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After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire Climate Denialist and Right-Wing Villain David Koch Dead at 79

Agreed. You should always speak good of the dead. David Koch is dead. Good.


“philanthropy” is just a euphemism for bribery.


They also “contribute” to Democrats, not just Republicans.

“Contribute” is an interesting word. If you contribute to the capital holdings of a corporation by buying stock, you are considered a part owner, and that corporation is beholden to your interests.

If you contribute to the funding of a media entity by buying advertising time, shouldn’t you also be considered a part owner of the station or network, and wouldn’t the station ot network be beholden to your interests?


–Moms Mabley, c. 1963, referring to a different ofay.


Libertarians are either left (believing that under conditions of freedom, people will choose to cooperate) or right (believing that under conditions of freedom, people will choose to compete). I’ve always thought the right libertarian position was phony, a mere stalking horse for the robber-baron wannabees infesting the body politic.


When you buy stock, you have a democratic voting process to express your views.
That’s a lot different than contributing to public broadcasting.


I was waiting for that appropriate quote, attributed to Betty Davis, upon hearing of Joan Crawford’s death. " Rrrrrrroww ", god I love catty women.
The American flags on all oil rigs will be lowered to half-staff for the remainder of August in Mr. Kochs’ honor. Then they’ll be melted and returned to their natural state; densely woven plastic pellets, of course.


Thanks for the attribution. I heard it first from San Francisco Chronicle Columnist Herb Caen in 1994 when Nixon died - and he only said Nixon’s death reminded him of that old line… so I knew he didn’t invent it.

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Geographically, the right variety is largely a US economic-philosophical invention (and a couple Austrians Von Misis and Hyak) with the UK taking it up starting with Thatcher - and a little later recently, Australia.

The “original” libertarians - Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, the original IWW etc., would not even recognize the “libertarianism” of Friedman, Rand, Kocks, Thatcher, Ryan, etc…

And curiously, in the English-speaking countries, the rising neofascist alt-right is getting most of its membership from the ranks of the libertarians (especially the gamer-geeks), and the rising “yellow vest” right in and Maxime Bernier’s "People’s Party in Canada is a blend of this libertarianism and white supremacist xenophobia.

And one thing for sure - we do know from history if these right-libertarians gets a grasp of political power, all that talk of liberty (especially freedom of speech for those opposing them) goes right out the window.


As one who accepts the probability of reincarnation, I would love David Koch to return as an Indigenous child in the Amazonian basin, whose very new life would utterly depend on the deep relationship of the people with the Forest. And whose very new life would be snuffed out soon from the continued policies of his family.


Too little too late. - and- Better late than never. Not sure which one I like the best. Koch brothers are just another deadly side effect of capitalism. You know, the economic system that puts most of the wealth in the hands of a few psychopaths.


The only good thing that could be said about maxime Bernier and “The Peoples Party” is that this cancer now excised from the mainstream Conservative party. Some people just vote Conservatives because they are Conservatives. With Maxime Bernier and his supporters as part of the Conservative party voting Conservative also meant voting for that group .

Parties that try to include very point of view under their tent, from Global warming deniers to Racists, from Fiscal Conervatives to traditional Burkesian Conservatives tend to be piss poor at Governing as they seek to cater policies to every group.

As of this moment the “Peoples Party” is clumped with other under the Polls and OTHER as a group runs at 4 percent.

Good riddance to this Kochroach. Now if dumber would choke on a steak bone or something, we could really celebrate.


Most Eastern religions believe in reincarnation and whatever one believes, they say that when you hate a race of people, you are reborn in that race! Whether true or not, I do not know…but many racists better hope like hell…it is not true!


Clarence Darrow was said to have commented on the death of his old rival William Jennings Bryan by saying “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read many an obituary with glee.”
Even this old atheist would today like to believe that Dante’s Hell is actually real. However, even if it was, Lucifer himself probably met Mr Koch with a hardy handshake, a pat on the back and boisterous “Well done!”
In reality, David Koch just went away. But his legacy and that of his other “masters of the universe” contemporaries will likely be our epitaph. Remember, evil is not some biblical existential concept. Evil is something that men do. It is tangible and measurable. Except of course for the Koch brothers. Their evil knew no bounds.


I believe another eulogy needs repeated in this case. Upon the death of Richard Nixon, his old nemesis Hunter Thompson wrote, “ Nixon was so crooked that it took two servants to help him screw his pants on every morning.”
The Koch family are well known cheapskates. I bet they just have David Koch’s butler and gardener stand on a step ladder and simply screw him into the ground. And then of course they will be fired and chased off the property by hungry guard dogs.


