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After Months of Defending Trump's Immigration Policies, Kirstjen Nielsen Out as Homeland Security Secretary


After Months of Defending Trump's Immigration Policies, Kirstjen Nielsen Out as Homeland Security Secretary

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a pair of tweets Sunday evening, President Donald Trump confirmed rumors that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen—who has spent more than a year defending the administration's widely condemned immigration policies—is leaving her position.

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I guess she felt she stayed long enough to now get a 7 figure job on some board of directors, or as a lobbyist.



Imagine what it might be like if BULLSHIT wasn’t the official language of the U.S. of D.C.?



Kevin McAleenan? What? Josef Mengele wasn’t available?



Advise and Consent?

I advise everyone of the Swamp Creatures in this Trump Administration to find the tallest bridge nearest to them, hike to the center, and jump over the edge. No parachutes.

Their consent would be a huge contribution to maintaining honesty and integrity in the human gene pool.






I understand he’s heading up the team crafting Chump’s ‘beautiful’ future health care plan.



A health plan that includes hospitals with showers connected to gas lines ?

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With references from DJT, I am sure Satan will have have the right position for her.



Yeah. It’ll be a gas.

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I’d be willing to outfit them with those flying squirrel-like glide suits–but no training. And no parachutes. It might last longer that way.

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Bye bye Felicia. Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way to Hell, or jail.



Where Washington’s revolving door deposits her will probably be revealing of who the primary profiteers behind the child abduction centers are.

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Enjoy your retirement. Maybe watch a few old movies? I hear “Judgement at Nuremberg” is good one. But you may prefer “Sophie’s Choice.”



I tend to think the allusion might be closer to that of a ‘scab’ labor operation by a ‘businessman’. Drumph is all about having lawyers dig into the peripheral interfaces to find loopholes for scamming the letter of the business/rules/law. Governance appears to be regarded as a cost to be “externalized”.

In a health allusion its as though lack of governance is dealt with as an open wound. Another scab just got scraped off into the recycling bin (revolving door). Or addressing disease by ‘bleeding’ the patient with sucker parasites, I mean leeches. In either case, the patient (grass roots everyday communities) will either rally, educate and nurture our immune systems - or …



Trump: Thank you for your service. I know you kept all the private concentration camps full and created horror among families. I especially like the part where kids disappear forever. BUT you let a few get away and that looks bad to my moron base. Don’t have time to talk any more. I’m busy persuading our European Lackeys to continue sanctions on Iranians for ‘human rights violations’.

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“History” might be a specific judge’s name at the Hague. It violated conventions ratified by our Senate when kids were knowingly and deliberately kept in cold rooms, known as ICE boxes, in order to torture their families, and at least two of the kids died from exposure because kids are weaker than adults.



I could see pain and conflict in her face this whole time. Being loyal to the party line can be disgusting in the republican party. If this were a man, I believe he wouldn’t be quitting. Women still wear some compassion on their sleeves…
If she is a woman of faith I hope she is, or has been praying for those who she has affected.



Or the Blonde Bimbo Brigade at Clusterfox.



I almost feel sorry for Ms Nielsen. She had a Sadistic Boss who kept demanding that she break the law and treat legitimate Asylum seekers like Criminals.

Taking away babies from their Mothers was her bosses idea, but when the situation became so radical and so barbaric she should have resigned in protest to bring attention to that inhumane policy.

I am sure her replacement will be the type of Prison Warden that will treat our Central American neighbors with dignity and respect.

Right. We can all be sure that the new Torquemada will run his department like Abu Ghraib and disregard the laws protecting Asylum seekers. Trump is the new Sheriff in town and he don’t need no stinking laws.

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