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After Macron Says France Has "Proof" It Was Assad, Lavorv Claims Russia Has "Irrefutable Data" It Was Foreign Intelligence Service


After Macron Says France Has "Proof" It Was Assad, Lavorv Claims Russia Has "Irrefutable Data" It Was Foreign Intelligence Service

Jon Queally, staff writer

A day after French President Manuel Macron claimed that western governments have "proof" that a chemical weapon was used in the Syrian city of Douma last week and that it was deployed by the Syrian government of President Bashar Al-Assad, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday claimed his government possesses "irrefutable data" that the chemical attack was "staged" with the help of a foreign intelligence service.


Warmongers never wait for nor want the truth.


France’s Macron is not going to allow French fries to be renamed Freedom fries again!


It makes zero sense for Assad to use chemical weapons since he has won the war effectively. It just delays the mop up and causes problems for his allies as well as incites his foes. So let’s see - who benefits?..

How about the loony Likudnuts running Israel!! And I do not think that is a conspiracy theory or even a stretch.

No question Assad is a bad leader but so are the many bad and worse leaders the US supports and indeed installed around the world. Honduras anyone?


Could Israel be Cheerleading any more for war?


As if Macron would know jack about what’s going on. The usual gang of jackals, to me, is almost proof of the accusation being a lie. When an entire parade of notorious neoliberals marches out to the microphones one after another, I can almost be certain what’s coming is bullcrap.


If Trump and his French co-conspiritors take the United States to war, We the People must go to war with our own government.

Our children’s futures depend on it.


Russia has provided a ‘way out’, whether true or not is beside the point.

I have learned that the profession of lies is perfected in the political world - and I will not judge whether this is right or wrong - but it is definitely the case.

Thus Macron’s assertions, or Russia’s - mean little to me except in that Russia may just have sensed impending doom just around the proverbial corner.

I have muted my settings here on Common Dreams, as I now consider it mostly a troll farm of left wing populists, no less reprehensible than the neoconservative evangelistas.


This piece of ‘evidence’ is a little dubious:


When it comes to war, it makes no sense to take their word for it. These politicians and intelligence agencies around the world lie too often to take their word for it. In fact, you can make a strong case that lying to the general publics in their countries is their job, just as much as actually collecting intelligence. Like with the war in Iraq, provide evidence that can hold up to scrutiny, and don’t pretend that because a big group of assholes gets up and says the same rough thing that it somehow changes objective reality. Anyone that doesn’t see that this is geopolitics, from all sides, must be new to this. And I am sick to death of these people using the lives of people in other countries as a piece on some chessboard of theirs. Neoliberalism has made all governments far more hierarchical, less democratic and truly accountable to the public. So, we’re in a position where they will make a decision and they will go ahead with their decision, and we’re apparently supposed to just deal with their shitty logic and the aftermath. The media in the US is horrible too, no different qualitatively than Pravda. Maybe worse, since most people in the old USSR knew when propaganda was being fed to them while the propaganda has at least some impact still domestically, although not as much as decades ago. Thank you internet, which those in power want to also ruin. Macron is French for Aznar, in case you didn’t know.


I know, at least Pravda doesn’t masquerade… no fox in sheep’s clothing.

Our suburban brainless matrix feed is really quite distasteful …consistently

Yet such a homey, friendly, bubble headed bleach blond, type of programming feed.


While a team from the UN’s Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has yet to even arrive in Syria

hmm…I wonder what’s taking them so long…?


Not to mention the “bad leaders” that have been running the United States for most of my long life.


Sorry, after what the “coalition” did to Iraq and some of our troops using the lie of “weapons of mass destruction” the coalition member states - US, Great Britain, France - have little credibility left. Their national hands are dripping with the blood of dead Iraqis or for that matter dead Afghanis or dead Libyans and who knows where else. Assad may be culpable and needs to be dealt with but it should be through an international effort that has taken the time to determine the truth and will bring Assad to justice without this childish war mongering.


Thanks for reminding me.


Our American media is much more sophisticated in the was it spills out propaganda and many people think it is a “free press.” It seems a lot like Pravda but for those who don’t look behind the curtain it appears free and open.


France made the same charges of “irrefutable proof” of atrocities committed by Qaddaffi In Libya as they pushed for NATO Intervention in that country. This even as they and the British had persons on the ground training Jihadists with links to Al Qaeda.

That irrefutable proof which even some Human rights groups claiming to be accurate as THEY pushed for intervention was later demonstrated to be falsehoods that was just being made up. This is how these guys work, once they got the dirty deed done it all Mea culpa’s after the fact .

The “Our intelligence caught it wrong” canard is used each and every time.


Will Macron admit the whole mess is the fault of the British and French who after WW1 decided to divy up the ME among themselves. Syria was a French colony as a reward for winning WW1. They couldn’t care less about the indigenous population


Thanks for reminding us of Libya and the French duplicity. Obama greenlighted them then, now Ol’ Croissant MaCron returns the favor. And, Obama campaigned for this toy poodle, as well.
PM May in Britain needs to rally her troops as she hangs by a phoney Orange Irish thread.
Is it time to hang the Queen, yet? Maybe after the wedding then?


I can’t remember if it was Wilson or Lloyd George but I’ll never forget the quote itself:

“Syria is useless… give it to the French.”