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After 'Hot Mess Inside a Dumpster Fire Inside a Train Wreck' Stirred by Trump, Debate Commission Says Reforms Coming

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/after-hot-mess-inside-dumpster-fire-inside-train-wreck-stirred-trump-debate


Not until the LWV runs the debates again and where all presidential candidates from all the parties running are represented not some duopoly machine, where debates and campaigns are publicly financed, where the Electoral College is history, and where gerrymandering becomes a moot point, can we hope for real debates rather than circus acts. Time for our youth to get radicalized.


which was by CNN anchor Jake Tapper as “a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck” and by CNN correspondent Dana Bash more succinctly as “a shitshow.”

Shitshow my ass. CNN loves it. They, and the rest of the Prestitudes, have made tons of money on the freakshow which is the Trump Presidency.


It is totally disingenuous and inaccurate to say anything about this debate other than that Trump behaved like the lying piece of defecation that he is.
Trump attacked Biden’s son, wife, college, career. Trump was constantly lying, interrupting and bullying.
This analysis is accurate:


Yup, the first step to reform is for the “Debate Commission” to admit that they stole the debates from the League of Women Voters and then elbowed them out of the way.

Second is to admit that Faux News is a propaganda shop and not a news organization and couldn’t run a fair debate if the Statue of Liberty was biting Ruprecht Murdoch on the ass and he was bleeding to death.

The third reform necessary is that if someone doesn’t abide by the rules, they get that old vaudeville hook and get yanked off the stage.


I know how to prevent the train wreck and also to fix the situation, ’ incident’, if one does occur.

meanwhile, the next debate should become a duel !!

soundproof booths at 12 paces.


Some tangential etymology…

I stumbled upon a venerable usage of “hot mess” a week ago which is different from what you usually hear:

A disheveled or unbalanced person, particularly one who is nevertheless, or therefore, attractive.

Nice crisp definition from wiktionary there. I’m thinking of James Dean or Juliette Lewis. I didn’t see anyone like that at the debate last night.

As I commented to the NY “Times”:

Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine9h ago

  1. "Who won the Debate??

This Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire, this dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy, run and controlled by their; ‘Ruling-Elite’, < 0.003%ers, UHNWIs, self-appointed “Masters of the Universe”, and “Evil Geniuses” [Kurt Andersen’s 2020 history of Empire and the serial destruction of American democracy] — that’s what won this un-debate."

  1. "Talk about Emperor Trump enflaming violence, the majority of states allow ‘open carry’ at the polling places — and Emperor Trump’s spokesman, Jason Miller on ABC’s “This Week” two Sunday’s ago said:

When George, asked Jason what Trump’s supporters would do, he answered that regardless of what method they used to vote, they should go to polling places again on Election Day, get in line, and demand that the poll-workers prove that their votes were processed — which is done by looking in voter registry for the AV (already voted) notation — which they can argue, question, stall about, and possibly engender violent confrontations with those honest voters and even local town police officers."

  1. "Fascism’ won, and fascism also ‘exposed’ Emperor Trump.

The abbreviated word, ‘antifa‘, should never be used, described, or accepted, because an ‘abbreviated-word‘, spawns ‘abbreviated-thinking‘, which is No Thinking at all — the only term that should ever be employed by serious, informed, and the democratic Republican people of America is anti-fascism, which is the accurate term of all informed, brave, and honest Americans who confronted and overcame the Nazi fascist Empire by our fathers and grand-fathers in the Second World War of Empires."


Here’s a better idea: Cancel the goddam debates – they’re substance-free and thus, useless.
And Trump cannot follow debate rules, so why bother?


Ah c’mon. Non sequitur does not follow. Some people say “antifa” does not exist, just because Orangeman likes to concoct an imaginary threat by that name. They’re also wrong. Every once in awhile, we encounter students who inquire, who look stuff up, rather than gushing useless pontification such as what you just wrote. Your weird, stupid doctrine deprecates not only sincere activists who prefer to call themselves “antifa” – but also implicitly, albeit absurdly, pretends to more disciplined authority than serious scholars who have written books about antifa, such as Mark Bray.


Maybe tone down the pretentiousness just a hair, matey, and your posts would be less indigestible.

We had a lot of work to do even before Trump appeared on the scene. I hope the spectacle of Trump helps push us on to major changes in our politics and policies to keep the world habitable and our race on it!


Has anyone else around here been casting about looking for the equivalent of surrealism, or dadaism arising out of all of this? Both were reactions to the absurdity and unsurvivability of the horrors of the day.

A few years ago, I thought Colbert’s “truthiness” might be the first signs of new art.

Things have really spiraled out of control since then.

What I was able to actually sit through last night (I had to keep walking away for sanity reasons) is the most horrifying descent into the worst and lowest common denominator I think I may have ever seen. “Presidential?”

The only thing worse than Stupid and Proud is when it’s Belligerent as well. I’m horrified that I’m probably going to have to add “and armed” to this.


has been applied to our school’s curriculum.
7th and 8th grades do not even have math texts or work books.
e-learning is sluggish here. Appears we are losing 1 and a half years of what
was normal even 15 years ago. Suggest we add Saturdays and year round to catch up - if we want to.

The hard core trumpo supporters at about 30% of voters are most likely from the five distinct groups inside the boomer generation. The tea party is from two of these groups. Wondering aloud if they are literate (sarcasm).


The horror…the horror.

I’d never even attempt at putting Q Anon into my fiction, as what intelligent reader will believe this. It’s simply asking too much.

Not quite 60 here, and feeling older than I should. Cheer, Oldie.


A dog whistle and pony poop show

And Joe Dough’s sophomoric performance only accentuated the odoriferousness.


interrupting is a definite signal of ADHD.
Narcism may be a side effect or the result of zero discipline growing up.


dude breaks rules for sport. no one’s reining the dude in short of dropping him on his fat a&& in the middle of one of his tirades.

Only thing going to humble a punk like Trump is a very public butt-whipping by an opponent. Might be worth a few months in Club Fed for someone to take one for the team.


Leo Durocher:
“I believe in rules.
Without them, we’d having nothing left to break.”

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Trump did it again. Who is every pundit, blogger, talk show host, and podcaster talking about? Well, Donald Trump of course. Are they talking about his lack of policies, Covid-19 response, or taxes? Nope, he was rude wins the headlines.


That’s why the illusion of rewriting the rules is absurd.
His presidency is based – for better or mostly worse – on rule breaking.

And in a larger sense, so is his entire, very American, persona.
The gleeful grifter is a national hero. It was only a matter of time until it rose to this level.