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After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire Climate Denialist and Right-Wing Villain David Koch Dead at 79

I do not mean to be impatient or disrespectful, but how is the Health of David’s brother Charles?

I do not wish to hasten Charles’s demise but these guys were/are extremely dangerous to the Health of the Planet.

It is much better if they Die before they succeed in their attempts to Kill our beloved Planet Earth.

It is amazing how destructive a couple of Rich Guys can be to our Beautiful Planetary Home.

They have managed to enrich themselves without giving a Fig about the Damage they were/are causing to the Big Blue Marble.

Good Riddance and Thanks For Nothing, your Charitable Work and your Philanthropy were meaningless Bullshit designed to cover up your Greed and Carnage.


Good riddance!!! I hope he burns


It’s hogwash, reincarnation. If it occurs, I bet it’s random. Despite mainstream thought, karma in eastern philosophy just means natural consequences to things we do. If some kind of supernatural karma or tab-keeping took place, we wouldn’t have assholes like the Koch brothers in the first place, so rich and powerful as they are.


May the POS ‘rot’ in hell!


Charles is older, and not in the best health either.
If there was such a thing as karma, you’d like to think that Charles Koch would soon get a new day nurse. You know, a husky woman from Guatemala, with large forearms, who’s family is imprisoned at one of the border concentration camps. All she’ll need is a large fluffy pillow, and about 30 seconds…


Let me be among the first to congratulate Mr. Koch on his death.


Too bad there is no such thing as hell. It truly would be a fitting ending for this worthless sorry excuse of a pathetic human being.

There is just no justice in the world. sigh

We are reincarnated every day into some life form. For example, millions of skin cells are shed each day for every one of us. Those cells provide food for micro-organisms at the bottom of the food chain and protein to grow their own cells. Bigger ones eat those and you know the story of the food web. When we die, we provide food for worms and other decomposers if we are not embalmed in a coffin. If the big decomposers get to dine, we may provide enough protein for some vultures feathers or a hyena’s brain or whatever. After that, not much chance for reincarnation.


For shits and giggles let’s assume there is a hell.

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I hope the farmers get this message.

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“Nothing will benefit Health or increase the chances of Survival on Earth as the Evolution to a Vegetarian Diet.” Albert Einstein

There is no doubt that raising Animals for Food is greatly contributing to Climate Change.

The Pollution caused by Livestock is far greater than ALL the Transportation Vehicles in the World Combined.

The Manure from Cattle, Pigs, Goats, Chickens, etc. Pollutes our Streams, Rivers and Fresh Water Supply and creates much more Carbon Emissions than the Combustible Engine.

We are Burning the Amazon to create Pastures where Livestock can graze to produce Hamburger Meat for the Fast Food Industry.

I have been a Vegan for almost 40 years and I can tell you that my mouth salivates in anticipation of the Delicious Plant Based Food that I consume everyday.

It is an easy adjustment to go from eating the carcass of a Dead Animal to eating Deliciously prepared food from the Vegetable Kingdom.

A simple search on Google will give you thousands of mouth watering Vegan recipes made from tasty Plants.

From Artichokes to Zucchini the variety of Delicious Plant food is endless, Pasta of every type and shape as well as scrumptious Meat Alternatives that are plentiful and difficult to distinguish from a dead animal.

Burger King has just introduced the Impossible Burger and I dare anyone to tell the difference between this Plant Based Burger and the Meat from an Animal.

The World is moving away from the cruelty of eating Animals, which contributes to Heart Disease, Hardening of the Arteries and many Degenerative Diseases, not to mention the destruction of the Planet.

It is an Easy Transition to become a Vegan.

Going Vegan is Beneficial for Personal Health, for the Health of Planet Earth and especially Better for the elimination of the Pain & Suffering of the Millions of Intelligent Beautiful Animals we Unnecessarily Kill for Food Every Day.


We know that trump doesn’t care about other people, this just goes to show that he doesn’t even care about his own kids.


I hope he isn’t too disappointed to find that he couldn’t take all his wealth with him.


Many folks would argue Hell is right here on Earth.


Good riddance to this asshole. It’s a pity he couldn’t have taken trumpty dumpty and a few more of his fascist cronies with him !


I also believe in reincarnation and follow an eastern spiritual path. Koch will not get away with anything. He has to continually reincarnate and pay the entire karmic debt. He will incarnate into low ages on polluted planets that he created in his past life. Right now, he’s in the astral hells hounded by nightmares of all the pain and suffering he caused. Man man escape man’s laws, but he will not escape divine law.


Best description yet on what’s in store for him.

Unfortunately, that leaves the mean one, Charles, still behind to spread havoc. David was pushed out of the inner Libertarian sanctum a few years ago; probably for funding NOVA.

Well it’s always good to debate heaven and hell, intelligent designed universe as opposed to accidental. Let’s put on those thinking caps.
Well, Dante believed in hell and he was I think the best as describing it. I So, Dante said there are essentially eight levels to the circles of hell and the deceivers, the bad of the bad toil in their own feces up to their heads all day. Dante’s a funny guy!
SO the other Koch must go mad! He’s lost bro. Koch BROS NO MO. They have been DE-KOCHED to a singular parasite so things will never be the same down at the steel town. It has to upset the equilibrium. Daddy Koch sold steel to Stalin. Steel Buds! Many of our former industrialists sold stuff to bad guys. Whether the dead Koch monster goes to hell or his spirit just drifts through sewer drains on the south side of Manhattan we’ll never know but him leaving our dimension is all good. Adios. Lots of billionaires sell to the devil. I’m a big proponent of souls and spirits and I truly believe in karma. It may take a while but more often than not being evil will come back to bite one in their butt. Be good and good will find us. Indeed, our souls is one of the things we can control on Planet Bozo. Bury Koch. Put out the rain forests. Send Pelosi to the dark side of the MOON with Moscow Mitch and Mexico is now serving cocaine and weed with your tequila. Holy crap on a cracker. peace. Adios.

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Yep,kick the can down the road.There are so many unfunded liabilities in the US today that a total breakdown of society inevitable !Pensions,welfare,all health care,infrastructure,schools to name but a few.One consolation maybe that the book value of Mar a Lago will shortly be zero,if it isn’t already.Who would make an investment of multi millions when the property will be under water in 50 years or less.

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