R.I.P., David Koch, major shareholder of America’s leading political parties and other institutions…

While Thom Hartmann has had some problems avoiding the quicksand of “lesser evil” partisanship, causing him to be a frequent apologist for one-half of our pernicious duopoly, I still consider him a fairly decent progressive who has occasionally contributed something of value to the national conversation.

In the following segment from his show, Hartmann and his guest describe how the Koch brothers virtually took over the Democratic Party in the 1980’s and '90’s, funding the Third Way and its favorite son, William Jefferson Clinton – the closet Republican who helped dismantle the former party of FDR: https://www.thomhartmann.com/bigpicture/how-koch-brothers-helped-dismantle-democratic-party

And although the Kochs were notorious for their influence over the GOP, their investments in the neoliberal Democratic Party paid off handsomely for decades, including under President Obama: https://theintercept.com/2019/08/13/koch-brothers-third-way/?comments=1#comments

How else can we explain Obama’s zealous advocacy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership “trade” deal? It’s deeply depressing that Obama pushed so hard for such an abominable piece of legislation – one that overlooks slavery in Malaysia (further normalizing the practice, which is at an all-time high, globally, as reported in the L.A. Times) and would have enshrined a quasi-legal board of corporate lawyers over sovereign nations, nullifying environmental and labor regulations across the globe.

  1. Obama overlooks slavery: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/malaysia-human-trafficking-tpp_n_55b66521e4b0224d8832fe28

  2. The practice of slavery is enjoying its heyday in the 21st century: https://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-global-modern-slavery-report-20170918-htmlstory.html

But when we’re talking about the hostile takeover of our leading institutions by amoral, omnicidal corporatists (modern fascists), we make a critical mistake if we end our conversation with our corrupted and industry-captured political parties. (And if we end our conversation with condemnations of the GOP only, then we’re simple enablers of fascism – gullible, partisan rubes indifferent to the suffering of millions.)

As journalist Jane Mayer has detailed, the Kochs exercise virtual editorial control over even our most “liberal” news organizations. Here, she details their considerable influence over the Corporation for Public Broadcasting: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2013/05/27/a-word-from-our-sponsor

My only point is that we will surely lose our fight against oligarchs and warmongers if we fail to see the scope of the problem. If we are mere partisans. Because our country’s problems are systemic. Because all of our institutions – no exaggeration – have been corrupted by the Kochs and their ilk. And so far as our media outlets, it’s not just FoxNews, but also the NYT, Washington Post, NPR, Mother Jones, MSNBC, CNN, and more.

Purge the rot from the system. Spare no sycophant to power. And certainly spare no political party as entrenched and evil as the Democrats and Republicans. They exist to crush progressivism, human rights, and the rule of law. As the record clearly demonstrates, they have no other purpose.


And too the DLC - From the DLC Wiki:

An August, 2000 Newsweek story on Joe Liebermn, The Soul And The Steel [1] reveals that some of the early funding came from ARCO, Chevron, Merck, Du Pont, Microsoft, Philip Morris and Koch Industries:

His selection may also complicate Gore’s efforts to depict Bush as a patsy for big business. Since 1995 Lieberman has chaired the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the centrist think tank that eschews liberal dogma and promotes market-oriented approaches to policy. Like many similar groups, the DLC (of which Gore is a founding member) has never disclosed its funding sources. But last week, in response to requests from NEWSWEEK, it turned over a list of top donors. If Gore still hopes to score populist points by bashing Big Oil and pharmaceutical companies that oppose his plan to add a prescription-drug entitlement to Medicare, he may have some explaining to do. Among the DLC’s biggest benefactors last year (contributions of between $50,000 and $100,000) were ARCO, Chevron and the drug giant Merck. Other big underwriters include Du Pont, Microsoft and Philip Morris (which has kicked in $500,000 since Lieberman became DLC chairman). There is no evidence that the DLC has trimmed policies to accommodate its patrons, but some contributors say the money has helped ensure an open door to Lieberman. “We’ve been able to have a dialogue with the senator and his staff,” said Jay Rosser, spokesman for another DLC benefactor, Koch Industries, an oil-pipeline firm that is also a big GOP donor.

And more recently the 3rd WAY Traitors

Wheres the grave? I feel like taking a leak and Dancing.


Yeah, I spend a lot of time over at The Intercept.


He lost at the Game Show - "Beat The Reaper"