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After North Korea Missile Test, Rex Tillerson Offers Ambiguous 'No Comment'


After North Korea Missile Test, Rex Tillerson Offers Ambiguous 'No Comment'

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a short and oblique statement, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reacted late Tuesday to North Korea's latest test launch of a ballistic missile with a curt "no comment."


This is more dangerous than we can imagine. North Korea does not have to hit the USA mainland to bring about nuclear oblivion for the rest of the world as all that is required is a direct hit, nuclear or non-nuclear, on Fukushima. Reactor #4 is already on the brink of collapse to say nothing of all of the contaminated water being stored there in tanks already showing signs of deterioration. This is utterly insane. At least now it is easier to understand why other civilizations failed.


Trump needs a "win." Americans have always loved the concept of war where we get to "punish the bad guys." So the drums of war will beat unceasingly as we round up our young men and women to attack a nation of fools (dangerous, yes, but fools nonetheless). Men, women, and children will die. The diversion from the Russian treason story will be complete. Everyone will stand around saying how powerful and great and decisive and all that rot about trump and his gang of crooks. We will tolerate all of his other excesses and flat-out criminal behaviors. It's disgusting, it's predictable, it's the story of the presidency since the beginning.


Methinks Tillerson is an ' Empty SOS Suit' and will have many, many, many more 'No Comments' in regards to Foreign Policy, for which he knows little to nothing about.

If anyone here has ever seen the 1996 movie, 'Sleepers', Dustin Hoffman plays an alcoholic, low level lawyer hired to defend two street punks who murdered a former guard who had abused them as boys in a school for boys, many years earlier.

Dustin Hoffmans character is hired to ask questions of witnesses as he reads from a paper prepared by someone else, in the prosecution.

Rex Tillerson is the Dustin Hoffman character in this tragedy, and he has been instructed to read from a prepared text.

Practical experience is not a requirement in this ClusterCluck assembly of Thieves.


Trump could have put it in a three-word tweet: "Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Pyongyang."


The stupidity of electing Trump is never more clear than when it comes to foreign policy. Will he do something reckless without even consulting with Congress? We know he is impulsive and does not seem to understand that the only purpose of nuclear weapons is to prevent them from being used. Kim Jong Un is also unpredictable. This conflict involves arguably the two most dangerous leaders in the world and both have nuclear weapons.


there is something weird about this guy.....he doesn't act like a SOS....he never has anything to say and doesn't seem to be overjoyed at even being SOS...he doesn't do his job like most SOS and seems at a loss when actually asked a question.....I don't trust the dude any further that I can throw him....