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After Orlando, LGBTQ Muslims Call for Resistance to 'Forces of Hatred'


After Orlando, LGBTQ Muslims Call for Resistance to 'Forces of Hatred'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In the wake of Sunday's horrific mass shooting in Orlando, LGBTQ Muslims are speaking out with words of mourning for the victims and to caution against using the tragedy to stir increased Islamophobic sentiment.

Shortly after the shooter's name was reported on Sunday, the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD), which works to empower and connect LGBTQ Muslims, released a statement expressing grief for the "senseless loss of life that is a reminder of the violence that LGBTQ people continue to experience."


Nobody went on about him being a Catholic then!!


In my opinion, this bloody and senseless massacre has nothing to do with religion or homosexuality. I trust, it relates to an institutionalization and consequently a socialization of violence. The confused and violent mind uses minority groups as victims to express, in aggressive ways, the feelings of hatred. This violent behavior is learned from the actions of the political leaders, who are teaching society whom to hate and whom to wage war against. The victims of violence are commonly living in ways that the leaders do not understand and therefore fear. Fear easily turns to hatred, which leads to violence. The victimized group includes, women, poor people, colored people, homosexual people and non-Christian people.

We can only change this by dismissing the current discriminating and domineering political values and replace them with standards that are inclusive of all in society and nature. This would mean a complete overhaul of the political system, decentralizing power, and embracing a truly democratic agenda - such one that Bernie Sanders promotes.


Yes @Herdpoisoning I agree with you. Modern society - which I perceive to be a Patriarchy - is rife with fear of homosexuality. You can find similar fear, hatred, and distrust towards women; thus, in Patriarchy we also have to deal with misogyny. Similar negative attitudes are directed towards colored people, poor people, and indigenous people. In fact, the only one that is considered "normal" and "right" is the white, rich, modern and heterosexual male.

As I see it, the consequence of this prejudice is that Modern Patriarchy, who sits on the political and economic power, initiate policies and laws that discriminate against these groups of people ("the other"), creating inequalities. The activities include limiting homosexual marriages, remove women's access to reproductive health, initiating forceful police interrogation of colored people, exploiting immigrants and much more. Consequently, those that belong to the group "the other" are being targeted.

The discriminatory talk and action, coming from the leaders, cannot help but to trickle down to, and have ripple effects in, society. Consequently, those that belong to the group called "the other" logically become the target of hate crimes. Weak and confused minds may direct their own frustration and aggression towards colored people in their church, gay people in their clubs, and destroy clinics and kill medical staff who help women to have abortions. This kind of phobia against all that belong to "the other" is escalating in this time in history and becoming threatening to our societies.

I am not an expert in US politics, I am a Dane living in Africa, writing on poverty and its alleviation. However, I am well-versed in global patriarchal domination and its exploitation and how that makes life for women, children, poor people, colored people, homosexual people, and nature increasingly unmanageable. I perceive USA as being a deeply dominant Patriarchal country.


Sorry @Herdpoisoning I was just correcting my post when your reply came.

Interesting. Admittedly, I did not know the concept "Kyriarchy." Too bad, I should, but sorry, I did not. However, I am well acquainted with the master/slave structure depicted by Kyriarchy. For me Patriarchy is not about men dominating women. It is not relating to biology, in my perception. It is about a chosen priority for masculine yang energies, finding them better and superior, while marginalizing feminine yin energies.

Consequently, Modern Patriarchy prioritizes the individual over society, the ego over community, competition over cooperation, exploitation over conservation, maximization over optimization, culture over nature, and quantities of money over quality of life. This manifests in exploitation of all that is feminine, with the purpose to maximize individual profit for the elite. The outcome is domination of society and exploitation of nature causing crises for both, while the elite becomes ever richer. I trust this perspective is similar to Kyriarchy.

Yes, if Hillary Clinton will become your next President, we will likely have to endure the actions of a biological woman who is engulfed in masculine energies. That will be heavy for "the other". I would assume that violence, war and hate crimes in society will increase. It is deeply disturbing.

In my scheme of things, the world needs a dynamic tension between the masculine yang and the feminine yin energies, which will bring balance and harmony to society and nature worldwide.


Sorry, John, I had to go to bed yesterday. I am living on the other half of the planet and I sleep when you are awake and vice versa :slight_smile:

Yes, I trust we hold very similar worldviews. Reality is much more complex than explained by reductionism, dualism, or any singular cause and effect activity. For that reason, I am also a critique of Modern (Newtonian) science, which is based on masculine energies.

I agree with you that both first and second wave of feminism are inadequate and fundamentally based on similar values as those very values they try to overcome: dualism. By doing that they merely reinforce global domination and exploitation. I do not label myself as such. I love to be a free thinker. However, the third wave of feminism is much more attractive, because it embraces all considered feminine, including nature, as being marginalized by Patriarchy.

Reinforcement of Patriarchy is what I expect will happen if Hillary Clinton becomes President of the USA. She likely feels, she has to prove herself and that she can be a "real and tough" masculine person. Hence, she will increase the masculine energies to the extend that she may become a Margaret Thatcher "on steroids."

Thank you for all the new concepts you teach me, I also did not know the word cismale, but I just checked it. Enjoy your morning. :tulip:



The source of a lot of this is the family of origin, so I would not put it all onto political leaders.


How fun, John, my totem is an owl :slight_smile: I just love owls. I have several characteristics in common with them, especially studying during the peaceful, dark night where nobody can disturb me. These days I am more into my other totem the elephant. They are active during daylight.

I would assume that I am 6 hours ahead of you if you live on the US east coast, and more, if you are on the west coast.

Thank you for referring me to Rupert Sheldrake. I did not hear about his work, so I will most certainly have a look at him. I have been more engaged in the critique of science from people such as Fritjof Capra, Hazel Henderson, and a number of feminist academics. I find it essential to be conscious of the reductionist values in science since its "universal" system of knowledge is used by Patriarchy to keep themselves wealthy and powerful. I trust we need a holistic and diverse knowledge system.

It is always good to learn new things. I never shy away from new learning, it keeps me open to areas that I may have missed, overlooked or not been conscious of.

Ubuntu philosophy is indeed a famous concept here in African. As I am sure you know, it is a Bantu word meaning "A person is a person through other people." It is from South Africa, mainly promoted by the wonderful person Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I live in Mozambique, just next door. But we do not use the word here.

Indeed, Christiania is a lovely place. Last time I was home for a visit in my native Copenhagen I visited there with my Danish friend.

Many greetings


@NoKidding I agree with you, there is no doubt that we learn from our parents, our siblings, our extended family and our close community. Yet, if we ask ourselves, from where did our parents get their values, we may find that they adapted to a society, which holds values that have trickled-down from various leaders and other representatives. Therefore, we constantly are influenced by values in our homes, at our working place, in our schools, which have arrived from somewhere else. We need to consciously ask: from where does this value come, and do I want to adopt it? If it comes from our political leaders, we need to ask the question: from where do our leaders get their values, which they disseminate into our society, etc. We all learn from each other. These day we have to be careful with what learning and values we accept since much proves to be directly harmful.

Have a lovely day