this. Dick Cheney is a Nebraskan who moved to Wyoming and ran as congressman with Big Al Simpson and Rhodes Scholar Malcolm Wallop. Cheney won and Halliburton moved to Islamic Dubai to be closer to its stolen oil. Lockheed Martin makes the Yemen child murdering bombs. All the bloody war profits are banked overseas so while they demand our allegiance so we can be terrified from lies and congeal into a mass murdering, cosmic parasite perched on drunken knees, the beat goes on and on and on. Only the richest of the rich can make men burn babies and they are the World Bank of International Settlements which god willing is being sued. This bank, I believe has the keys to the CIA and runs our dualistic dimension we call Planet Bozo. love and peace.

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I googled “list of Presidential pardons” and got hits of lists for individual Presidents. There is a list of the number of pardons granted by Presidents since 1789 at
https://www.infoplease.com/ history-and-government/us-presidents/presidential-pardons

(I had to put a space in the middle of the URL.)

You should try googling for lists of pardons by any Presidents you are interested in, such as Obama, Trump and Bush

Oh THANK YOU, bluesapphire48—that was a great lead, and I am still reading up---- but just so people know: Article 11 section 2 of the Constitution gives the president the right to pardon people…“and he shall have powers to grant reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States except in cases of impeachment…” whoa : 0 read it and weep people
In fact these presidential pardons reinstate freedom for all kinds of jobs and gives the right to vote and also to carry a gun. : 0

Carter pardoned all the Vietnam people who evaded the Selective Service, Reagan pardoned George Steinbrenner, GHW Bush pardoned the Iran Contra people…Clinton pardoned mostly the big money people— sigh----so as good as the Constitution often is ----there seems to be a loop hole for mostly RICH people. I wonder if GW Bush pardoned himself for war crimes? It also said Washington pardoned 16 people obut not who or why. So, it seems that the very first president made use f this power, which per Article11 section 2 is Constitutional. I will keep looking and thank you again bluesapphire48 : )

More fun facts about presidents and pardons and commuting sentences!
George Washington of the 16, did 2 for participating in the Whiskey Rebellion.
Jefferson did 119 and cleared a man who was convicted under the Sedition Act.
and LOL who knew that Warren Harding would do something right—he let Eugene Debs off. and Andrew Johnson pardoned 654 people
Us Grant pardoned a lot of upper level military of the Confederacy.
And back in the olden days, presidents used to hand r=write out their decisions.
Ford of course pardoned Nixon—which is probably why Nixon resigned before he was impeached.
GW Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence, but Trump cleared the whole slate for Libby—so it’s as if nothing happened.
With George HW Bush, the office was created to review papers, but then the Constitution seems to give the presidents full range, although impeachment doesn’t work, so Trump can’t clear himself of that.

Could be, smipypr. I still say the biggest “influencing”/boondoggle was the attempt to get Trump team behind regime change in Iran…which I think might have gone back to Aug '16…per the general outline here below (at link…but IIRC there are two Intercepted podcasts with Nairn, not sure which mentioned August)…

“This meeting at Trump Tower appears to have been about Iran, not just support for Trump’s presidential campaign. We only know a tiny bit about what actually went down behind closed doors, and hopefully we’re going to learn more. But one of the consequences of the endless months and months spent on Russia, Russia, Russia has been that other lines of investigation and inquiry, regarding other countries, have been relegated to sporadic reporting at best. The case for active, documented collusion with the Saudis, the Emiratis, the Israelis and the Trump campaign and the Trump team — it’s very strong. I would argue that, at this point, it is much stronger than the case about Russia.” https://theintercept.com/2018/05/23/the-killing-machine-legalized-torture-propaganda-and-endless-war-in-the-time-of-trump/

Who knows why Trump confounded The Iran Action Group on this score? [per Trita Parsi’s piece yesterday] Maybe he was reading “subversive” stuff on facebook. At any rate, the buck stops with him regarding this from Parsi–> "But we know now per the reporting of Reuters that the Trump administration has been destabilizing Iran and that the goal with its pressure policy is to ‘foment unrest in Iran.’ ”

Corruption gets its comeupance, so let’s all forget there’s no proof Russia molded opinions in America. When his cohorts start tumbling down I hope lots’o Mericans’ll remember it was his admin that wanted the strikes on Iran, or regime change. If you remember that, maybe you’ll be against the others remaining who may still desire same.

“The neoconservatives in the White House and outside proponents of war with Iran have Trump in a corner and they want to keep him there.” Parsi [emphasis mine]

8/20 Monday “On Iran, Is It Trump Versus His Own Neocons?” Trita Parsi https://www.commondreams.org/views/2018/08/20/iran-it-trump-versus-his-own-neocons

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My prediction is that Manafort will be pardoned on the last day of Trump’s administration, whether that be tomorrow or January, 2021 or some date in between.

“Hair Hitler”–that’s even better than “Pestilent Trump,” from a guy who comments on another news aggregator site!

That’s great about Harding–maybe a little “There but for the Grace of God go I.”

Ever heard of Google?

(Oops, sorry–I was reading from the bottom up!)

Anybody notice that Mark Warner is corrupt too?