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After Mueller Report, Progressives Say 'Begin Impeachment Hearings Now'

After Mueller Report, Progressives Say 'Begin Impeachment Hearings Now'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 400-page report detailed numerous instances in which President Donald Trump may have attempted to obstruct justice, progressive lawmakers and advocacy groups on Thursday made the case that it is the duty of Congress to begin impeachment proceedings.

The “Progressives” want to talk about top quality health care plans, the environment collapse, college rip offs, equity, tax loop holes that enrich the rich, safe roads and bridges,…

The “Progressives” of this article are the “Re-Elect Trump Committee”. They would much rather have Trump than the list above that requires their financial masters paying fair taxes and give up a few million in take home usury loot each year. Impeachment is a distraction and a campaign strategy without committing to any progressive issues…a neoliberal status quo.


Actually, not impeaching reaffirms the status quo, and is a huge dereliction of Congress’ constitutional duty to impeach a clearly unfit President. The Mueller Report is highly damning, detailing many crimes that could and would have been charged if he were not the sitting pres (and therefore can’t be indicted under DOJ policy). So instead Mueller says Congress can and should investigate. If they then impeach him, THEN he can be indicted (and should be).

The other thing is that Repukes constantly investigated Hillary Clinton over Benghazi just to drive down her poll numbers, and it worked. That was over absolutely nothing, but this is over conspiracy with massive Russian hacking and social media resources to rip our country apart politically, explicitly helping Trump and trashing Hillary, and IT WORKED. Trump’s tiny margin of victory-- just 77,000 votes out of 13 million, spread out over 3 states proved that just about ANYTHING being different would have changed the outcome. Certainly the absence of all that political help from Russia would have doomed him, as would his inability to illegally cover up his two affairs with a porn star and Playmate while his wife was pregnant, then nursing a newborn.

Dems took control of the House because we wanted him to be held accountable since Repukes were doing nothing.
Now Dems must do their duty and impeach his ass. Even if it’s not successfull in the Senate it will hurt him politically and hurt the 22 Senate Rethuglicons that have to face re-election next year. If they vote “no” they’re much more likely to lose re-election. Then we flip the Senate, take both houses and the White House and finally accomplish all those good things you wrote about (but I agree the fatcat Dems MUST pony up and pay more taxes when Dems reverse the TrumpTaxScamGiveaway passed w only Repub votes). Until then Mitch the Male Witch McConnell will defeat all attempts at progress, cause he answers only to the Koch brothers bribery network.


What are you talking about? May I have some of whatever it is you’re smoking? Doing their Constitutional duty is a distraction? What? Can they not do many things at one time? Is that not their job?


Yes, this is another attempt by the establishment DuNC/RuNt Cabal to distract from the actual crimes and critical issues. Russia Russia Russia collusion was as transparently foolish as Benghazi, Birtherism, WMDs, etc… FIRST: find something clearly illegal THEN impeach; otherwise it’s just playing a losers game. The example of Russian collusion, actually HELPS tRump and showed the Dems over-reaching and failing.

My theory: DunC/RuNt Cabal pushes red-meat nonsense to distract and excite the public into believing and supporting that the right-wing and far right-wing represent the left and right of the USA.

I was once fooled into enthusiastically supporting Billary when he was impeached for sexual misconduct; never again!


Fortunately the whole nation is hosting impeachment hearings.

If Nancy Pelosi, Steney Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Mark Meadows, et. al., prefer to excuse themselves from these deliberations, so be it.

And let us immediately take every one of them who demonstrates with what they say or what they do not say that Congress has no Constitutional Duty to host these deliberations, fine! Thank you for your honesty!

Right now, each and every one of you, please take your incompetent self off the public payrolls! NOW!!


No! You may not destroy your imagination merely because s/he destroyed their own! Look what that did to the very stable geniuses imposing both major US Political Parties upon the nation and the world!

The standards for a crime and the standards for impeachment are completely different!


sorry walter, your comment is confusing


Read the first 200 pages of the Mueller report. It’s about all the different ways Trump and his campaign actively conspired w Russia to steal the election. New stuff includes fact that Manafort was conspiring w his longtime henchman Konstantin Klimnick for MONTHS, sharing his plan to flip 4 Midwestern states (he got three) and sharing highly detailed internal polling data over and over w Klimnick, who promptly took it to Russia military intelligence to implement their extensive social media propaganda campaign. This is treasonous stuff.


Impeachment is a political not a legal process. Remember Bill Clinton was impeached for what in any rational society would be considered a totally private matter. And wake up to the reality that the GOP has effective control of all branches of government. It ain’t’ gonna happen. And maybe more importantly, an impeachment attempt doomed to fail will help Trump, not weaken him. And then we’d get Pence, a right wing Christian supremacist - that’s better? A far better strategy would be to find ways to oppose and stop Trump and the GOP’s policies.


You mean like stopping multiple wars they had a constitutional duty to declare or not declare… and they continue sitting on their thumbs while Trump’s war machine rolls onward…genociding Yemeni children, Palestinian children and giggling about their success of starving Venezuelan children. Yeah, I agree with you, they should be carrying out their ‘Constitutional Duty’.


If Democrats take the pragmatic, triangulated, Lazy, Cowards way out of this, They will be as guilty as the Republicans covering for Caligula:

  • Dereliction of Constitutional duty,
  • negligence,
  • accessory after the fact,
  • Conspiracy,

Can you Say RICO ?
Sure you can.

Leaving a criminal in the Oval office as a political calculation is at least Dereliction of Constitutional duty,


Bill Clinton was actually impeached for lying under oath and conspiring with others to do the same:

“…willfully provided perjuries, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury,” and made “…corrupt efforts to influence the testimony of witnesses and to impede the discovery of evidence.”

Basically, obstruction of justice by another name. Trump, on the other hand, wisely avoided testifying face-to-face.

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Yes and that is part of the problem. Impeachment has no effect if it is not followed up by removal. Billary was impeached and ???

Are you familiar with the MO of the establishment corrupt? They are charged by a cooperative establishment prosecutor with a crime that they did NOT do (not the crime committed) and when found innocent of that false charge, they are on the front-page declaring “NOT GUILTY”. Don’t be suckered into helping tRump.

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OK Dems, it’s time to dust off your gavel, practice your best scowl, think up some better questions than you’ve been using in the past, AND IMPEACH THE MOFO!

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What crime has been proven? Allegations (especially from a staunch Republican) are not the path … unless proven. Charge and convict him with an actual crime FIRST. Otherwise, we will see him on TV and Twit declaring “Innocent!” again.

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And was Clinton removed from office? No!


Another continuation of a disproven conspiracy theory? Charge and convict tRump of an actual crime FIRST.

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What? You mean ACTUALLY READ the Report First

Why would one take the time to do one’s CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY AS A CITIZEN

It is so much more “personally gratifying” to spew mindless preconceived babble

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