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After Miller’s Mega-Lies, Time to Rev Back Up the Reality Based Community


After Miller’s Mega-Lies, Time to Rev Back Up the Reality Based Community

Juan Cole

Stephen Miller, a snot-nosed kid with a bad attitude, advertised as White House senior policy adviser, delivered himself of some stern jeremiads on Sunday on Meet the Press, along with many Big Lies of which Josef Goebbels would be jealous.


"Empire" is nothing more that the hangover delivering the invitation to a toga party and claiming that its a seat in a time machine. A delusion from start to finish by a lineup of robots in a snake oil show dressed up like the rockettes.


Gotta love Juan Cole's turn of phrase, along with his analysis here. The one war I would love to see is one between Cole and Trump, fought on the field of Twitter.


Miller should be first in line, at the guillotines.


Thank you Juan, this is a great piece.

Here are two recent quotes that I think are helpful in understanding the current chaos:

"I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today's establishment."
Steve Bannon, quoted by The Daily Beast in 2013.

"Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power."
Steve Bannon, quoted by the Hollywood Reporter, just after Trump won the election.

The Trump administration is guided by anger that has morphed into nihilism. It has to be resisted at every turn.


Oh, Juan, this has got to be one of your best pieces! From the scholarly to the sublime--we see how fired up you are. Tell it like it is, kid--whooeee! Love it. Thanks. Made me feel better this morning to read some well written pissed-off outrage.


Blah! Blah! Blah! Why doesn’t the administration ever mention the HUMAN TRAFFICKING the goes on in our home land? With all the data mining of the National Security Agency we cannot even identify human traffickers. HUMAN TRAFFICKERS are bigger than drug trafficking, and weapons trafficking. HUMAN TRAFFICKERS is trafficking in child prostitution, cheap child labor, and human body part. Where are our priorities? If this administration is going to make us safe again, I would like to hear how they are addressing HUMAN TRAFFICKING.


Professor Cole (as usual) delivers big-time with this great piece! Out of the park Professor! Bravo!

I am constantly astonished how these GOP people form their world views - it just boggles the mind. "What is it about today’s Republican Party that drives it into the arms of high-end hucksters and confidence men? Maybe it’s the cognitive dissonance of being a servant to the .01% but pretending to want to help average folks."

The smarmy scripted performance by Stephen (The Weasel) Miller (ex-communications director for Alabama senator Jeff Sessions - and press secretary to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann - another GOP idiot) - an ex hall-monitor dung-head in defense of the regime and policies of the ginger pig was a headache-producing constant stream of fantasy or fascist blather.....was he constantly looking at a script board or prompter during his performances? Guess they have figured out that having mindless idiots like Ms Conway blather-out whatever stupidity or lie comes to her lips is not helpful......next the arrogant & combative shag-head Sean Spicer will be using a prompter......... what an SNL skit is surely coming!


Thank you Emphyrio for the background info on Stephen Miller. Trump has an uncanny instinct
for ferreting out the lowliest dirtbags to join his demolition derby.


Yes, this is one mean robot.


"modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom" Bruce Cockburn



Thanx for that, made me cry........he's always good therapy, every phkn time.....and always brings home some reality. Have a Great Day Old Goat.