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After Mitch McConnell’s Coup: Democratizing the Court, Democratizing America


After Mitch McConnell’s Coup: Democratizing the Court, Democratizing America

John Buell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell treats the exercise of the democratic right peacefully to assemble as mob rule. This exercise in democratic liberty that McConnell abhors has been necessitated because our democracy is seriously flawed—thanks in part to the anti-democratic coups McConnell’s party and its allies have orchestrated.


The Supreme Court, though still the most respected of our institutions … The Court has inordinate power now, but we have chosen to give/allow that power.

While I certainly agree that the Supreme Court has inordinate power, this is nothing new. As the least democratic branch of government, it’s always had inordinate power and has never been in the least apolitical. That is a fairy tale we learned as youngsters in civics class.

The polls may say that SCOTUS is the most respected of our institutions, but the only respect I’ve had for it is just how dangerous and undemocratic an institution it is.

Mostly, though, Buell’s playing the “we the people guilt card” rankles me no end. Instead of shoveling that ever weary horse shit, he should be reminding everyone just how undemocratic the Court is and offering help on how to abolish it or at least defang it and NOT on advice on how to make it more status quo friendly by working fruitlessly through our obscenely corrupt duopoly. As a voter, I have even less to say about who sits in our courts as I do on our bloodthirsty foreign policy. Give me a break.


I, too, have thought that packing the court would be a solution to the crap the GOP has been pulling lately. While ignoring the “blue card” tradition is bad, what seems to get forgotten was how McConnell has also changed the requirement of 60 Senate votes to approve a judge onto the Supreme Court to a simple majority. Ironically, I recently read where that sell-out Chuck Schumer is considering doing the opposite thing, i.e. restoring the 60 vote-requirement should the Democrats regain the majority. I simply don’t understand how that would advance the interests of liberals as it would give the Republicans a say in who should be on the court if the Democrats where the majority…I mean, WTF??? Why on earth would a Democrat allow that when the GOP has done what they did to ensure that they could cut out any Democratic input to the process while they held the majority? What is wrong with Schumer? He has simply got to go! WE NEED PROGRESSIVES to take over the Democratic party as the Old Guard are part of the problem. I, for one, will never again vote for a neoliberal Democrat. If the DNC insists in eliminating true competition for our representation in elections, I’ll vote 3rd party. If our nation is to go to hell in a handbasket, I’d rather it have a GOPer leading the charge and not someone for whom I voted.