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After Paris Attacks, Critics Warn Against 'Wars of Vengeance'

Mairead, opinions are those devised by individuals often based on life experiences, educational experiences who then makes the personal choice of expressing them. You have yours. I have mine and that is exactly what this website encourages. And then there are those who post here such as the “chicken,” who is convinced by his choice of a “mentor,” Chris Hedges, a man he has never met, but reads his opinions, as he is an author who writes his opinions for a living, that no other person nor members should have any other than those of Hedges.

So opinions are physical?

ROTFL, Jimmy. One more responder who appears to be sitting on his brains. :grinning:

Mairead, perhaps like the previous poster it appears you are sitting on your “brain?” :grinning:

To all. Poof I’m departing from this thread and moving to another. Have a great day all.

You were the one that said it, not I.

Straw man argument, classic

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Well put, Andrew! :smile:

Having seen the fireballs as those planes hit the Twin Towers, I have often wondered how that passport survived when the two black boxes didn’t. Those were not standard aeroplane crashes; they were extremely fiery. Just a thought.

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Indeed. Moreover, as someone else asked, why would anyone planning on a technicolor suicide bother to bring the passport in the first place.

Passports found at the Twin Towers, Charlie Hebdo and the site of the latest massacre in France? It will be business cards next!

Or photos of them holding bombs or similar.