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After Outcry, North Carolina School System to 'Rethink' Pepper Spray



Rethinking and doing are two seperate things.


One more thing: until there is a transgender in their state congress that was a part of this odd decision, there will be no equality. Equality comes from being equal, and its more than just a numbers game.


And if a lot of them were carrying pepper spray, why would anyone think that it would be restricted to bathroom use? What's to stop a girl from blasting some jerk who was hitting on her too hard? What's to stop a kid from blasting some school cop or administrator who is beating up on her? What's to stop some kid from blasting some bullies who were harassing him or her? There will be times when you can't walk in the halls for the pepper spray in the air from a variety of confrontations. That, however, may be preferable to actual fights.


Instead of a pepper spray which can harm everyone in a bathroom or enclosed area, including the victim using it; a low voltage taser should be considered instead. Amazon has nice ones for under $10. Also, it's unfair to limit the pepper spray to girls. The boys should also be able to have the same defense resources. I am gay and I no longer identify with the LGBTQ. I have been shunned for thinking about the therapeutic approaches to transgenderism. Gender dysphoria and gender identity disorder (DSM5, ICD10) are treatable, psychiatric conditions much like body dysphoria and dissociative identity disorder. I don't agree with discrimination. And those who are uncomfortable with gender-confused individuals using restrooms based on mental illness should not be discriminated against. It's not fair to blame others for having feelings.