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After Paris Attacks, Critics Warn Against 'Wars of Vengeance'

That video was of course sourced from SITE, and it would be wise to question its authenticity. Finding out such truth might be important into knowing who all the actors are behind the terror. Confused leftists think it is important.

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One can call it a vengeance blowback and another rational response to the barbaric inhumane terrorist threat. Absurdity of taking refugees uncontrollably will have to stop along with an illusion of doing nothing and stepping aside will somehow solve the problem.

Hey, sanne: "I would argue that both Chomsky and Greenwald need to have some modesty about the scope of their influence. Their greatest impact, far outside Washington, is on people who hang on their every word.

When it comes to this audience they should really be asking whether they are in fact raising awareness and promoting critical thinking, or, on the contrary, shepherding a flock of believers who happily echo their thought-leaders?"

Nice bit of cognitive infiltration there. Troll on, dude.

I see. And what’s your “scientific” explanation for the collapse of WTC7?

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Right on, Chick. Trolls like Sanne just like to muddy the waters. His posts reek of “cognitive infiltration,” especially in the fairly subtle casuistry of their reasoning. I would say to think of it only as unpleasant static on the radio, but for the fact that, wittingly or not, his efforts serve to justify mass murder.

So, you admit that western powers are meddling in the Mid-east, but you still blame the terrorists for retaliating. You don’t think very deeply now do you? How about if I jab you with a stick, then label you as a terrorist when you swat back? I’m just an innocent supporter of democracy and capitalism trying to make this a better world by jabbing you with a stick till you give me what I want. There’s US/Western diplomacy in a nutshell since you apparently haven’t figured it out yet.


That same point was made by Lord Vetinari at the end of the late (and ever-lamented) Sir Terry Pratchett’s novel Guards! Guards!: [quote]“I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people” said the man. “You’re wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people. But some of them are on opposite sides.”[/quote]

Very nice.

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Although you seem to think “tolerance” means “after I express my views, don’t argue with me”, it doesn’t.

Georgie boy in Crawford; “Bring Um On,” remember that.
Others paying the price of George’s fake bravado. So heart breaking…


Don’t worry about him. Feel sorry for him. He’s getting bad acid from somewhere. It is unfortunate, though, that he has so much time to waste on manufacturing dreck.

You might try reading Clovis where you’ll discover those words I agree with were written by Paul Woodward, editor of www.waringcontex.org URL located on the link of the post. Opinions like anuses are physical parts we all have, though some rather sad brainwashed believers appear to be unable to put to use the other end above the neck in a rational operative manner. Perhaps the same kind of indoctrination with no ability to even consider any concept or idea is by some who post here no different from those who were responsible for the attack this article was related to? Just a different form of brainwashing by a group professing to be loving and caring “progressives.” but whose behavior regularly only spews hate.

I’ve heard, either from FOX News or CNN or it may have been in the NYT that Bill O’Reilly was the mastermind behind this horrible act of terror. I received information from an anonymous Pentagon source that he is currently under investigation. God, Bill O’Reilly! You can’t know who you can trust these days.

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The only hate I see here is coming from your end, pal. Peace.

I see through the bullshit, including yours.

Brilliant insult Flatman. I mean just brilliant. I don’t know how I can ever fight for truth again, you have leveled such a terrible blow to my chicken ego.


" The region is now a cauldron of death and destruction. Yet we persist, with no end in site."

This so called war on terrorism, is designed to not to have any end in site.

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One undeniable lesson of history, as well as a lesson found in any individual’s own personal life, is that resisting evil acts by means of the same evil acts, more often than not, creates more, greater evil.

When I was a little boy one of the first things I was taught was that two wrongs do not make a right.

As for confused progressives, they exist, but are not the problem.

But then there are the countless confused Christians, proudly and passionately supporting war despite Matt. 5:39 from their own instruction book, which says,“But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil”. Some other similar quotes:
Matt. 7:5 “first cast out the beam out of thine own eye”,
Luke 6:28 “Bless them that curse you”,
and “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Matt. 5:9

And then there’s that pesky “new” commandment no one wants to deal with. It cancels the old law of “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” and replaces it with “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another”.
It should be admitted that the American wars are for the most part being run by professed Christians.

I know Scott Fitzgerald said that a first-rate intelligence could hold two opposing ideas at the same time and still retain the ability to function. To me, that just sounds like a lame rationalization. Also, Fitzgerald destroyed himself. He was dead, mostly from alcohol abuse, by age 44. So I don’t automatically take his advice.

I think that NORMAL, reasonably well-adjusted people become neurotic or worse when attempting one of these two-opposing-ideas situations; and that intelligence- “first-rate intelligence”- should dictate avoiding such a mental conflict whenever possible, instead of embracing it as some positive good.

What I mean is, Christians should decided whether they want peace or not, and if they do want it, they should stop doing the things which ensure peace will never come.

I don’t mean to pick on this religion but, on the side of the West, it is the main one without which there would be no American wars in the Middle East, so it matters.

I realize other religions are in the picture and realize that other religions have members that do just as horrible things to other people as Christians might do, or worse; but that brings us back to “two wrongs don’t make a right.”
If that old saying has ever been proved wrong someone should write about it.

I haven’t heard of any cases where it failed.


Opinions are physical, are they?

jgbsosman, When one chooses a single sentence from a long opinion piece and uses it to attempt to make a point it hardly expresses the points of author of the original “opinion” piece. FYI if you are into reading you will find the whole piece on the URL on the link.


btw the article like all who post are as you and I have a merely expressing opinions.