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After Handing Rich $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut, Trump Reportedly Considering Slashing Medicare and Social Security as 'Second-Term Project'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/after-handing-rich-15-trillion-tax-cut-trump-reportedly-considering-slashing

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Time we start eating the rich and not the poor! Monstrous inhumanity that would bleed us dry to feed the corporate-military machine and remove any possibility of a livable planet and future for our youth!

Get out in the streets!


Trump is a fake President and a real Vampire. He and his ilk must be relieved of their power positions so that we as a nation, even as a species, can continue to survive and thrive.


When the trump regime is gone those $1.5 T tax-cuts for the wealthiest connected beneficiaries are going to be rescinded ( “rolled-back” as trump has done with so much!) and taxes restored on vast wealth, Wall Street gambling transactions, hedge-funds, loop-holes closed on corporate evaders, Glass-Steagall re-inststed, obscene military spending/thefts eliminated and the trillions in war-spending reverted to civilian priorities - along with a Green New Deal to make jobs about building and healing, not killing and destroying - maybe just a dream, but one that if not dreamed will turn into a full-on nightmare of even wider more obscene and existential proportions. peace!


I’m out in the streets but I seem to be surrounded by brainwashed self-centered zombies - also known as the American public.


I just rented a new place over in Pottersville. The bright young lad that signed the lease as “manager” said he heard tell that Clarence didn’t get his wings and that that was why the bridge was lined up people from around these parts. He was sayin’ the city knew that the water to the house was bad but not to worry too much cuz he’d have it fix by the time I move in. Said he gonna tap into the sewer and catch the top-flow miss the solids as they go by. I could just boil that and I’d be fine. If not the new Doc in town has got pills for what ails ya and pills even if ya ain’t ailin’ too bad. Things are lookin’ up. I start my new job cleanin’ up roadkill for the Cafe the day after I move in. Why don’t you all come on down to Pottersville? It’s full of people just like you and me.


Balance the budget = remove the current wage limit for paying social security and medicare tax, referred to as payroll taxes.
No more lazy 200 million dollar drones that get shot down. For this much loot, fly higher, stealth tech them, or build U2 which has a pilot using both cameras and voice pick ups. In 1958, a photo of Ike was taken as he strolled Augusta. Easily id’d him. Taken from 100,000 feet up.

Restructure VA health care. 1) Disabled veterans from combat including chem, bio, virus exposure. 2) PTSD which has new treatments and medicines on the way. 3) Fellas who were drafted. 4) Employment physicals.

Restructure EPA. Delete 80% of current, who are non contributing employees. Bring in science, engineering and skilled trades type peoples. Get real true info and remedial action.

We do need to be very wary of republican majorities in DC. Democrats do need the younger voters and are doing not a thing to have them join in. I blame Nancy.

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Return to the tax structure of the 1950s.

Stop war and defining people as veterans and in need of “special” benefits for the rest of their lives.

Realize polluting the earth will end mankind.

Know that Republicans and Democrats are the same. Redefine government as a democracy not a two party system.

Vote Sanders if we are even to have a smidgeon of hope.


That’s a great idea! If it doesn’t bring out the pitch forks, it certainly be the end of the party that implements it. I am not too concerned about Trump serving a second term.

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Oh boy , Obama’s Grand Bargain might just come to Pass. I was glad when he was able to make Bush’s Tax cuts permanent.


As cutting these “entitlements” has been a goal of the ruling class since they were implimented, the ruling class will want Trump in the WH 2020. Therefore, what should the Democratic campaign strategy be? Run Biden!


As that child Greta Thunberg–wise beyond her youth-said is we ignore these and I add we become the unstoppable dynamo that will, eventually, drag them along.


yea but, the damage will already have been done.

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Biden would try to kill social security and Medicare anyway, just like Obama tried to - more than once. The 3rd Way “democrat” leadership doesn’t care if the party wins or not. They still get their bribes and multi-million dollar jobs after congress

  • The Intercept: Obama Wanted to Cut Social Security. Then Bernie Sanders Happened.
  • The Atlantic: Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP

Then he tried Chain CPI to kill it.

  • Money .com Obama drops controversial Social Security proposal (Chain CPI)

Trying to out Republican the republicans

One bit of good news today though is that David Koch is DEAD!


Geovann, we are in competition with the corporate media propaganda machine and I am no longer a dynamo but I do try to persuade relatives, friends, and neighbors as to my feelings and am basically told that I am unpatriotic, anti-Semitic, chicken little and a nut.
Greta Thunberg is a future and present world leader and I support her with all my heart and soul.


Republican love waking up in all the goo of their wet dreams.

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After ww2, business paid about 38% of federal expenditures. I have no problem with those who have the gold, spending some to support good governance.

I listed the veterans who receive VA benefits. I forgot to add the military retired pensions. Benefits are not “special” and do vary. I do want korean war veterans to have quick appointments and appreciate the new policy of utilizing their nearby physicians instead of a four hour drive to a VA clinic or hospital. For rural areas, I promote the mobile clinics for everyone, not just veterans.

The two party system is not the problem. It is the current leadership in BOTH. TV cable news does not educate us very much. All noise, interruptions and propaganda.

Realize the life style and economic differences between city and rural folks.

Yes, Phred, a lot will have been done, but adversity builds resolve and determination to restore what was lost. whatever they have destroyed can be restored and then we will do them more damage and harm than they have done! If they pull a (political) knife, you pull a gun. If they (politically speaking) send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue!

If all that has been accomplished (none too damn great either) for the Common Good over the decades can just be reversed and “rolled-back” by depraved greed-driven scum, so can the rot and obscenity of trump, the oligarchy, vulture capitalism, the DNC and R’con betrayers!
It seems the opposition does anything regardless how evil, ugly, destructive, and criminal, but those advocating change in direction go hat in hand to the PTB to beg a crust. Frell that! That weak stance must end. There needs to be some goddamn gumption displayed.


I cannot wait until Bernie is sworn into office !!! These outrageous MF’rs are making my blood boil Every day its something new with these bastards !!!


David Koch is dead. There’s proof positive you can’t take it with you, so what’s the point, really? To screw people over? May he not rest in hell.