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After NH Trouncing, Clinton's Delegate Haul Exposes Rigged Electoral System

After NH Trouncing, Clinton's Delegate Haul Exposes Rigged Electoral System

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The electoral process is just as "rigged" as the economy, Bernie Sanders supporters are charging after it was reported that, despite his double-digit trouncing of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, he may walk away with the same number of delegates as the establishment favorite.

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Don’t worry…
“Jeb! can fix it”


Hillary won’t be get away with a “technical” nomination that goes against the popular results no matter how tightly she’s lined up the insiders. If she wants the nomination, she has to win it on the stump.

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Call it what it is: The Democratic (sic) Party.


I hope you’re right but we don’t have the same media we did in 68’, as you implied, and we don’t have a population nearly as willing to protest… as we did in 68. Everyone’s afraid to end up on a no fly list or worse.


Holy, I won’t be sitting it out. I’ll be voting for Bernie in my states primary and the green party candidate in the general election. Regardless of whether he wins or loses.

I don’t live in a swing state so I won’t affect the electoral totals.

The only way my vote might change is if Bernie runs as a third party candidate. Then I might vote for him over Stein.


This is exactly what I have been saying for a long time and many have thought I was being pejorative to Bernie when it was the corruption of the Democratic party that concerned me the most.

Wait for it! Rotten Hilliary or Joe Mastercard could get the Democratic nomination for POTUS even if Bernie gets the majority of the primary votes because of the corrupt delegates.

And this is the political canard to justify their corruption: BERNIE IS UNELECTABLE!


Democracy is the solution. Elitism is the cancer.


Hedges and west might comment on the injustice occurring but I wouldn’t expect them to jump on the Bernie bandwagon…

Yes some people are still willing to protest but not enough to make Nixon worry that they’ll break down the gates… and the establishment is more prepared for them… and the media barely covers them. Without the media protests aren’t nearly as meaningful.


Look into the backgrounds of the “super-delegates” in your state.

In my state, there are two, and both are proud defenders of TPP, the entitlement program that empowers corporations.

You see how this works?

ADDENDUM: List of super-delegates in all states.


" It turns out, the (corrupt ) Democratic party decides its nominee in a massively undemocratic way.

In other words, it could make the primary elections meaningless."
Trevor Timm.

Very true! Progressives need a plan right now to make sure that does not happen. For far too long, the Presidents of the US have been selected, not elected and it is way past time to put a stop to this dog and pony show for the sheeple. This time we have a dog in the show and Bernie is it!


Maybe they should change their names to the super sell out delegates!


Another name change could be the PRESIDENT TRUMP ENABLERS. A Clinton nomination will be the happiest day of Trump’s life. He knows he can win against her with both hands tied behind his back. Not to say that it will be easy for Bernie to beat Trump, but at there is at least a good chance.


Walk out of the convention if the Super Delegates determine the outcome.


Well if the oligarchs can’t have Hillary do you think they’d want Bernie or trump…

I rest my case.

Our electoral process is utterly corrupt and Hillary Clinton is part and parcel of this corruption.


We’ve all waited too long. Too long about a lot of things! We’ve waited (and are still waiting) on climate change. We’ve waited to protest the tax cuts for the rich, the Total Information Awareness/data mining/intel community substitute for a free society, we’ve waited to protest secret no fly lists, we’ve waited (and watched) as an elite class - the 1% - has made a move on taking away our democracy… TPP anyone? Unelected Emergency Managers with dictatorial powers?

Super delegates are relatively new actually… and we are shocked to see all those things that we have refused to look at before now.

We knew what these things amounted to - what they were and what they would really mean for our democracy … and we waited preferring to do nothing and hoped that they weren’t what we knew they were.

Now we look around and are so shocked that our fellow countrymen would rob everyone of their democracy. How could they? We ask over and over. How could they do this? Don’t they believe in freedom too?

Sure they do … for themselves but not for you. Guess what? Traitors betray their own >>> for the money.

They do it for the money… and to not be like one of us. Does the 1% believe in freedom?

They do… but not for you.


My bad. Color me shocked.

Well, we were just talking about this yesterday on another post. The change came after the 1968 election when Humphrey got the Democratic nomination in spite of not running in any primaries. The electorate, or “unwashed peons” if you are an insider, raised hell and had the rules changed to a direct primary system by popular vote.

This worked fine until around 1982 when the the insiders said “wait a damn minute! We lost our control of the nomination!”, and came up with the superdelegate idea. They have added to the number four times since, and they now can determine a primary’s outcome again.

Profoundly undemocratic in my book.


We need to form a Democrat voters committee. We need to send them a petition stating that the candidate who wins the popular vote will be the candidate who represents the Democratic Party in the General Election. If a party favorite is selected over the majority of voters choice, voters will stop voting for Democratic Candidates. We will not vote for a Democrat in the Presidential Election, and we will not support or vote for Democratic candidates in the future. Another words we will no longer be Democrats. If the Democrats only represent a select few insiders and do not represent us, we are gone. The few insiders can have the Democratic Party all to them selves.