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After Nearly 10,000 Arrested During Week of Protest, Three Other Police Officers Finally Charged for Murder of George Floyd

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/after-nearly-10000-arrested-during-week-protest-three-other-police-officers-finally


This was my response in this forum eight days ago with which quite a lot of you agreed: “Fire every cop present at the scene now. No exceptions. No one tried to stop this crime. Then prosecute them.” Immediate action along these lines would have prevented much pain in this nation. The thin blue line needs to be erased forever along with injustices all too pervasive in this country and this world.


This a direct result of the protests. Initially these officers were not going to be charged at all. Once the protests started the DA laid charges against That first cop. As I linked to that other day that prosecutor loaded his statement with all manner of ambiguities and even stated openly that there was evidence that suggested the officer did nothing wrong. In other words the fix was in to let that cop walk.

This just led to more anger and more protests so the case assigned to Ellison while Freeman dropped.

Mass protests are the only way to force these people to act. You can not expect them to do the right thing.


Finally! And will they too be charged with murder as accomplices? They should be, they did nothing to stop it from happening.


It does not end here.


Typical of the double standard of American law enforcement. If a group of four black kids would stop at a convenience store, one of them go in, rob it, and shoot the cashier dead, the three other kids in the car would all be charged with first degree murder.
Guilt by association had been used against African Americans for years. Most recently against Muslims and Hispanics. It would be nice to think the arrest of these three other officers would represent a shift in law enforcement thinking, but I believe rather cynically that they are being used as a sacrifice in order to try and quell the masses. Hopefully, the protesters don’t fall for it.


Obeying the law, all laws, should be a requirement for every law enforcement officer. Breaking any law, no matter how sleight, should mean immediate dismissal, blacklisting, and full prosecution for the offender. Knowing and obeying every law, without exception, is fundamental to the position, far more so than for the citizenry. This is particularly true for breaking constitutional laws, like the bill of rights. Judges, legislators, executives, intelligence operatives, military personnel, also should have to toe the line. This is not because of some sort of higher standard, but due to the fact they hold citizens accountable for lawlessness, they must lead by example or face the consequences.


May they all be found guilty and go to jail. In the meantime may the peaceful protests continue. May it evolve into massive general strikes and boycotts of the corporations who own and control the political system. And may the looting stop, no matter who is behind it. By the way, I had a thought for stopping the looting. Instead of the stormtroopers forming lines against the peaceful protestors, why don’t they in pairs stand in front of actual store fronts to protect them against looters. Such a simple method. So simple one might think they want looting to happen so they can impose more measures against the citizenry.


And we can’t forget - no one has been convicted yet.


Let it be so…

You know the human rights movement was not unlike the current situation, even the labor movement. Labor strikes included picketers carrying shotguns and chains, and won as a result the right to collective bargaining, overtime, pensions, the 40 hour workweek, sick leave, vacations, workplace safety, and medical care. No shotguns, no labor rights. The same is true for the female vote, the black vote, for abolition of slavery, for any other right you can think of. Our government has always stood between us and justice, it is only due to force that we ever had any freedom or justice at all.


Finally, an Attorney General that believes in justice.


Uh-oh. That’s a terribly weak, non-dominant precedent for the police-state to set: actually acceding to the people’s most modest demands for immediate prosecution of the murderous police – after the first week of rebellion. What if it turns out people aren’t happy, and keep insisting on defunding, disarming, and abolishing the police (after all, what the hell else is there to do)?

They couldn’t allow that to unfold. Who would discipline and dominate us?


Grateful for the attorneys general who have been fighting the good fight – trying to keep healthcare for the people, trying to protect the planet. And yes, Ellison is one of these.


I’m not sure that is his motivation. Maybe he is just passing out pacifiers to shut the protesters up for a while? Something like a parent might do to deal with a child throwing a temper tantrum? Offer a treat if he shuts up?

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If you are calling for an end to this unrest… but you are not calling for the end to the conditions that created the unrest, you are a hypocrite," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


About damn time! The three others are as guilty as the actual depraved killer; they covered for him, guarded him, knelt on George Floyd’s back - did nothing to stop or mitigate the capital crime being committed; they aided it and became quintessential accomplices all as guilty of the crime as the person who used his knee to kill George Floyd - an innocent man!!

Now the smarmy weasel defense lawyers will weave their lies and deceit; the police union will propagandize and rally their troops to try to thwart and evade justice and that must not be tolerated!
The evidence is as clear as the video of a man pleading for his breath and life and no amount of trick manipulations or lies can change that stark and vicious reality - all are as guilty of capital murder as the one!

If police want to gain some modicum of respect they must weed-out the violent sadist cops, the incompetent liars, the racists and bully’s - they must become a force for justice and smash the Blue Wall of Silence that protects such scum in their midst from justice - they must judge their fellows as peers of conscience and truth, or forever bear the stigma and guilt by association as accomplices to all that was past and will follow!
They must be central to cleaning their own house, beginning with ousting the racist police union chief, Bob Kroll! Either change utterly or pay the price!



Keith Ellison has always seemed for-real to me. One of the human beings – inexplicably involved in politics. Maybe I missed the episode where he turned out to be pond-scum like the rest of 'em. Keeping an open mind at this point. Authentic conscience in USAmerican politics might or might not be within the realm of possibility. There’s been a long morality drought.


Were that it was that easy…sigh.

Yeah no convictions yet, and also… what on earth is 3rd degree murder? Ive seen convictions of 2nd degree murder walk with only 6 years time served, what is the penalty for 3rd a $20.00 fine?