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After Harvey, Texas Left With Toxic Soup of Sewage, Spilled Fuel, Pesticides, and More


After Harvey, Texas Left With Toxic Soup of Sewage, Spilled Fuel, Pesticides, and More

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As hurricane cleanup continues, a New York Times report reveals alarming levels of E. coli and heavy metals in Houston's flooded neighborhoods.


Hey, DJT…another “swamp” for you to clean up. And the major contributors of the toxins, fuels, pesticides, and chemicals being the producers of same will pass the buck to the govt (taxpayer in the end) to pay for the cleanup because under the “leadership” of Pruitt, the EPA certainly will not step up to enforce regulations or oversee cleanup duties. What a poisonous pit of a city that gets much of its behind-the-scenes instruction/direction from the Koch industries/bros among several other major energy and chemical mfg. conglomerates both US and foreign.


Houston, we have a problem. And, it’s you.
Sorry for the people who have to live through this nightmare, but time to throw out the bums, though.
And, they’re all bums if this is an accurate picture.
What a Texas fustercluck.


The toxic stew has existed almost since the beginning of the petroleum industry in the U.S. Harvey ripped off its mask.


I’m guessing a few of these companies used the storm to dump toxins so they wouldn’t have to pay to dispose of them.


Houston is a very cosmopolitan city. It still has the rancid racists at the top of the heap. The area effected is obviously a low income area, primarily in a flood plain.

There are portions of Chicago that are similar.

Once the slime has been wiped out by this toxic soup of chemicals, watch for gentrification a la Nyalins.

Ain’t Climate change a gift?


But will they learn anything? Not friggin’ likely! They’ll rebuild, again, so it can be deconstructed again. All at tax-payer expense. God forbid we should enact any “scary” regulations that might mitigate the impacts…


380,000 residents were encouraged to boil tap water before using it. How does that work for heavy metals, and other poisons that have entered the water supply?


The only justice in this is that the yuppies will gentrify after a quick cover-up of the most obvious problems and they’ll be living in a toxic toilet of their own, even if it is gold-plated. Here in Saint Paul, a huge development for yuppies is going to be built on the site of a shut-down Ford complex (which lays next to the Mississippi River) and will continue to ooze its pollution for centuries.

It’s built under the meme that dense housing is the way to go in urban areas. The only thing dense in all of this are the people who run the show, their many paid-for government servants and the majority of voters who don’t question and challenge gentrification altogether. The final insult against humanity in all this is that this land was settled by Native peoples for centuries, maybe eons before the Brit-Euro civilizers brought “progress” paid for with one of the largest genocides in human history.That’s Capitalism on the municipal level. Aint it grand!