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After Overwhelming Public Opposition, Scotland Announces Fracking Ban

After Overwhelming Public Opposition, Scotland Announces Fracking Ban

Julia Conley, staff writer

"We have so much wind and wave power that it is retrograde in the extreme to lend any support to the fracking industry."

I guess they live in a democracy where people have a voice in their government. It also appears that the people there are more educated and intelligent about what is going on than many of our fellow americans.


As a descendant of the family of William Wallace, I am more proud than ever of the people of Scotland.


Ineos threatened to explore legal action if ban passed. Hmm. They may prevail if the courts decide that NAFTA/TTIP type provisions regarding ‘lost profits’ are the applicable law of the day. Corporate greed has expanded so much that it knowingly pushes public policies that benefit no one but themselves, and are globally detrimental. When corporate profits became the ultimate ‘right’, the rest of us lost, and continue to lose, big time.


FTA: “Fracking will lead to an increase in pollution and the decimation of parts of the Scottish landscape and environment,” wrote one respondent.

Launch Google Earth, type in Odessa TX in the search bar and zoom in. Now go a little south.

What a hell it must be to live there.


My guess is that in this country the majority would vote to permit continued use of fracking. It’s not that the Scots are more responsive to democracy, it’s that most of them aren’t as stupid and spoiled as Americans.

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I wonder if Scotland will get sued for depriving those corporations of their future profits…

In this country, the fracking companies would sue for lost of profits and they would win in the courts due to legal precedent set by the Supreme Court in a number of cases…


To my Scottish kin (MacGregor Clan - maternal grandmother):
Meal a naidheachd! (Congratulations!)
Slàinte mhòr agus a h-uile beannachd duibh (Great health and every good blessing to you.)

Why are the people of Scotland so much smarter than Yanks?

Because they’re SCOTSMEN/WOMEN!

We no longer have civics classes. MSM is bought & paid for; even PBS takes money
from the Kochs. horrible. No wonder so many Americans don’t know anything. One has to pay
attention & work @ being educated in TheTruth. I could point to tens of examples but those posting
here r the ones, like me, who have chosen to be educated.

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We have to stop them. And shut down their trade deals also, if parts of those deals give corporations rights that are greater then the sovereign rights of nation states.

More and more jurisdictions will be making this kind of choice. Fracking is unsustainable. It’s a mop up operation quite often, and carpet bombs deep earth to extract small pools of hydrocarbons…many wells are finished in a year or two, and barely pay for themselves. Endgame with a capital E

No IFs about it. Those provisions exist in NAFTA. And the (finally failed) TTP? That would have given corporations all the rights to ‘lost profits’ and nations no rights to impose environmental restrictions. Cute, huh? That was to be Obama’s ‘final legacy’.

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Obama was a fraud and a coward. I voted for the guy in '08; did not vote in '12. Supported Bernie then voted Jill Stein.

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