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After 'Heroic Intervention,' Funds Being Raised for Portland Victims


After 'Heroic Intervention,' Funds Being Raised for Portland Victims

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a cruel twist to a devastating story about bravery in the face of hate, friends of Micah Fletcher, the sole survivor of the Oregon transit stabbing on Friday, are now trying to raise funds to pay for his life-saving medical treatment.


I wish this article went back to the incidents surrounding the cancellation of the annual parade on 82nd Ave. in April. To understand what really happened among the various business groups, political groups and the demonstrations, marchers, etc. Why couldn’t that community celebration be held, ultimately? That seems to be the first noteworthy public appearance of Mr. Christian, where he used racial slurs, where he had a baseball bat, etc. Just to get more perspective as to whys, here, and what led up to Friday’s horrible event. There were protests, and arrests were made that day by the Portland Police Dept.; though, Mr. Christian wasn’t. Where there other sympathetizers and followers of Mr. Christian arrested? Were any police assigned to monitor him and his political group’s actions? If he has one, anyway.
My sympathies go out to the families and friends of those murdered by Mr. Christian. Those men were very brave. And, to the young women who were threatened by him on Friday. A very bad day for Portland, to be sure.
My hope is that something useful comes from the investigation of this very sad affairs.


What a pathetic country Amerikkka is. A good Samaritan is attacked and the people of the richest nation in the world have to raise money for his medical treatment. This is all so wrong in so many ways.


Only Love. Love is the only remedy. Get well, Micah. (Same first name of one of Willie Nelson’s sons!) ~ Hate fills the void without Love. We the People are Love, but sometimes We get sick. We the People can never forget Love. We and Love reject the word “them” and “enemy” and all other corporate weasels that cannot be said or written, unless, with Love at stage center.


Yes it is. And, if the Portland Police Dept., FBI and Homeland Security wasn’t so damn busy chasing lefties and so-called anarchists, Muslims, Native Americans, DAPL protestors, tree huggers and " the other ", etc.; it might of been prevented. It is now being reported that Mr. Christian assaulted a black woman on the Light Rail, Friday night. This is your tax dollars at work, Portland. Er, ah, er, ah…let me rephrase that. ( See my other post, please. )
This is your tax dollars not at work, Portland.:wink:


This was good coverage by Common Dreams of a problem that has at least one solution, as opposed to coverage only of the problem.

Somewhere in the back of my head and long ago, the mainstream media permanently embedded all of the details of the Son of Sam, how he was ordered to commit murders by the neighbors’ dog. Actually I find this tidbit interesting every time I’m asked to pledge allegiance to a flag. Otherwise it illustrates how little the media cares about uncovering solutions to chronic violence problems.


Meanwhile fake news outlets are covering a planted story that Mr. Christian was a Bernie Sanders supporter - and a leftist rather than the racist right-wing fanatic he was. What will the general public come to believe?


Has anyone asked if he had health insurance? I mean, it’s the law, right? Does his Mom have insurance? Was he on her policy? Why not? Why is it so hard for journalists to ask all the questions?


The larger question remains: Why does the U.S. not have universal health coverage?

It is obscene that victims and their families should have to find ways to raise money to pay the horrific medical bills.


FYI- Mr. Christian assaulted a black woman on the Light Rail on Thursday night before the Friday event. My mistake.