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After Latest Display of Bigotry, Trump Again Faces Charges of Racism



Inverted totalitarianism much longer? Watch the video closely as it seems that a Caucasian male approaches one of Trump's thugs possibly to comment on the injustice, and the Trump thug goes for his neck, turns him around and slams him back and head first over what looks like a table.


Folks, the way I see it, there is one good thing about Trumps demagoguery, Trump is saying overtly what the Republican party has been mostly covertly and surreptitiously saying for years but never had the political guts to say openly. That is one reason the established Republicans are in such a panic, Trump, by leading in most polls, has exposed their party for its racism and xenophobia.


The birther movement, the accusations against Mexicans and the wall, the ban against Muslims entering the US, attacks on political correctness. Everyone by now should realize what his campaign is about. Those claiming the Civil War never really ended appear to right. The polls show an alarming number of Trump supporters think abolishing slavery was a mistake and that putting Japanese Americans in concentration camps during WWII was a great idea.


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I'm confused. It it the the US Secret Service who are evicting minorities and putting choke holds on reporters? Don't their salaries come from the taxpayers - you and me? is that part of their job - to act as Trump's security thugs and treat citizens as if they have no right - especially on college campuses.


Wow, Trump's rally's are more and more resembling the Nazi's gathering's.

Having 30 black students evicted just because he did not feel "comfortable" with them there, how the hell is he going to be able to deal with leaders of other color if they make him "uncomfortable".

And the choke hold on the camera man, Trump may as well start dressing his goons in brown shirts and jackboots.

Make America great again? He has set it back 100 years just by opening his big mouth, what damage can he inflict if he gets the W.H.?

This is getting more surreal by the day.


And acting in explicitly discriminatory manner, evicting attendees because they are black.


It evidently IS Secret Service, and I'm glad someone pointed that out. These aren't some private security force hired by Trump, and evidently, it's not bands of Trump supporters either. This needs to be investigated further, and this point pursued. Who gave such orders to the Secret Service, and why would they obey them?


I have heard people here in the US say that they wonder how the German people could have allowed something like the Nazi Holocaust to happen. I don't have to wonder. I am watching it happen in front of my eyes. Create a crisis (economic, foreign policy, domestic terror, public health; any or all of the above, take your pick or insert your own), tell people it is the fault of someone who is not like you in whatever way is convenient, erode the education system to the point of uselessness, then promise a lot of stressed out, benighted, desperate people that you will make it all better. The people will follow this false messiah to the end of the Earth, literally. Never mind that he divides the country. Never mind that he is a prominent part of the socioeconomic system that created the crises in the first place. Never mind that he grew up walled away from the very people who are blindly following him. Never mind that, according to his former wife, he is the rapist, not the Mexicans. Never mind that the things he says make no sense whatsoever. He is going to make the Mexicans - the ones who send us all of their criminals and rapists, according to Trump - pay to build a wall?! And people believe this?! All he has to do is sound and look like them and make nebulous promises in made-for-TV sound bites and he has them.

The fact that so many people in this country get excited by such a blatant racist is appalling, but not surprising. After all, Adolf Hitler said he was inspired by the way the US government treated the Native Americans. Racism and other forms of bigotry, war for profit, and genocide are the very foundation on which this country was built. A fact modern Americans don't like to think about, let alone acknowledge, at least until recently. "Everything old is new again."

I came across a quote from another Common Dreams story here: http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/03/01/how-many-global-crises-can-fifteen-year-old-afghan-take
that I thought was a quintessential description of the Trump campaign:

A man was told by his friend, ‘Hey! The dog bit off one of your ears!’. Without hesitation, and without even so much as checking his intact ears, the man ran off angrily after the dog.”

Playing on our fears, we have been told repetitively that the ‘Taliban’, and the latest ‘demon’, the ISIS, have ‘bit off’ our water, or our electricity or our security.

We have lost the ability to demand critical facts, and to ‘check our ears’, and to pursue solid evidence.

Substitute 'Muslim', 'Mexican' or Trump's other target group of the moment for 'Taliban' and 'jobs' and 'freedom' for 'water' and 'electricity' and you have the Trump campaign in a nutshell.


I've heard and read reports that it was NOT the Secret Service doing the evicting.


No -- you're wrong. "The whole Trump charade" (and it's not a charade -- it's real!) is a reality because of the latent racism embraced by so many white Americans who, for a variety of reasons, feel inferior and try to boost their lagging self-esteem by denigrating and abusing people of color, and hanging on to an ugly, egotistical, bigoted circus barker.


Please seek psychiatric help. Your obvious feelings of inadequacy will ruin your life.


I have to say, having been in the military, I find fascinating that the collextive has not noticed that our Presidential rallies are violent. This says a lot about our mentality. 30 years ago, 'conspiracy theorists' warned people, though poorly, about the 'police state'. So, what does a police state looke like? Are there police at every corner? Are there armed guards in odd places, like schools? Does Comgressional memebers have their own body guard when there was a time before that they didnt have before? I assume these questions to be answered to a logical conclusion, so how does this tie in? There was a prediction by someone that noone would listen to, today nor then, that said elections would have to evevntually have to become violent, even when nothing is wrong. The stereotyping becomes, more or less, out of control. So in a police state, it would be assumed that this stuff would happen. Same idea if you 'looked' Muslim, you would be refused service...and at the Drumpf rally, if you look black, you cant be good. But this wouldn't or maybe couldn't, take place in a free society. Is it a free society when people are being slammed into a tble for photographing...apperently. it a free society to listen to the opposing view...it is


You've got to hand it to the poster lorenbliss for asserting that H.L. Mencken wrote the epitaph for the United States in 1920:

"On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."