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After Paris Withdrawal, Local Resistance is Fertile


After Paris Withdrawal, Local Resistance is Fertile

Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

Paris is also known as the City of Light. And with his decision yesterday to exit the Paris climate accord, Donald Trump’s diplomatic dereliction has put a shimmering spotlight on how to address the climate emergency: start at the local level.

While the 2015 signing of the deal was a cause for optimism, for many of us it was not a cause for celebration. When it was first introduced, we witnessed many activists taking to the streets in protest because the accord did not go far enough.


Have you given up your internal combustion engines yet? Are you banking at a local credit union?
The Paris agreement was weakened because of good ol’ uncle s©am.
We have to do more…ie.our way of life has got to change…r u willing?


Willing is not the issue. If we wait for individuals to decide they are willing to get rid of their internal combustion engines to do so and wanted to do it ASAP to make a difference, it won’t happen soon enough to make that difference.

There would have to be a massive plan to quickly replace internal combustion vehicles plus widely available small mass transit devices that work like the motorcycle tricycles in Asian countries, thousands of them cruising constantly available to be waved down by passengers, and even if they were electric motor driven, the electricity to charge their batteries must be cleanly generated. Can enough of these vehicles that run on solar panels with back up batteries for overcast day be manufactured in the estimated amount of time we have left?

Even if local credit union were to become widely available, we would need to see that the computers that run the accounts are cleanly powered and that when parts that make them work break down ready replacements are available are disposed of nonpollutingly.

Agriculture would have to change so that vegan food coukd be switched over to soon enough to continue to feed everyone who needs to eat,

At every point one looks one sees these problems crying out for workable plane and leaders with the knowledge and charisma to enthuse everybody through all the changes they will have to make.

If a revised and upgraded clean green world were built and ready for its activator switch to be turned on, I would bet that a huge majority of people would be enthusiastically willing.


All good points…but r u willing?


Hi Anthony, I participated in one of your seminars at the People’s Summit. Thank you for the work you are doing. My organization is looking for a Digital Content Coordinator if you happen to know anyone who might be interested in working for WildEarth Guardians! Job Announcement can be found at our website wildearthguardians dot org. Keep up the great work.