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After Just Three Months, Trump's Communications Director Says: I'm Out


After Just Three Months, Trump's Communications Director Says: I'm Out

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump's communications director Mike Dubke confirmed Tuesday morning that he is leaving the White House after barely three months working in the tumultuous and truth-starved administration.


Personal indeed. Has to be impossible over the long haul to cover up and perpetuate continuous lies, ie.) alternate administrative facts.
Adios Amigo...Don't let the door hit you on the ass. Hope the same for Botox Kellyanne, Liar Spicer and Taliban Kukabee.


I think the Trump White House should move to a communication system totally based on tweets.


There's not a communication team alive that can spin this fascist administration's chaos into positive positions. There's a difference between good communication and propaganda, a fact lost in a number of recent administrations, but none more than this one. It just isn't possible to spin Trump's campaign promises into his policy positions--they are polar opposites. The best way for communications professionals to destroy their careers is to join forces with the Donald.


Job Posting: Turd Polisher, apply at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...


Lying for a living eats away at one's soul.


I think a lot of people in the Trump administration would like to leave. Being associated with him is not turning out like they expected. What all this turmoil in the administration looks like from the inside is a question. Perhaps there is more talk among Trump's people about wanting to leave than we yet know? Certainly after all that has and is happening you'd expect people to worry about their future careers and reputations. If there are as yet unrevealed ethical questions and accusations against Trump or knowledge of more legal and constitutional liabilities irregularities to come ... perhaps the need to leave while the leaving is good is now being considered seriously by many who are regretting their serving in the Pussy Grabber President's administration?


Seems like anytime his communications people say something, he tweets the opposite or something different. It's an impossible scenario so I think you make a strong case.


Anybody not locked in a closet or afflicted with terminal denial syndrome during the past year has noticed a pattern of Trump using people as long as he needs them and then throwing them under the bus.

Dubke is simply getting out before Trump throws him under the bus.


Is Dubke getting out before it is too late? I think he sees the handwriting on the wall! I agree with the raydelcamino post above.


"The Trump White House should move to a communication system totally based on tweets."

I am sure Trump would love it! That way Trump could eliminate fake news!


Am guessing that, rather than taking any reasonable message from this, Trump will simply
move in more right-wing corporates.


The correct pronunciation of his name is Duped Lackey.
Please, it's personal with him. His wife's maiden name was Ima Withstupid. She goes by Ima Duped Lackey now, of course.
We should be considerate of these two during a time of political catharsis and transition.
Check LinkedIn for further updates and where you can send the sympathy cards, money orders, etc.


This is not the first time that a rat has deserted a sinking ship.
(Note that said ship is sinking into an undrained and ingreasingly fetid swamp.)


I think the tiny-fisted prictator White House should move the hell out of the country AND. NEVER. RETURN.


Aha! So that's why the orangubrat doesn't have one!


Would anyone here at Common Dreams have stayed three weeks let alone three months?

You think he'll put that three month 'Lie-a-thon' on his resume?


Lying for a living proves one has no soul.


And the demented dimwit is considering Lewandowski (who lost several court cases for DJT's empire) and Fox News "journalists?" The barrage of BS spewing out the WH will be overwhelming with that crew. Of course, the orange oaf would never assume any responsibility for the chaos or the undermining of his WH staff with pre-dawn tweets or his role of malevolent, volatile, abusive dictator. He simply considers all who do not kiss the ring as being weak and "losers." Anyone who signed on with this cruel curmudgeon should have known what they were getting into but the money was too good, I guess. They literally sold their souls to the devil.


What? He had one?