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After Inciting Deadly Invasion of US Capitol, Twitter Permanently Suspends @realDonaldTrump

Can you direct me to where the following appears, please?

The made-for-media theatrics on Capitol Hill were not an attempted “coup”. Coups are what the CIA stages all over the world. Neither was “democracy” in peril. What democracy? And Trump is no more than a caricature of a system of which Biden, Obama, Bush etc are the embodiment.

My internet is frozen all of a sudden.

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Thank you.

Just who now decides the exact definition of “domestic terrorism?” Depends, doesn’t it, on who is in “power.” Will it include peaceful protests? Freedom of the press? An off-hand remark? Would not willful, deliberate propaganda, mis- and dis-information, blatant lies not apply? Oh, I forgot. It’s now legal for politicians to lie.


Twitter makes its revenues based on the number of peoples that use or follow it. This is what leads to its growth. This is why they would keep a guy like Trump on so long. Millions followed trumps tweets and the only reason they had twitter was to do so.

If they start banning people with millions of followers revenues drop.

There are a number of such platforms that have come and gone. They vanished because they could not get the required user base to make their model work. (Yik Yak , Vine, Google wave are examples)

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“Just who now decides the exact definition of “domestic terrorism?” Depends, doesn’t it, on who is in “power.” Will it include peaceful protests?”

"It also wasn’t just Trump supporters; leftist accounts are [getting suspended too]. The online left is hopefully learning that cheering for Twitter “banning fascists” irrationally assumes that (A) their purges are only banning fascists and (B) they are limiting their bans to your personal definition of fascists. There is no basis whatsoever for either of these assumptions.

Craig Pasta Jardula

Wow! These people hold rallies protesting the unjust evictions of poor people during the Covid. We have been telling you. They will come for the Progressives as well. That is why we must protect our freedom of speech and our civil liberties."


Thanks to @Rebel_Farmer for the link.


Indeed. What is there to celebrate when a few powerful private monopolies, otherwise also called “techno or neo-feudals” are being given the power to control the public plaza and it’s speech. They already have more power than they should. This is the wrong direction. There should be a reconsideration of their power and a conversion of these ‘social media’ media to become public services, just as water and electricity, etc. This is the beginning of a very dangerous turn. You don’t solve the issue of Trumpism by censuring Trump.


edit: DonaldTrump says we ‘never’ die!

“Our incredible journey is only just beginning” however
is the Trump quote to remember and wonder what the hell
he’s got in mind, or more likely, someone else’s scam of horrific
proportions in mind to rally armed militants around and conduct.
The republican party and their media mouthpiece hosts and their
multi-millionaire funders polluting the world for fun are utterly disgraced.

We have to sort this one out. I heard that the FBI has no jurisdiction, at least on domestic TERRORISM…
Trump should not be allowed on TV except for official business.

We need to revisit the concept of free speech VS shouting fire in a theater.
Inciting a riot goes beyond free speech.
So you wouldn’t object to someone berating you from the sidewalk. But how would you act if they were breaking your windows and doors, and entering your house with bats and guns? Free speech?

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Every cop in the country reserves the right kill anyone they want if they claim imminent danger. Fear for ones life.
Then why the heck were not maybe dozens of are attackers mowed down in self defense?

That’s exactly what the PTB want to hear, that people are willing to accept more restrictions on their speech. Shock doctrine.


How has the government shut down discourse in this case? Twitter is a private company. If the very internet were able to and did prevent any email from Trump that would be more analogous.

I’ve gone through this mental exercise before with Alex Jones. I basically don’t care if someone who can’t meet the terms and conditions of a service is banned and that includes the president. There is plenty everyone on the left can say and get nowhere near the line of getting banned.

As a thought experiment, what if a competent government in Rwanda could have shut down the radio access for people fomenting the hate that caused the genocide - would it have been wrong to do that?

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Facebook+ Mynamar= genocide


His was a tweeted response to the article written by Caitlin Johnstone referenced by @Rebel_Farmer above: ~https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2021/01/09/the-boot-is-coming-down-hard-and-fast/

Pilger’s reply was on 1/9/21 so you have to scroll down to that day’s comments to her article to see it, or you can link to his twitter comment here:

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This is so typical of those on the left who are cheering the censoring of Trump. In their usual way, they over react emotionally to whatever scares them and end up slitting their own wrists as a remedy. This process of controlling the media and what we are allowed to see and think has been going on, and ramping up, forever. The fact that there are those supposedly on the left who support, or are silent about, the actions against Assange and Snowden, is more evidence of their lack of courage and ethics. The casket is being closed on us and free thought and they are reaching up to help pull the casket closed; idiocracy.


Thanks. I just read it. As usual, John Pilger doesn’t disappoint in his sane, dispassionate and fair approach.

It’s exactly what I’d written here (on this particular article) and elsewhere:



It makes one wonder how long this plan (blanket censorship, that is) was on the shelf, awaiting an “incident” that would be interpreted and appreciated - incorrectly so - by the public as legitimate grounds for its implementation.


Yes, I just went back and read and liked your salient post and you are spot on as usual. Yes, the demonstrations in DC this past week are alarming. No, it was not a coup attempt. The horror and indignation that Americans are feeling shouldn’t be wasted on this small event when there are so many far worse events happening around the world perpetrated or funded by the US government. We experienced this past week nothing as devastating as what we have wrought elsewhere. Our crying for our loss of innocence has no effect on me but revulsion. We have inflicted far worse on others than the Trumpers inflicted on us, so my hearing is set on mute to the “American coup attempt”.



A little late to this party, but this whole thing about shutting down the voices of anyone is really pissing me off. For your enjoyment, AMLO of Mexico agrees with you all. He likens it to the Inquisition. Check it out…



Best that we keep our eyes and ears open so we can know and understand what the Powers That Be are up too. As I see it, their intention is to set the citizenry against each other, just like they do with the ingrained race baiting. In my opinion, “they” are successfully fomenting another civil war. Presumably to bring the military in to lock the whole lot of us down. By controlling who can post on the internet, what information we can gather will be limited to their control of the narrative/news. It’s like “1984” brought to full fruition. Or maybe “1984” is their instruction manual…

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