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After Netanyahu's Speech, What's Next?


After Netanyahu's Speech, What's Next?

Rebecca Vilkomerson

Almost two weeks have passed since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intensely controversial address to Congress, but the dust has not yet settled. The response to the speech is a reflection of growing resentment toward Israeli policies and the power of its lobby in the U.S., but it is also clear that there is a long way to go before the substance of Israel's policies toward Palestinians and belligerent stance toward Iran are meaningfully debated in Congress.


Whether they are able to enforce this level of discipline on the large numbers of members of Congress who skipped the speech will be an indicator of how deeply the political currents have actually shifted.

That is the question indeed.

If AIPAC is unable to unseat a majority of those who stiffed the Hitler of the Mideast then the next snub will be larger.



The fact that there was a huge demonstration against Netanyahu and his continued policies towards the Palestinians on the part of thousands of Israeli Jews indicates that there may well be a change coming, hopefully. Many, if not most Israeli Jews want a change in their government, and support the idea of Israel withdrawing from West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, evacuating their troops and their right-wing Jewish settlers, and the creation of an independent, sovereign Palestinian nation-state alongside the Jewish-majority State of Israel that is comprised of West Bank and Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as the Capitol of the nascent independent, sovereign Palestinian nation-state.


Congress has proven Obama to be irrelevant to American policies. They will become even stronger until in 2016, they own all three branches of the government. Kiss the ACA goodbye, and social security and medicare, etc. with it. Once the republicans take over, the democrats will never have a majority again. They had their chances, but they sat back and did nothing except stuff their pockets and thumb their noses at the taxpayers. Their party is now dead.