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After Hours at the Border, 29 Parents Separated From Their Kids and Deported Take Step Toward Asylum

After Hours at the Border, 29 Parents Separated From Their Kids and Deported Take Step Toward Asylum

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After spending several hours at the U.S.-Mexico border with attorneys and immigrant rights advocates on Saturday, 29 parents separated from their children then deported under President Donald Trump's so-called "zero tolerance" policy were allowed to take a crucial step toward applying for asylum and reuniting with their kids.

Keep families together! Place the Trump crime family together in one cell with slightly less-than-lethal implements of destruction. No mirrors nor partitions. Let them contemplate what they have done to the nation/world. Oh yeah, and put it all on 24/7 Schadenfreude Cam.


Every time I am reminded of this issue i am filled with a series of painful emotions which tear me apart. My nation, and by association the citizens of that nation are kidnappers, child abusers, and rapists. Every single person directly involved in their separation, incarceration, and subsequent abuses and rapes should never be allowed another moment of freedom in a nation who has more prisoners than any other. This goes for the ICE agent arresting, to the bus driver transporting, to the guard in the prison, to every executive and supervisor along the way. How do we as a people sit idly by allowing this by our government? Its not as if we don’t know who they are. Its not a case that we need to investigate in order find the perpetrators - this is our government, their names and locations are readily available! Perhaps the problem is who will arrest them when law enforcement themselves are the rapists? Is that why they are allowed to run free to continue their kidnapping and raping? I truly hoe they can find their children and that they are not permanently traumatized and impacted by their abuse. They need to be freed from their economic trauma so they can focus on rebuilding their shattered lives.

If it was up to me these and every other separated parent would be reunited with their children, granted citizenship, and awarded 500 million tax free dollars per affected person in pain and suffering - all taken permanently out of Justice department, ICE, prison, and executive branch funding.


I too found that my visceral response was one of feeling the necessity that there should be NO MORE INVISIBILITY, no more impunity, no more under the radar of all those involved in perpetrating the weaponization and monetization of human rights. This of course translates into the prisons, the separations, the negations and the abuses for profit - all too often payed for by our taxes, which is CRIMINAL!.

We face a stunning abuse of freedoms by interests that have so distorted, from a centuries-long legacy of ill-gotten powers that are hitting the wall of consequences. Those consequences have been kept distant, out of sight and perpetrated on others.This is no longer possible because despite the attempts to undermine education and all other aspects of human existence, the human existential necessity to communicate informs us of the realities being perpetrated. We ignore them at our own peril. When we give the perpetrators a pass, we are actively constructing our own future hell.


The Nazis must be constantly watched to insure they are not building gas chambers.

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That’s so demented WiseOwl, but delightful.

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I’m sure that they would spend their time planning how not to get caught next time, if they are ever allowed their freedom. None of them know how to live a normal life.
They are the bacteria resistant part of the “Right Wing Disease.”

If any one of them pretended to be concerned about the mistreatment at the border, would you believe them?


They are the bacteria infecting every aspect of our lives.

Complete removal, is the only real solution.

Since we can’t outright snuff them, WiseOwl’s recommendation works best for me.

I’d disagree on one minor point. I would say make every surface a mirror surface. Well, OK, come to think of it, maybe two. One meal a day, no sugar, no coffee, no bananas - only locally grown foodstuffs delivered and paid to the people who grow and prepare it.

…except the razor blade surfaces…

It would be lovely if someone with a lot of money bought a lot of those WHERE’s WALDO books to give to the kids that were separated.Maybe the kids would realize that sometimes it’s hard to find someone right away, and if their parents aren’t there right away, they would have WALDO to know that the lost CAN be found… even if the LOST are really the Stolen. : (

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Adam –

The sympathetic response by people everywhere contributing to refugees and the
need to stop this insanity and put things back together again is a joy to see.
Thanks again to Together Rising and the work they’ve done.

What kind of sickness or madness leads the wealthy to activate such evil on people -
parents and children? It has to be more than racism, more than greed. They are
human and I think it’s a pretty set pattern that you actually feel the harm you do to others.

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