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After Indiana Win Sanders Declares: 'I Say We Keep Fighting. Are You with Me?'


After Indiana Win Sanders Declares: 'I Say We Keep Fighting. Are You with Me?'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Proving that U.S. voters are still energenized to go to the polls to voice their support for "political revolution," Bernie Sanders won the Indiana primary on Tuesday night – besting rival Hillary Clinton and notching a much-needed victory as the corporate media and political class continues to discount his chances and downplay the accomplishments of the campaign.

"The political revolution wins in Indiana!" the Sanders campaign tweeted just after 9 PM eastern.


Yes, we are with you. #NeverHillary.


all the way Bernie! thank you for caring about our country and our people by sticking to it! Never Hillary for me either! GO BERNIE GO! Still registering voters who want to vote for you in Berkeley, California! on the campus at Berkeley and on the streets, we are all together to make a new day in Amerika.


Leicester City was a 5000-1 shot to win the English Premier League and defied the odds. Not more than a month ago the pundits were saying they can't win, they'll fold, no way they win. Sounds like all the MSNBC and CNN pundits talking about Sanders.


Yes, I am with you, Bernie!


Take that, Nate Silver!


I'm with ya, Bern!

We rejected the Bushes, let's dump the Clintons!


This is the most important question this century. The people's revolution must continue all the way to the very end. As so many commentators have said, a chance like this will not come again for another generation. So it behooves this generation to step up. What's at stake couldn't possibly be bigger or more important. The soul of America.

And don't be disheartened that the MSM ignoring Sanders. They are doing so deliberately because they fear what he represents. So knock at doors, tweet it, shout it from the rooftops, do whatever it takes.

The alternative is waking up the morning after to a president Clinton, or president Trump....

We're behind Sanders all the way.


With Cruz now out, let's put the Sanders v. Trump polling and the Inevitable v. Trump polling numbers before the people. Feel the Bern.


WITH YOU BERNIE! ALL THE WAY! Charles & Kathie. L.....
& can't wait to see Rachel Maddow's chin actually hit the floor as we keep winning! (talk about looking miserable as returns for Bernie come in)...
& this one's in your eye Ms. Streisand, keep your tweets and your sugary songs to yourself.
You're no Billie Holliday...not even close...
got my finger ready to vote for Bernie in New Jersey on June 7th!
think I will take vacation days and head towards Philadelphia.....


Go Bernie. We're with you.


The younger people have felt the bern, the older folks like myself most likely do not have another generation to wait and people of color have to see the light of Bernie Sanders as your friend (please understand that the Clinton's are not your friends they have used you and are in reality your wardens). Come on people, the big push is on with Indiana proving we are doing this one state at a time, one vote at a time and one contribution at a time. Never, never, never ever give up. Quitting is not an option if you care about our next generation who will live on the tradition we leave for them. Bernie Sanders is not a quitter.


Sanders seems to be running in a two-person race by himself. I don't think that I remember anything like this.


Thanks to CD for making this the final headline of the evening, what could be more appropriate than a celebration of a Bernie win.


Although California has a closed primary, the registration deadline is not as tight as some other closed primary states. Hope that helps Bernie since closed primaries stack the deck against him.


The major polls including CNN claim Sanders would beat Trump much better than Clinton. That is much higher differences between Bernie Sanders and Hilllary Clinton.


Mr. 538 only missed this by 5-6%, this time. He had Hillary winning with a 90% certainty. Oh well, there must be 10-15% of eligible Democratic Socialists who fly under the radar in The Heartland. Elsewhere, as well. Who knew?:smirk: Just like in Michigan, Maine, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, etc. Gosh, oh gee, so many Democratic Socialists flying under the radar in places like Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts and on, and on, it goes.......These daggone Social Democrats are winning pretty much everywhere, these days. That is; they're winning in places that the Democratic Party clings to in calling itself a national party. Let's guess, here; if Sen. Sanders wins in Kentucky, West Virginia, New Mexico, Montana and California we can assume he's pretty much shown what the people really think. That is, of course, if the Democratic Party hadn't jerry-rigged a Southern Strategery that Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon would be proud of. Though, most honorable people would be ashamed of, of course. I'll bet good money that Hillary & Co. sure wish those voters, and all those electoral votes, were hers just for the taking. Without even caring an iota about their actual concerns, of course. Ya' know, when she's " leaning in " to really listen to the low information consumers, er.... the common people.:wink: And, leaning out when Daddy War Bucks, Walmart, Boeing, LaLaLa Landers and Goldman Sachs were throwing checks around. Tonight is one of those nights when it's hard for the 1%ers to see all their vast holdings. Oh, the fog, the fog.... must be Global Berning.


Only the Republican side is closed. Unaffiliated voters can vote in the Democratic primary. I just got the voter guide today ...


Yes, by all means stay in Bernie. Hillary shows that she is vulnerable and besides; if you will not bern Hillary down, who will? Maybe Trump will but that would be a nightmare scenario even if Trump loses the general election to Hillary!


I had the misfortune of getting to hear NPR's incessant "Hillary's Enormous Lead" meme all day, whether in discussions by perspective free young professionals or more subtly by their equally robotic news readers. I can only imagine the treatment by the commercial news outlets. I'm so glad Indiana voters weren't victims of these institutional attempts at discouragement.
Pledged Delegates as of May 4 - Clinton 1682, Bernie 1381 still available 1183.
It ain't over til its over.