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After Massacre in El Paso, Experts and Lawmakers Say Time to Call Racist Shooting What It Was: 'Trump-Inspired Terrorism'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/after-massacre-el-paso-experts-and-lawmakers-say-time-call-racist-shooting-what-it

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"[T]he president poses a clear and present danger to the people, and especially the minorities, of the United States."

Aside from Trump Inc.’ supporters, does anyone still doubt this?


First Trump and McConnell then every corporate stooge wherever they hide.


Hate baiting and white-splaining creates violence


Emergency Petition mounted by CREDO
Tell Mitch McConnell: Stop blocking gun control

"Our country’s gun violence epidemic demands action. Call the Senate back from recess to vote on H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, and H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act."

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It’s just like when Reagan told us all the gay people were evil.


And trump has the balls to blame the fake news media for the latest shootings, this collosal asshole is getting more deluded and dangerous every day. Many more people are going to die because this turd thinks he can say whatever he wants, and the media let’s him run his mouth day in day out, spewing unending lies, racism, bigotry, stupidity, out and out bull shit, and he thinks he is entertaining, not only does the emperor have no clothes, he is a stark raving lunatic. Time to lock him up. He is dangerous in the extreme.


Interesting that while Trump has publicly denounced racism and white supremacy, albeit hypocritically, when referring to the shooting in Texas, the Democrat’s presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, has refused to publicly acknowledge the racist nature of the shooting.


It’s time to make it acceptable to have the conversation about repealing the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. It will probably not happen in the lifetime of anyone reading this, but it needs to be mentioned often enough that it ceases to be a taboo topic that gets shouted down by the gun-nuts.


We shall reap what we sow!
Because of the stupidity and political greed of the “other” major political party we are now burdened with the dumbest, ignorant, racial hatred president in our history. He is now trying to blame “others” for his racist, hatred spewing, anti-immigrant, white-supremacy diatribes. Until our nation opens up it’s political system to newer and better ideas we will slowly slip into the abyss.


Trump is the MONSTER! So a crack down in the CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE------Trump and the right wing nut cases whispering in his ear are telling him to go after the Internet---------And the solution to killing is to do more killing???

The real solution is to have healthcare centers in every neighborhood-----and these centers would deal with mental health without all the pill pushing.

The US media need to report what the US military is doing around the world on a daily basis-----if the US is dropping bombs anywhere it needs to be reported!!!



Mehdi Hasan continues:

Trump is nothing less than a threat to our collective security. More and more commentators now refer, for example, to the phenomenon of “stochastic terrorism” — originally defined by an anonymous blogger back in 2011 as “the use of mass communications to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable .”

After El Paso, We Can No Longer Ignore Trump’s Role in Inspiring Mass Shootings


Frankly the whole d**n Constitution needs to be re-written/updated for the 21st century.


Trump to journalists:‘There is no place for hatred in Amerika.’
The irony, the bigotry, the arrogance! Donald needs to be in a padded cell. He’s criminally insane.


The Trump Base

  1. Those who openly applaud the El Paso killer and will follow his example
  2. Those who openly applaud the El Paso killer
  3. Those who silently applaud the El Paso killer and will follow his example
  4. Those who silently applaud the El Paso killer
  5. Those who openly support the El Paso killer’s idea, but not the killing
  6. Those who openly denounce the El Paso killer but silently applaud him

Trump fits nicely into No. 6.


We need to do something about all those ‘complicit’ members of congress that aid and abet him in his endangerment of the country.


If the federal government makes the white supremacist mass murders the same category as ISIS it would give them great power to monitor them in the US. Many police are sympathetic to white supremacy as are ICE and Border Patrol. It could also make them aware they are being monitored. Clearly the US has suffered more over decades from violence from white supremacy groups than we have from ISIS. It might also slow down Trump’s use of white supremacy to get re-elected.


And Pelosi and Feinstein can be the poster children, along with the 135 or more alleged Democrats that regularly vote with the fascists to make sure the alleged “Republickans” get their way, and our money, along with the blood of innocents spilled in the name of hate.


There was a conversation on CD here last year about a possible Constitutional Convention to repeal the Second Amendment. The problem with that remedy is that there has only been one such convention in our history - in 1787 - and it’s original purpose was to REFORM the Articles of Confederation, and they ended up tossing out (rightfully) the whole thing and writing our current constitution. Based on what our current constitution says, there would be no limits on what a convention could change, and many of us fear the far-right getting control of such a convention and either restricting or doing away with many, if not most, of our core rights, not improving them. This is especially troubling in view of our current slide towards more authoritarianism and less transparency in our government at all levels. So, I reject the idea of a general convention to rewrite the whole thing in the current climate, but we do need to pursue several amendments to correct discriminatory and outdated parts of it.


The WP just posted this comment of mine — now it’s time for the “Times”:

Please save me from again hearing all of the incredibly, inexorably, and inchoately stupid ‘talking-head’, ‘bubble-head’, and ‘anchor-head’ TV announcers saying:

”We don’t know what the motive is, yet.”

WhyTF do any of us want to know WTF the motive is???

What ‘we the American people’ really want to know is only WTF the ‘Means of this slaughter is’ — which we already know — its the massive number of all these GUNS, GUNS, GUNS … FOREVER KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS, KIDS, GRAND-KIDS, BROTHERS, SISTERS, and most directly all the blood-sucking corporate executives of all the small arms weapons makers, all the much bigger and 1000 times more profitable multi-billion dollar monstrous weapons of war corporations, who hide behind the facade of being called the Defense Industry but are funding the NRA, and should really be exposed as what Bertrand Russell called the “Merchants of Death”.

These damn indirect money makers on domestic and global deaths make their fortunes by selling products that make money ONLY BY DUMPING ‘NEGATIVE EXTERNALITY COSTS’ on all of US, ‘We citizen/‘subjects’ of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE.

As the brave “Washington Post” prints every day of the year on its front-page, mast-head banner, “Democracy Dies In Darkness” — to which I would only add “Under EMPIRE” — and also that “We can’t be an EMPIRE”, and finally that ‘we the American people’ must:



But what do you do about all his supporters? They aren’t going anywhere or changing their world view soon.This country is circling the drain.

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