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After Long Career Bailing Out Big Banks, Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Now Runs Predatory Firm That Exploits the Poor for Profit

After Long Career Bailing Out Big Banks, Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Now Runs Predatory Firm That Exploits the Poor for Profit

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After a lengthy government career defined by his central role in bailing out predatory Wall Street banks as former President Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner appears to have found his true calling in the private sector, where he now heads a predatory financial institution that exploits the economic struggles of poor Americans for profit.


Anybody who is still surprised that Trump is POTUS needs to seek treatment for the denial syndrome afflicting them.

The DNC with Obama as its front man set us up like bowling pins waiting for Trump to knock down.


Wouldn’t be great if Godzilla rose from the ocean!


I never liked Geithner - even back in the days of Obama. In fact, his hiring of Geithner tempered my feelings for Obama and I now see I was right to not drink the kool aide


geithner is only one of the reasons I consider obama a failure. We won’t even talk about how he kissed mcconnels ass for 8 years, was he afraid of him or just didn’t know what to do? Whatever, the end result of that is what we have now. He was never prepared to be president and we are living with the culmination of him and the dnc right this very minute. geithner is but a side effect. As far as I know obama did get his 90 million.


Prior to being appointed to Obama’s cabinet, it was clear the Geither was complicit with banksters’ crashing the economy in 2008.

Obama picking Geithner over Nomi Prins for Treasury Secretary was the last straw. Obama lost what little credibility he had up to that point.


Geitner is not an outlier in the Democratic establishment. He is the rule, not the exception. Everybody, please get a clue. This is why the party goes out of it’s way to crush the fledgling candidacies of young progressives, crushed the Sanders campaign with lies, cheating and dirty tricks, and tells their voters that massively popular things like a living wage for all and single-payer health care are not possible. It is why I left the party for the Green Party, a party where the members set policy, create the platform and run for office without any interference from officials. Yes, we are a weak start-up, but we are the only real chance the people have to make a substitute party of the people that can compete with the entrenched oligarchy. This is an important year for us in many states where our ballot access is at stake. Please come over and join us.


Nah–he would be in prison, there would not be rich and poor, and certainly NO poverty pimps like Geithner.


Why even bring it up? There’s too many more just like him. We continue to turn a blind eye to these meaga crooks and supposed Govt watch dogs that are a joke! We will never see people like him go to prison. We dont care enough. As long as we have our Walmart doughnuts and Taco Bell farters all is well. Getting sick with no health insurance is quite alright as well. A pathetic sick country we have become.


Many of my friends think Obama was a great president. In reality he was another Bush/trump corporate shill who has the gift of making everyone feel good with his fine public speaking voice.


I agree with you except for your rationale on the Green Party. We need a real Independent Party. Stein is not what I call a true leader. She comes out when there’s money to be made.


He was a liar like the rest of them.


Poverty pimps… hope you don’t mind, I’m nabbing that. :wink:


When he lied anout ending the War, I knew we got scammed. Then it got worse!


And his other picks? All Wall St Bailout Banker Thugs. He lied like the rest of them. Oh well, stupid us!


No, we set ourselves up as usual by not physically removing all of them before they got started. And now we have the worst of all… a Dick- tater… who we will allow to continue our extinction event!


Obama was just another corporate-fascist sent to destroy democracy –

He was allegedly educated as to Constitutional law and backed not only FISA which was a
violation of our Constitution, but the many further amendments to it which now permit NSA
to spy on Americans 24/7. Only in America – land of the free, home of the brave???


Although it can be argued that he is more CON than the CONstitutional law expert his brand mad ehim out to be, if Obama was really the constitutional law expert that his brand purported, he used that expertise to utilize the constitution to shift more power to the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


Bush-dark and his ‘me-first’ elected terrorism [“I’m the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks”] is a large part of the reason we are stuck with the trumptard now.


Hopeless and shortchanged by eloquence.