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After NSA Ruling, Congress at Odds Over Mass Surveillance


After NSA Ruling, Congress at Odds Over Mass Surveillance

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In the wake of Thursday's federal court ruling that the U.S. National Security Agency's mass data collection program is illegal, officials in Congress have been left at odds over surveillance reform.


“It’s an important debate and an important law, it’s protected Americans and saved lives, and so we don’t need to make this decision in haste.”
Any proof that it has saved lives? Oh, but sorry, that’s top secret information.


Not only did the Patriot Act create a massive government surveillance program, it also encouraged the growth of a multi-billion dollar industry to develop and support the network, which also caters to corporations and wealthy individuals with spying needs. (That’s a segment of the population that deserves to be unemployed.) A whole new corporate sector with millions to spend in elections will not sit idly by in this debate. If Congress does anything other than tinker around the edges to give the appearance of reform, it will still find a way to keep the profits flowing for their newest corporate buddies. Don’t get your hopes up!


Our government needs to know what the 99% is planning so it can protect the 1%. Politicians have been given their orders. Our politicians know that Wall Street is in a massive bubble ready to blow up and be bailed out again. 400 PPM means we are past the point of no return for Climate Change. Processed food manufacturers want to know how to foster more crap into American’s diets. We can’t be trusted to do what is right by our Corporate Masters. Our Military is “Out Of Control” sucking up all our tax dollars to protect us against what? Some goat herders from the desert? Our oil empire? Protect us from ourselves? Time to wake up. It’s getting late. Mother Nature does not care about any of this crap. She is just flowing along in the Laws of the Universe.


I always marvel at how sanguine politicos like McConnell, Cornyn, Reid, Feinstein and their ilk are about now an undisputed 2 and a half million+ TS clearances in the hands of civilians, many handed out at speed due to ‘pressing needs’ by the execs of these outsourced and unmonitored companies fomenting needs and growing unconscionable obese at the public trough.

Sorry folks, but there is nothing resembling the overt fear and threat one feels when part of the government intel combine…constant briefings on penalties ranging from death to decades to life in prison and big fines for, now it seems, even being implicated in revealing any form of intel…Thank you for your service Chelsea, Ed, Binney, Kiriakou, Sibel et al…I wondered, so I searched and here is a very interesting list, particularly the for the 2000’s.

Anyway, it’s been pushing 15 years that all this insanity has been pressing the limits of democracy and common sense…ridiculous.