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After Historic Primary Win in New Mexico, Climate Champion Deb Haaland On Track to Be First Native American Woman in Congress


After Historic Primary Win in New Mexico, Climate Champion Deb Haaland On Track to Be First Native American Woman in Congress

Julia Conley, staff writer

As primary results in dozens of races across the nation came in on Wednesday, climate action and immigrant rights groups were among those celebrating former New Mexico Democratic Party leader Deb Haaland's victory in the primary for the state's 1st congressional district.


Some Great News for a change.
Thanks Julia Conley and here’s to Deb Haaland making to congress.


Very Cool


Deb Haaland is certainly superior to the pissants that Dems usually put out there and the economic part of her platform is relatively detailed and very strong. Other than that, her website consists of really nice-sounding generalities, but few specifics.

Most importantly, her website is absolutely silent on the imperial U.S. military and the U.S. military budget. There is nary a word on anything about the world outside of the U.S., except for immigrants’ rights when they get to the U.S. and “diplomacy first foreign policy” (like the extortionist sanctions on Iran).

This omission, IMO, is a fatal flaw found among nearly all U.S. “progressive” congressional candidates. And it leads to this conundrum: Domestic austerity is very much a direct function of global U.S. imperialism. And it’s not just a matter of money (though it is very much a matter of money). Permanent War for Global Capitalist Hegemony has become THE central purpose of the U.S.

If you are unwilling to look at - or even state - the central purpose of this exceptional nation, then you will be unable to affect its direction, even if you should be (s)elected.

The peoples of the biosphere who are being slaughtered and enslaved by U.S. elites deserve better than that. If progressives cannot recognize their existence or the profound effects our warrior state have on them, then progressives are either irrelevant or part of the problem.


History seems to be slowly coming full circle. The consequences of our Constitution having initially excluded virtually all but land owning white men are being laid bare like fallen dominoes. The conflation of church and state were used in delusions of demonic power by abject dehumanization of Indigenous peoples and Africans - representing land and labour respectively and women were a possession. This is still eating away at virtually all potential to establish the absolutely essential balances to meet those very consequences. All was being seized in invasion, lied about and called “discovery”, and what was not yet named “genocide”) because everything was just fine: only white land owning men are “human”.
Any of the problems sound familiar?
To coin a phrase from the former governor of Alaska" “You betcha!”


Know the truth about the history of the “Doctrine of Discovery” or put otherwise: doctrine of fully legalized genocide and usurpation by the paper trail dating back to the 15th century papacy in Rome.


I agree, while it is a sign of progress, it is not how I pictured it either. There is definitely a representative group in America. And so it goes.


Frank Zappa from the Mothers of Invention

“Do you like it, do you hate it, there it is the way you made it”


Wake me if this turns out to be anything other than progressive resources being sheepdogged into the Democratic Party where they can be easily controlled.


After Historic Primary Win in New Mexico, Climate Champion Deb Haaland On Track to Be First Native American Woman in Congress

Haaland, who supports defunding ICE, called her win “a victory for working people, a victory for women, and a victory for everyone who has been sidelined by the billionaire class.”

Wouldn’t that be nice – actually, it would be GREAT – !!!


And anyone who believes that it will get any better with Democrats in charge, had better look back at the pro-war policies of those same Democrats, including the most recent president. One of the main reasons for Hillary Clinton’s defeat was progressives could not abide her pro-war stances.

And if Haaland is really sincere in her campaign promises to fight for the social changes she proposes, rest assured she will be met on day one by a representative of the DemoBorg: “You will be assimilated, Resistance is futile…”


That’s exactly the central problem with the current crop of Dem progressive candidates. They are setting themselves up for assimilation because the willfully(?) look away from the fact that the U.S. is a nation pledged to permanent war and capitalist hegemony.