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After Guilty Verdicts Declared, Senator Warns Trump Any Attempt to Pardon Manafort 'Would Be Gross Abuse of Power' Former Campaign Chair Paul Manafort?

Trump Dump Prime is not going to be impeached, period.

Oooooooh… The Dems sound sooo tough. Those mice could not punch there way out of a wet paper bag. GET SOME BALLS AND DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE…
Better yet, dump the corporate Dems and put in Progressives that give a damn about common Joe.

What you reveal here would make a super movie. Why hasn’t it been made? Oh, right, we had to live through it and it is running on and on, reel after reel, and may never end.

I wish I knew how to bring a case to the International Criminal Court. Until someone does, the willfully ignorant, virtually powerless people of the USA won’t ever know and understand what has been done while they looked the other way, watched football, gobbled Oxycontin, drank bad beer, watched their savings disappear, got foreclosed on, got stupid watching Fox News, lost touch with reality watching reality TV, and abdicated their citizenship in a free society.

There will still be a lot of housecleaning to do after tRump and tupPence are gone (dictionary definition 4 - a trifle)

There is still time to make things right again. It starts now!

I like your wordplay. I would have put ‘Pro-gress’.

Your point is well-taken. The wolves will still be in the hen house even after tRump is gone and tupPence is piloting the sinking ship. McConnelman and his ilk must be dumped, too and somebody better re-think the election of reps and senators, and dump the Electoral College, and end gerrymandering, and get dark money out of politics, and rationalize the campaign process, and de-power the MIMIC, and . . . . , and . . . . . That would be Pro-gress.

Somehow I doubt Mark Warner is serious about this. If he sincerely wanted to stand up to Trump, we would have heard Chuck and Nancy retract his warning. “Uh, no… We’re not. Nobody’s going to stand up to the president as long as we’re in charge here.”

Yep, then you can go back to your militarized police state, and continue murdering people all over the world with progressive rhetoric playing on the tv again.