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After Hurricane Matthew, Haiti Faces Crisis and Media Instantly Forgets


After Hurricane Matthew, Haiti Faces Crisis and Media Instantly Forgets

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hurricane Matthew's devastation in Haiti has left the nation facing a humanitarian crisis as corporate media shifts its focus to the storm's encroachment onto U.S. shores.


Sadly, those in a position to really help will not likely do so unless they can make a profit.


Haiti was rather recently a stable democracy with a freely elected President, former Catholic priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in his second term. Under W. Bush's direction, the CIA kidnapped him from Haiti's Presidential Palace late one night. The U.S. installed a bunch of brutal thugs as the new Haitian government. That's the background reason why all of those Haitians died, and why the mainstream media is programmed to selectively forget the wrong dead bodies.


Local Haitians and Cubans have reported on the impact of the hurricane.

Damage was significantly worse in Haiti. Many Haitians wanted to seek refuge from the areas in the hurricane's path, but they lacked resources. Aid directed at local Haitian community groups, rather than large foreign aid organizations, is most likely to have the greatest positive impact.

In Cuba, while President Obama permitted the evacuation of pets and 'non-essential' personnel he, once again, passed on an opportunity to shutter the base. It is likely that Guantanamo will stay open until end of Hillary Clinton's Presidency.


Of course, corporate media will bury this. They support Clinton and we need no rehash of the Clinton Foundations pay to play in Haiti. Besides they still have a bunch of trailers that no one could live in from Katrina because of chemical poisons. Sold to the US then to the Clinton Foundation by Warren Buffet for use in Haiti.


Haiti was a basket case due to US neglect and stupidity before the Clinton Foundation showed up after the earthquake and it was a basket case when this hurricane hit.
80% of the trees in Haiti have been cut down and used for firewood. Used for firewood in 2016.
Good job Bill and Hillary and your crummy, thieving Foundation.


"I hope the world's attention span will last at least a little longer, so that we will finally apply lessons at least Haitian people learned,"

You mean like don't send in the Clintons if you want some real humanitarian aid rather than the royal-rip-off?


I think an article is in order on the Clintons and Haiti.

“Hillary and Bill were the Bonnie and Clyde of Haiti.” from:



“Hillary Clinton’s efforts in Haiti have fueled political corruption, destroyed arable farmland, and have forced hundreds of families to leave their homes and their jobs to make room for a factory that has not given even a fraction of the amount to Haiti as it has taken. If the introduction of accountability is the way to go, then we first need to start talking. So Hillary, what do you have to say about Haiti?”