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After Labor Day, Dig In for the Fight Ahead


After Labor Day, Dig In for the Fight Ahead

Sarita Gupta

Between cookouts and last outings to the pool, Labor Day weekend provided all of us a chance to celebrate the end of summer. But Labor Day should also be cause for celebration of another kind: the very reason that we have weekends off, for example. As we take stock after Labor Day, there’s much that we have accomplished, much to be grateful for, and yet so much work remains if we are to create a path to economic stability for all of us.


Apparently there a video making the rounds of a meeting of high level executives that included three ex-secretaries of the treasury. The topic of income inequality comes up and they all burst out laughing when one comments words to the effect of "yes you made it worse".


It is not just retail, food, and home care but the trades were invaded by low wage hispanics that drove wages down, then rather than journeymen building your homes many unskilled laborers building crap homes overseen by one maybe two journeymen. Then contractors using the cheapest materials. Many tract homes are simply unsafe.