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After New Trump Demand for $25 Billion Wall, Lawmaker Says Cheaper to Just Build a Giant Statue of a Middle Finger Aimed at Latin America Instead

After New Trump Demand for $25 Billion Wall, Lawmaker Says Cheaper to Just Build a Giant Statue of a Middle Finger Aimed at Latin America Instead

Jon Queally, staff writer
Following an immigration deal put forth by the Trump administration late Thursday—one which demands $25 billion for a wall and another $5 billion for increased militarization of the border—progressives said the proposal was "dead on arrival," nothing but a "racist ransom note," and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) suggested it would be "far cheaper to erect a 50-foot concrete statue of a middle finger and point it towards Latin America."

Does anyone have any toilet paper? I’m stuck in this shithole and can’t get clean.

A clean DACA bill…no wall…Medicare for all. Spend less money and have a happier, healthier country.


So, first a $1.5 Trillion tax cut primarily benefiting the wealthiest and predatory corporations, banks, big-pharma, et al, is pushed by trump & co and the R’Con co-conspirators, and now, after reducing public resources via those tax cuts for those most able to afford taxes, trump wants (as a first demand) $30 Billion that will be secured from those least able to afford them, for a wall & “border security” - that’s $30 Billion that can also be seen/written as $30,000 Million! Thirty thousand Million!

If that equation - a 1.5 Trillion tax advantage for the wealthiest 1% and a $30,000 Million demand from taxpayers for an obscene racist boondoggle seems mental and criminal, it should, because it is!

All the critical civilian needs America could use to great advantage - health care, education, environmental protections, homelessness, senior issues, and all the other things that REALLY make a nation “great” this shitehead psychopath idiot wants to waste funds, and holds DACA Dreamers and much more hostage to feed his mental illness. WTF!?

The MO of a shallow uneducated person who lives in multiple garish gold-plated “shitholes” in NY, Fla & elsewhere, while millions just struggle to survive (or rebuild lives/communities after hurricanes!) and give their children a better future!


First, $25 billion for a wall is such a UUUGGGE waste of money that could be used in so many far more productive ways.

But gotta balance that budget. So what are Repubs WILLING TO CUT to the wall?

How about money to private prisons?

How about subsidies to fossil fuel companies?

How about arms to Saudis who use them to murder Yemenis?


And by the way, if anyone really thinks trump & co (you know the very fine people trump admires) will offer a “conditional pathway to citizenship” that actually bears any relationship to a humanitarian effort or reality, they really need to reappraise their own mental stability and clarity. Understanding “trump-speak” - trump lives in, and speaks in a Bizarro World/language based on dedication to obscene wealth and predatory profits above all else, communicated in a 9th grade (at best) vocabulary, usually spoken twice, and utterly distorted reality. His “vision” as prez, is especially distorted in his genetic inability to see or help people/families of modest means, or at risk, to just live and enjoy even a basic standard of living, health care, education, safe environment, and sustainable future !

I personally think that it would be much more economical and quick, to hire a very experienced surgeon(wink-wink) to remove all of the hemorrhoids currently causing us pain.

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The US military has much capability to send drones to kill terrorists from 5,000 miles away and take pictures of it while it is happening which we generally don’t see because of the innocent collateral damage i.e. killing of women and children. NASA has filmed Mars and the Moon which we see pictures of.

Why are we even talking about building a concrete wall which will de-stablize wildlife and the environment.

Looney Tunes!


And then do the same thing by replacing the torch on the Statue of Liberty!

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Guess the Mexicans aren’t going to be paying for your wall.

You probably believed Trump when he promised that. Heh, heh.

And you believed he’d save the coal industry too. Heh, heh.

WTF do we need a wall for? What we need to do is get rid of our borders, both of them and become North Americans. All of us. Don’t Fence Me In.


What the US should have been doing, for decades, was working at improving living conditions in Mexico–with an attempt to make it more like Canada. Our “leaders” have been too STUPID to recognize the wisdom of doing so!

Also, most Mexicans who have come into this country have done so OTHER THAN by crossing our border with Mexico. Trump’s lack of recognition of this fact shows what a BONEHEAD he is!

I am sure Canada will welcome all the people who would flock to their country.

With global warming and climate change people will be trying to get to the middle between the poles and the equator. Alaska and Canada are melting and the equator is getting too damn hot for humans. Are you going to build 2 walls then?

How about a few hundred hand statues with a spring loaded middle finger that will stand at attention and stand at attention every time Trump walks by.accompanied by a loud “BOING!” sound?

I think America needs to adopt the new craze in Mexico, Trump Pinatas ( a Trump dummy made out of molded paper that can be smacked around and beaten to shreds with a bat).


The number of people being deported to Latin America dropped by 6% in 2017 than the year before. There were 277,000 deported and 1000 a day are arrested at the border. The reason for the decrease is that fewer people are entering the U.S. illegally. Arrests by ICE has increased and more deportations result immigration hearings. There are much better ways to deal with this. The U.S. should live up to their promise to Dreamers and immigrants should use a legal process for immigration.

$4 Billion became 10, then 18, then 20, now $25 Billion. Tomorrow it may climb to $50 Billion.

The requested total apparently includes funding for Donald’s sculpted likeness to be incorporated into the wall – along with the Trump logo in ten-foot, gold-plated letters – every five miles.

After all, the pharaohs had their pyramids, and so Trump demands to have his wall built … no matter the cost or who pays for it.