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After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire Climate Denialist and Right-Wing Villain David Koch Dead at 79

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/after-life-incalculable-harm-billionaire-climate-denialist-and-right-wing-villain


He’s just perpetrating a hostile takeover of Hell. Cheri Bustos’ capacity for cynical corruption gave him a heart attack? Can we please have our oldest federal republic BACK now, Nancy?


" David Koch now gets to avoid the consequences of his actions" .

You know that statement makes a great point. Most climate deniers like Trump and the rest of the climate morons tend to be older people who don’t give a damn because they know they will die soon!


Rest in Total Misery, you horrible sack of &%^$.

You’ll probably have Lucifer running for the exit.


One down. But don’t get too excited. There are many more of these fascist creatures surrounding us. The fight is far from over…


His “libertarianism” was simply a codpiece to cover up his personally-profitable flouting of environmental laws. Even a hypothetical 100% evironmentally-responsible and compliant fosssil fuel company would still be an existential threat, and Koch Industries is anything but.


And in other news only marginally related to this thread - After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire (??) Climate Denialist and Right-Wing Villain donald trump **
** " ‘hereby orders’ US companies to leave China after attacking Fed chair" I would suspect that’s why in part the markets are tanking, now down about 430 points! Yet another notice of trumps mental illnesses and threat to everything


NPR’s “measured” report this morning repeatedly used the word “conservative” even when they mentioned he ran as a Libertarian. It sad to see the distinction erased. Then again, the Kochs managed to embed their horrible libertarian agenda into the GOP to an unbelievably high extent so that the new meaning of ‘conservative’ is for all intents and purposed ‘libertarian delusion’. We all know that “Americans for Prosperity” really means “Americans pay for Koch’s Prosperity”


NPR had an obituary on him this morning and he sounded like the greatest guy who was very philanthropic. I have come to realize that the neo-liberal and fascist world is a happy face world where the most evil things are done by the nicest people. It is not nice to talk badly or tell the truth about a person who has done so much evil. They made George HW Bush appear like a saint when he died. Do we ever get the truth or do we just take whatever “they” say and invert it and then we know the truth? When they say black we know its white.


How many americans would gladly work for and do whatever the Koch Brothers wanted if they were paid enough?


“Scrambling for the emergency brake before we go off a cliff” ?

The Kochs, utilizing inside man Paul Ryan, made sure that one of the first things they removed was the metaphorical “emergency brake”.

As soon as Ryan solidified the 2017 tax cuts that assure the emergency brake can never be restored, he exited DC to collect the big payoffs that Koch operatives enjoy.


I SO BADLY want to say something about his horrible man, but I won’t speak ill of the dead. I’ll try and wear my grown-up pants and keep my mouth shut. No offense to anyone who has posted comments on his moral character. I totally agree with you all and get it.


R.I.M. Rest in misery.


I’ll take care of it for. I’ll wear my diapers.


Love the reaper - does good …


The Koch Foundation is big contributor to public broadcasting.


hey, you know, the only good billionaire is a dead billionaire!! I say this is a good start.


well yeah, see if you cant censor the media and free speech, buy them up and dictate the narrative that way. See Bezos and WaPo. But, in order for us to have a true Progressive movement and with it a paradigm shift away from this predatory capitalistic system, we need news outlets that also allow Progressives to set the narrative and amplify their message instead of viewing them and describing them derogatorily as “radical left” and fringe elements - as it is being done today with all MSM. NPR etc - they are all pushing the centrist narrative But centrism is not what will bring about the New Green Deal and the kind of sweeping reforms we need to truly change things for the better for most people in this country. Koch wasn’t being charitable, he was controlling the narrative with his so called “donations”.


In most of the world outside of the USA (notably Europe) - “libertarianism” means something entirely different. It refers to a tendency of anarchism (aka anarcho-syndicalism) that is deeply socialist. In my avatar, I am waving a libertarian flag - the red symbolizing Marxism, the black symbolizing anarchism - the diagonal denoting that the way to the red (worker-run socialism) is through the black (anarchism).

Noam Chomsky is this, proper, kind of libertarian.


Oh yes, Ding Dong, one witch is dead, many more need to hurry and join him!