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After Inciting Deadly Invasion of US Capitol, Twitter Permanently Suspends @realDonaldTrump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/08/after-inciting-deadly-invasion-us-capitol-twitter-permanently-suspends

Really? No ulterior motive for Twitter and FB?


Re: ulterior motive. I’d like to believe it had a tad to do with the employees who probably have been discussing Freedom From Freedom To (1944)/ freedom from censure freedom to incite violence and hate in the time of the second fascist beer hall putsch American stylin!

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In the eyes of his supporters this will be seen as Donald Trump being martyred for his people. “Alternative facts” will be turbocharged as Trump’s supporters will look to Q to get Trump’s message.

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I read he is back on Twitter as POTUS

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“Our incredible journey is only just beginning” DonaldTrump says we die!!!
People all over the world, join hands, join hands in a love train.
Don’t you want to ride this love train???


Send him a copy of “Rockin Robin.”
Or maybe “Tweeter and the monkey man.”


Twitter is part of the problem.


Indeed - no matter how much you think suppressing political speech is justified, the fallout from these speech vigilantes will far exceed any good they may accomplish. When Twitter, Facebook and Google begin to censor the opinions of Progressives, it will be too late. The road to hell is paved …


So timely, as usual. Where were they four years ago?


Yet if Twitter does start banning all of the others that you mention, they will be forced out of business.

People have to realize that what drives this companies first and foremost is profits. The less people using or following twitter, the less profits they make. They waited this long for Trump because they were making money off him

A number of people that posted videos of themselves storming the House have been fired from their jobs. The persons who hired them in the first place knew the type of person they were but kept them employed. They are now finding that keeping these people employed will hit revenues as they are identified so are letting them go with statements that say “This is not what our company about…blah blah blah”


Trump tried two tweets there at the assigned government tweet account and both were deleted. In one, he mentioned that he will not attend Joe’s inauguration, so it is a ‘safe’ target.

Twitter, FB, and Google all work directly with the intelligence agencies. All those postings and your personal information are available to the Federal government upon request. It’s just another way to spy on the citizenry. Doesn’t matter if you are a D or and R, left or right. This whole brouhaha is a lot worse than anything we can imagine right now, but it’s been going on for a very long time already. Here is a take today from Caitlin Johnstone.



In our Common Dreams I believe we should all share the hope for a nation in which the power of the tweet diminishes and the power of true, principled debate returns. Perhaps if civics returned to the the curricula of high schools and famous pamphlets, such as those penned by Thomas Paine, could be studied alongside The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and other transformative amendments, just perhaps the American Mind could be expanded to address American Needs.


Yeah. They were a bit slow with that one.

And the fbi has launched a search:


The photos are good quality to identify people.

So here’s another account of two wrongs.

Obviously, Trump’s a pain. Twitter still should not suspend him, even temporarily. Twitter should not be able to suspend him. Government should not pressure Twitter to suspend him.

Twitter does not stand in relation to its clients as a publisher does in relation to its authors; it stands in relation to them far more nearly like a phone service stands in relation to people who get phone service. Ma Bell should not tell any of us what we can and cannot say over the phone.

This is true for Facebook, You-Tube, Twitch, et al. We have experienced, if with but partial understanding, a considerable stumbling forward in the field of media in that individuals who do not own a press can present one-to-many statements, distribute photographs, and share information. Although this has cost us some part of the efficacy of our traditional news services, which have become far more extensively usurped by government and big money because of their financial crises around the turn of the millennium, it created a superior media ecology as relatively informal sources surpassed what we now derisively dismiss as the “MSM.”

The MSM is not coming back even to the most modestly corrupt assortment of money engines that it once was, not any time soon. The government, the agencies, the corporate “sponsors” will in no case let go of the leverage that they have gained unless they are forced. We need information on the Net to have information.

Entities accustomed to controlling that flow of information therefore now contact the platforms on which you and others communicate, and they contact them with bribes and threats, and their motives are ill. It does not matter that Facebook is an awkward mess as far as sharing opinions, or that Twitter and the rest of these show similar weaknesses. It does not matter that some small few of us are educated researchers–and you should consider the mistakes that such researchers make and the sorts of prejudice endemic to people in such positions! What matters is that very many people attend to these and other social networks, and amidst the daily hee and haw, lots of information gets transferred–if not extensive analysis, links and podcasts and so forth, and in quantities that so far defy effective censorship, though of course these mugs manage to take out high-profile people and particularly people who can be regarded as unpopular.

This is a straight-up loss folks, even when the censored is such as Donald Trump. Nearly no one in Washington or in power is going to particularly care that a bunch of yo-yos raised trouble over an election that was likely worse than flawed to begin with (though the Republicans cared nothing for any of that until they lost, characteristically). What authoritarian powers such as those that we apparently did elect care about is not shutting Trump down. That’s a done deal. What they care about is that there not be other objections to election malpractice, to war, to economic inequality, to racism, to ecological catastrophe, to human and drug trafficking by government and government by blackmail, to the depths of corruption and profit from corruption------to empire and hegemony.

Let Trump howl. Let him whimper. Let him make a fool of himself. But do not let government shut down discourse. It is not Donald Trump the goons are after, make no mistake: it is you and me.


By whom? Twitter is one of the main two engines through which people are cancelled. I don’t see a demand for that going away. Remove the engines and there is no more cancelling. The what would all the woke SJWs do with their day?

Right. Now that the damage has been done. Then again, this may be a veritable blessing in disguise and motivate us to create the society we actually want.

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Thanks for the link to Johnstone. In her article she details how Biden wrote a bill (never came to a vote) in 1994 called the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995 and that was used as the basis for writing the USA PATRIOT ACT, the bill that gives the government the authority to spy on all Americans. So Biden is largely responsible for the USA PATRIOT ACT and the 1994 Crime Bill. And guess what Biden is saying he will now do?
“Mr. Biden has said he plans to make a priority of passing a law against domestic terrorism, and he has been urged to create a White House post overseeing the fight against ideologically inspired violent extremists and increasing funding to combat them,” Wall Street Journal reports.
Do you all see where this is going? This is an overreaction to an event used to clamp down on political protest in the US. What happened was not a coup attempt. It was a mildly violent demonstration that was allowed by security forces who were intentionally inadequate and somewhat compliant. Here’s an accurate statement from John Pilger regarding this week’s uprising:
“The made-for-media theatrics on Capitol Hill were not an attempted “coup”. Coups are what the CIA stages all over the world. Neither was “democracy” in peril. What democracy? And Trump is no more than a caricature of a system of which Biden, Obama, Bush etc are the embodiment.”
The neoliberal corporatists will use this week’s event to further strangle and surveil us and further plant the boot of oppression on the necks of any political opposition to the United Corporations of America.