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After Locking Migrant Children in Cages, DHS Chief Tells Congress, 'They're Not Cages'

After Locking Migrant Children in Cages, DHS Chief Tells Congress, 'They're Not Cages'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After months of outrage over the Trump administration detaining migrant children in "cages," Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen insisted to members of Congress on Wednesday, "We don't use cages for children."

The problem isn’t that this has happened, is happening, will happen again; the problem is that we have a large percentage of the country that A. doesn’t care or B. actively roots for it to happen.

Jailing immigrant children is yet another symptom of the greater disease that is white supremacy, and until White Americans can confront their own racism and their racist past, these types of things will keep happening in this country at an increasing rate.


Honestly, after all these centuries of atrocities i am becoming convinced that the problem is genetic and as such will never be resolved internally.
The amount of sociopaths among America’s general population is staggering, as is the number of authoritarians.
Per capita only China is believed to have higher percentage of authoritarians (an estimated 32% vs America’s 25%).
These are the people who will ignore any ethical concerns in favor of following the orders of perceived authority figures, and are ultimately why sociopaths and psychopaths have historically had such an immense impact on human society as a whole.

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We need to recognize the white supremacy and racism baked into every aspect of the USA as a settler-colonialist state. The economy is built directly on a foundation of colonization, genocide and enslavement. Those founding structures don’t magically evaporate with time, they must be confronted and addressed or they keep replicating division, racism, and white supremacy.

To mention a couple key things:

  • All land title here ultimately traces back “legally” to the Doctrine of Discovery, in which the Pope declared that uncivilized, un-Christian lands could be claimed in the name of Christ and their state by the “discoverers.” The Doctrine of Discovery has been cited in foundational US Supreme Court decisions affirming land title.

  • The for-profit, investor-owned, limited-liability corporation was literally invented to carry out colonization. The Dutch East India Company was the first such publicly-traded joint-stock company, and the British East India Company reorganized itself on the same model after witnessing the “success” of the Dutch East India Company. Colonizing corporations played a huge role in the slave trade, genocide and enslavement, as well as republicanism, revolution, and the founding of the USA, as “liberal” “free trade” agitators fought for their “freedom” to buy and sell humans. The modern corporation, as well as the USA, carries these legacies. The basic building blocks of the modern political economy are predatory, colonizing, profit-driven, “free trade” corporations, taking resources and profits and reducing costs by any means necessary.

De-colonizing the political economy, and de-colonizing our consciousness and our communities, requires land reform, wealth reform, reparations for genocide and enslavement, democratization of wealth, and abolishing the for-profit, investor-owned, limited-liability corporation. We need a complete restructuring of the political-economy of the settler-colonialist USA.

Confronting racism and racist past is a small first step, and needs to be a societal and community endeavor, not an individual pursuit.


Are Neilsen’s numbers correct? Tens of thousands of illegal crossings per month, with Feb. as an example.
If this is true, Trump has a right to call for a national emergency. As far as asylum seekers, people are being illegally turned away.

Every single one of these DHS Nazis must be put in one of these cages, and left to ponder their bad deeds.



I’d like to lock her up in a cage and tell her she’s not locked up in a cage.


Don’t forget about the settler/colonist beliefs in Manifest Destiny.
They believed it was their god given destiny to take resources at gun point.


Perhaps they will be suitable for Trump and his cabinet (including Nielsen) once justice is served up.

i mean, she can stand up! She can move around! She can go to the bathroom!

Yes, the United States so badly needs a Truth and Reconciliation movement. These early doctrines have a kind of Satanic element to them - in that they used Christianity as a kind of front or justification for their demonic behavior. Unfortunately, we have - in our halls of power and business - the descendants of this mentality.


The human race really needs to take a look in the mirror.

Well, I’d give her a bucket. She can either relieve herself in it or sit on it. See how humane I can be?

But only after taking off the rose colored glasses.

I wonder if Hitler’s Nazi regime said something like Kirstjen said about the Nazi death camps. We are giving them showers!