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After Inciting Deadly Invasion of US Capitol, Twitter Permanently Suspends @realDonaldTrump

Dear Shockwave-Rider,

Could you elaborate a bit on this for us?

Much appreciated,

Good man, AMLO, for speaking up here.

He had also hosted the exiled Morales after the Evangelicals pulled that stunt in La Paz.

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He is right, of course. Also, interesting to see he has offered asylum to Assange, which is a similar issue, i.e. the censoring of free speech by the government and private sector.

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I agree. I only meant that I will not hear the event in DC described as a coup attempt, but rather, a theatrical display to assuage the ego of one DT and to send a message to the GOP that he remains a force within their gangrenous party. We should absolutely be cognizant of the corporate coup that is taking place and be moving to stop it, if not too late.

They sure seem to be following it religiously.


Just like the beer hall putsch except for no nazis, no hitler and no long range plan for anything. This was just a bunch of tea party nuts sold down the river by Trump to further his agenda. People shot for no reason and many will have their lives ruined by prosecutions, injury and job loss. Comparing the opposition to nazis is a good way to start an argument if you are an idiot.

I had read about that. The very last place Assange should go is Mexico! Can you imagine what Biden (the HRC puppet) would do with that!?! Probably the only safe place on the planet is for Assange to join Snowden in Russia at this point until they are both pardoned by some future president.

We definitely do live in interesting times. Not good, but interesting…

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I had the same thought when I read that. There is no way the US wouldn’t find a way to get to him in Mexico. And yes, Russia is about his only option. Even if the Brits freed him, he wouldn’t live a week without being Epsteined.

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