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After Oregon Republicans Scurry Off to Avoid Voting on Climate Bill, Governor Sends State Police to Bring Them Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/21/after-oregon-republicans-scurry-avoid-voting-climate-bill-governor-sends-state

Wow. it’s going to be interesting to see how this Kangaroo State Legislature plays out. Please keep us updated.
It’s also interesting to see the 3%'s exposed and who they really support, and it’s not the citizens.


Too bad she can’t just fire them.


This isn’t anything new, here in lovely Oregon. Oh, no. In some ways it’s a bit of a microcosm on the state scale of the whole country. That is, it’s quite polarized, between the ‘liberal’ I-5 corridor, or the ‘left side’ of the state, and pretty much the rest of it, out in the hinterlands, where it’s truly red cap territory.

The sad fact is it used to be a very bipartisan state, with the two wings of the duopoly working in fairly harmonious fashion.

But, ah, the world we do live in now.



I wonder if there’s anything in Oregon’s constitution about runaway elected people?
If state business needs to be done and if the elected ones run off, perhaps the courts can have some way to elect temps if the elected ones won’t show to work. Otherwise the state’s business could just stop. It would be intriguing if the courts allowed them to vote on a special vote if not enough electeds are available.


Bring them back, dead or alive.


Don’t remember the details or which state, but the D’s did a disappearing act to try to stop some horrific bill being voted on and the R’s sent the police out to round them up, but don’t know how it all played out in the end. What comes around goes around.


It was Wisconsin.
In either case dissent is considered patriotism. When a party, any party feels it’s being treated unjustly, a brief divorce is logical. The reality though most often wins out. Elections have consequences. And gerrymandering sucks for both sides, and helps keep certain officials in office far too long.


So there is hope!

Oregon Governor Kate Brownand the Oregon Democratic Senators are providing needed leadership to address the national /international climate crisis.

“Republicans scurry off.” Appropriate to describe these willfully ignorant persons, who have much in common with Iowa Republicans. We have harmful dangers with chemicals and erosion, and Repub politicians here refuse to address them too. They don’t even start to address these serious concerns and dangers.


…" used to be a very bi partisan state"… you know…I have been saying for a very long time…that the kne issue that will smash this country into pieces…is climate change…because jt comes right down to the existential question. Kf HOW DO WE LUVE …Should we even have developed an industrial econo.y bbn or not?? Seems…that …the weaknesses of our species…greed and power mongering at the top kf the list…are the biggest reasons why we should not have…but now that we have done gone and done it anyway…welll…we can not put that ge ie back in the bottle…sssooo …? We will not fix this…it is not fixable…

How much more loathsome can the Republicans get? The Democrats leave a lot to be desired but the Republicans seem hell-bent on destroying any trace of democracy in this country. Obviously, this country is coming apart. A civil war seems inevitable between the Republican fascists and a party, the Democrats, with no backbone who feel most comfortable in the center of the road. Never really taking a strong stand on anything except taking a strong stand on doing as little as possible.


“There’s nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos.”
–Jim Hghtower


It just shows the level of frustration with our divided government. Partisanship has lost it’s dignity.
And with trump, so has the country.

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Dude, the democrats pulled this same stunt recently in Wisconsin.

In terms of the upcoming civil war, I hope you support antifa militias. I do.

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Well Dude, I was drafted and spent a year in Vietnam as a rifleman, April to April 1968-1969, and I don’t support any kind of shooting war. Especially here in this country. You can’t imagine the horror and destruction that war brings unless you have seen it for yourself. It’s the total breakdown of both society and intelligence.

These gun crazy right-wing fascist idiots seem to think shooting people is sport. That’s because most of them are all mouth and have never been shot at, never been in a real gun-fight. It’s not something a normal person wants to do again, ever.


To the several posters who are attempting to normalise this behavior or run with the false equivalancy of 'both sides do it, consider some facts:

There are literally thousands of legislative sessions where a small minority does not (twice now) run off and engage in what amounts extortion. Particularly not on matters that have, as with both instances in Oregon, large majority support.

One of the few instances cited by corporate media and repeated here involved Texas Republicans forcing mid-decade gerrymandering (without a census, outside of a redistricting year) in the 00’s that would have -and did cost some of those legislators their seats.

That was unprecidented. And drew an appropriate response. It was not a very modest cap & trade bill (and a related family and medical leave bill that Republicans here are also blocking). Nor was it a childhoood immunization bill or very modest gun legislation (which is what they blocked by extortion weeks earlier). Only to break thier deal.

Unfortunately, the governor, like Obama, didn’t understand that you cannot appease extermists, nor will they keep their bargains. All you do is end up emboldening them, which escalates the situation -and so now, predictably, we have a Republican legislator threating to shoot at the State Police and threats of attacks on the state capital building.

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And that state legislator? They should, clearly, arrest that son of a bitch for whatever heinous crimes they can come up with. He’s a traitor to what this country, ostensibly, stands for and he is against the democracy this country holds precious. Or at least used to hold precious.

Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about what the many Republicans and some Democrats are doing to this country to destroy it while the Democratic Party/Leadership sits back and does virtually nothing?


Texas mid-decade redistricting in 2003 was the first modern version of a walkout in a couple decades, I believe.

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I am Hawk. I am in a minority here at Common Dreams.

I refuse to support the Duopoly parties in State and Federal positions.

They almost always end up on the warmongering side of any vote.

My faith in our fellow humans in this country is on the wane.

Not enough people see that neither of those two parties give a damn about the masses. But they overwhelmingly keep them in office every election day.

Perhaps the Zombie Apocalypse is coming.

There’s a lot of brainless people in this nation.

Stay safe Hawk.



[quote]Hawk, post:17, topic:64879"]
or? They should, clearly, arrest that son of a bitch…[/quote]

I would hope that AG is looking into that possibility, because as we saw with the nutters who took over the Malheur Refuge, allowing these sorts to engage in what amount to terrorist threats only eggs on more of the same.

We should also note that, like Malhuer, extremists from out of state are again headed for Oregon, so called oathkeepers, 3 percenters and others looking for trouble,

And unlike what the Oregonian’s writer has repreated, Republcans are certainly not discouraging this -on the reocrd or otherwise. Quite the contrary.