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After Living in US for 30 Years, Man Being Ripped from Families Arms Latest Look at Trump's America


After Living in US for 30 Years, Man Being Ripped from Families Arms Latest Look at Trump's America

Jon Queally, staff writer

"If Jorge isn't safe, no one is safe."


Fuck you racist pieces of shit up your asses with a prickly pear. No lube, either.


To US government: Look at what you’ve done to people. Have you no decency?


This is not just “trump’s” America. This is the America of over 100,000,000 of our fellow citizens. One third of this country has never gotten over the results of our Civil War and is not interested in recognizing the historical immigration of people from all corners of the globe. (Corners? On a sphere? Oh, never mind…).

Until we acknowledge the inherent racism of a large segment of our population, shaming of those in power will have zero impact.


The Racist Republican Establishment must be put down.

Patriots, if you hear me and live near one of these pieces of shit, put them down.

They have lost their humanity and are good for nothing but Greed and Hatred.

Put em down.


Welcome to Amerikka! Trumps sucks.


Sadly, it’s too late to deport Nazi sympathizers like the Drumpfs.


You goddamn wretched mother fuckers, how dare you…I’ll never FORGET this. This administration needs a lot of jail time for me to ever feel satisfied. Fuck You ICE and all the folks that work for you, just fuck you…


When someone marries a US citizen they are eligible to become permament residents. I really doubt he did not apply. So all the “Immigrant rights groups” lawyers how come they didn’t support him then?


This is the ugly but rather predictable face of fascism: The most vulnerable, the most disenfranchised first. Then those who dare dissent. And then the rest. No one is safe under the ideology of fascism. There are impressive examples of that in not so distant history…
Resist while you still can…


I’ll get in the Oh for one minute with him barehanded in an 8x12 room line. Go any distance, pay any fee. The man must be a psychopath to spend every day sowing brutality and misery with each waking moment and making light of it. What are the thoughts that give rise to this viciousness?

In another domain, I saw a woman, an old acquaintance of ours from our maple sugaring days, at the post office in town this morning. Delighted and a little surprised to learn that she is hip to the damage causing us by trump enabler and our congressman, gutless John Faso (NY 19th), and will vote against him in November. This from a lifelong republican in one of the reddest counties in the state. Perhaps the opposition is gaining those badly needed and essential roots. I plan to keep after her vote as we move forward because she is a very well liked person who interacts with a lot of people, especially those folks up in the hills and hollows that, like her, I don’t see that often anymore.


After being here in the US illegally for 30 years, he is held accountable. Don’t want the outcome of breaking laws, don’t break the law.

I don’t see any ‘progressives’ crying a river over breaking up families via the enforcement of laws they support.


"This is the ugly but rather predictable face of fascism: "

You clearly don’t know what fascism is, our previous president was much closer to it than Trump. I think the F word is a handy emotional stand in for disliking a political opponent, rather than a carefully reasoned application of standards for definitions regarding fascism.

It is not ‘fascism’ to dismantle the State where others have grown it, or to insist on the enforcement of long standing laws such as against illegal immigration.


10-1 if you did a personality inventory on this man, like the MMPI test, he would come up as well adjusted, basically totally non-sociopathic, empathetic and so on. Yet if you ran the same test of several million members (white) of the current GOP party the criminal and dysfunctional scales would zoom up, in some cases dramatically. So this is a big part of our current conundrum-we’ve got dysfunctional white Americans of various European stock projected in almost a Jungian way all of their problems onto people like that. THEY are the tweakers, financial frauds, and wife abusers. And THEY should be kept from voting, etc. The United States as we came to know it in the mid twentieth century is over. The gutter people rose while everyone else was busy trying to be nice.


Facism is racism, fascism is anti-democracy, fascism is nationalism,
fascism is the belief in “exceptionalism” as show in obsession with the flag,
fascism is centered in inequality and labeling others “inferior.”


Shame on my country.


So what’s your opinion on the non white members of the GOP?
The P stands for party so no need to say GOP party.


That’s a difficult one. Of course my previous statement was a very big generalization, but I think it’s likely true. That would not be the majority of white Republicans, but many of the more visible ones.

As to the non-whites, I’d suggest in the case of Latinos they have often appealed to traditionalism and family issues. Black people I’d have no guess. Both groups are still small enough that there’s probably a pretty even splay of personality type within them. In the case of Chinese Asians, it’s often straight conservative materialistic values all the way. And many of the second and third generation of that group here in California are now liberals. They’ve been here a while and see what’s going on. But the sociopathic, red flag dysfunctionalism screams quite loudly from the young white men who were screaming on that recent night in Charleston. As does the oilman crowd represented by Inhofe of Oklahoma. That’s highly functional, but truly sociopathic as hell. Like Pruitt being put in as Interior Secretary, Or DeVos for education. That’s a female sociopath if there ever was one. She would rob banks if not for the Miss Nice Christian decorum. A killer.


Heartbreaking. Shameful. Another innocent family whose lives are destroyed by the “Family Values” Party. This has nothing to do with “security”. It has everything to do with Racism and blind Hatred.


That would be a difficult one to figure. You need to remember, so many people are terrified of all of it. Mention the potentiality of an attorney, legal proceedings, etc. and they can freeze up and not pursue it. It’s still an alien culture to them, and they may be very scared.